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Owen Busler
Today 11:44 AM
Engineering Notebook
Hello C MacC, Based off your team number, i assume you are new to FTC. This page is extremely helpful, and it will answer many of your...
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Today 10:23 AM
Cowtown Throwdown 2014
The Operation: Code Clash team will be attending Cowtown with team 1619. We would love to have some of the teams participating in the competition (you know who you are) to stop by. For those of you...
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C MacC
Today 09:34 AM
Just saying hi.:yikes:
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Today 09:16 AM
PTC Creo 3.0 now available for FIRST teams
PTC offers numerous resources to all FIRST teams. All online activity and knowledge sharing occurs in the PTC FIRST Community these days. Please stop by and check it out. If you'd like to learn more...
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Today 04:48 AM
5013c Help
90 days until it gets assigned to an agent. They didn't tell us that the first time. It took us over a year to get growingSTEMS processed and approved, but we had also been very active. We did not...
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Today 02:02 AM
pic: Too Much Tape
That would appear to be an FRC battery with a DC-AC power inverter attached to it, connected to a charger/power adapter which ironically is also an AC-DC converter.
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Today 01:27 AM
Buying components from eBay?
Personally I love Ebay for almost everything. I ahve bought several Aduino clones, tons of pin headers for breadboarding (as well as breadboards), tons and tons of ICs, used Mitutoyo calipers,...
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Kellen Hill
Yesterday 11:38 PM
New GeorgiaFIRST Regional!
Just like Peachtree, about 50% of teams are coming in from outside of Georgia. Here is a map to show where the 36 teams currently on the list are from.
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Yesterday 11:00 PM
I just got OpenNI Kinect drivers and Point Cloud Library to compile and work on one of these. It might be possible to do some cool on robot stuff with this setup. I'm just starting to explore it.
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Yesterday 10:31 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #537
Guy in green polo: My hand's stuck. My hand's stuck! I can't let go! Kid in blue polo: The levitation circuit works! Guy in green polo: Really?!?! While I had my hand stuck in it? Kid in blue...
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Yesterday 10:20 PM
2015 Game Hint!
OMG, please, please be true. Ideal name for robot: frogger. Even though this theory has been exhausted (for now...) the waterproofing of the cRio was probably for spills and mishaps, like rain. ...
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Coach Norm
Yesterday 09:23 PM
Texas Registration 2015
Andy, I know the Gatorzillas lost technical mentors as well as as the teacher mentor. At least they continue to be involved in STEM activities and contests. In regards to 1429, I am sure that...
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Yesterday 07:10 PM
How to design a demo bot
My team created a little demo bot a few years back for Da Vinci Days (A local arts and science fair) dubbed "Squirtle". It was a short, green sea turtle equipped with several misters in its shell...
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Yesterday 04:32 PM
Problem with Robot Status Light
More accurately, they're swapped from where they should be.
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Joe Derrick
Yesterday 04:20 PM
[NE FIRST] Battle of the Bay - Nov. 15
Battle of the Bay is Filling up! With the addition of Back Ups we are up to 16 Robots ready to go. That leaves 8 spots. 319 has put together an assist bot for any Pre-Rookie Teams out there. If...
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Yesterday 02:33 PM
Event Waitlist and Capacity Transparency
This is one instance of a fallacy in FIRST. While FIRST publishes a lot of necessary information, stuff that the >10% of the highly connected community would like to see public mean nothing and in...
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New Post
Yesterday 02:13 PM
3 Axis CNC Milling Bevel Gears
Vex sells small and cheap 15T Bevel Gears
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