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Today 07:09 PM
Gyro gets lost
Sometimes, drift occurs. Our gyro has an integrated temperature sensor, which is supposed to be used for calculations making it more accurate, but we haven't used it yet. What we use is a function...
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Today 07:06 PM
Using the Axis Camera with the RoboRio
Thanks for updating the community with the solution! Looking forward to seeing your robot at the San Diego regional.
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Jon Stratis
Today 06:59 PM
Declaring DoubleSolonoid
Try: DoubleSolenoid grabSolenoid = new DoubleSolenoid(1, 1, 1);
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Today 06:59 PM
671 gearbox cover
Our team is trying to find a way to cover the gearboxes on the tough box mini gearboxes, have any other teams found a good way to do this or know of any parts that would work?
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Today 06:58 PM
Help with Swerve Drive
Im Still waiting for help, the time to build is near its end and i have been reading everything i can, still not find any help at all.
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Today 06:57 PM
"Quotes" that were said during build season
Please add: An Air pump for the bot tires A can of wifi frequency grease A backup battery for the pneumatic cylinders And......A 20 amp hydraulic switch!
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Today 06:56 PM
EV3 robots, motors & parts FOR SALE
There is a better than average chance that the EV3 can be used in FTC robots next season, so you might want to hang onto all of that stuff if you're considering doing FTC (and you should!).
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Today 06:51 PM
The suspense is killing me
Q275 either got deleted or the OP removed it...
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Today 06:51 PM
Pneumatic Piston using Labview will not fire
Here's our dilemma, We have 1 double solenoid powering 2 pneumatic pistons. The toggle for them firing is supposed to be a single button (the trigger aka button 1) on the joystick. However, when he...
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Today 06:45 PM
"Spare Parts" in theaters nationwide Jan. 16!
I saw the trailer before the game animation and instantly said, "i have to go see that".
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Today 06:43 PM
Troubles with Talon SRX in Follower mode
The lights are actually solid orange. We put a voltmeter on one of the follower Talons and read 26mV; ie, nothing.
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Today 06:42 PM
RoboRio Java Installation Problem
Thanks for your help! Will try. (From the programmer on 4159)
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Today 06:30 PM
Team 95 Hard At Work - 2015
Thanks, me neither! We're off to Suffield Shakedown and not Chop-Shop's Week 0, it filled up too fast.
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Today 06:24 PM
Switch between two cameras?
Okay. First off, thank you all for your help and input so far. I've tried my best going off of what you've all said, but I've made very little progress. That being said, I will be extremely...
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Today 06:23 PM
Songs that reminds you of FIRST, or robots in general
mine is Mr.roboto by styx
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Today 06:19 PM
Question about I2C Communication
This is our current Arduino code: #include void setup() { Wire.begin(2); // join i2c bus (address optional for master) } byte x = 0;
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Today 06:14 PM
Need help with conveyor belt programming
Trying to get the programming in our robot finished and we are struggling. Here is the program. We are new and not very experienced any help or advice would be awesome. import...
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Today 06:12 PM
OpenCV importing issues
The WPI plugins do not follow the build path settings in Eclipse. You need to manually add the OpenCV jar to the classpath in the build script. See this post for instructions.
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Today 06:07 PM
Adding a sensor reading to the dashboard
Or do I even have to change/add anything for the dashboard? If I don't I think I figured out how it works
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Today 06:00 PM
Tweaking PWM output period for dimming LEDs
I've previously used PWM.setRaw() to set the duty cycle of PWM channels for driving LEDs, where setRaw(0) is 0% duty cycle and setRaw(255) is 100%.
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