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Today 01:52 PM
RoboProm 2014
Wow, looks like 558 got their tickets just in time, too. My daughter would have killed me if I hadn't come through. It's all she's been talking about, since even before we qualified.
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Today 01:50 PM
Team 2073 presents: DoubleVision
THIS!! Using this would make Trussing to an HP MUCH easier, too!! So, is 2.2 available, or it that happening after St. Louis?
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Brandon Martus
Today 01:49 PM
ChiefDelphi API?
Yeah, CD-Spy is probably the best way to get data. There's an XML link at the very bottom right of the portal, where you can configure which forum(s) you want to pull data from, also.
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Today 01:43 PM
pic: 2014 Miss Daisy XIII
Thanks for the kind words everyone. And yes, this picture was long overdue... See you on Newton!
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Today 01:41 PM
[EWCP] Championship Prediction Cast
my money is on team scooby!
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Alpha Beta
Today 01:31 PM
When will Divisions be released?
Why would 100 teams per division be the target number? It requires 2 teams to play surrogate matches. Would much rather see them cap the event at 96, or 102. When you have a surrogate match your...
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Today 01:30 PM
Make FRC History: WVROX
If anyone from Michigan decides to head out to this, and has room for an extra person, send me a pm please. I'm definitely interested, I'm just not overly interested in making the trip out by...
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Today 01:12 PM
Make it Loud: Petition to add FIRST on the Common Application
Signed! It's been a while since I was applying to colleges, but it would have been awesome to have FIRST as part of the common app. I hope others sign this petition too!
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Today 01:03 PM
New England District Championship Videos
I believe Blair used the phrase "some freak"...
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Today 01:02 PM
Galileo 2014
Our entire team is incredibly excited to be on Galileo with you all. @ Inkling, 488 from PNW is also a double-sided intake robot. I'm sure our teams will get to know each other very well in our few...
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Today 12:54 PM
CT Teams - Bus to Championship
Seats still open. who needs a ride?
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Today 12:54 PM
2014 Curie Division
This is true, we won IRI with 68 that year. I just have a pretty strong feeling that a majority of the alliances will (maybe should?) be picking their third and fourth bots to swap in and out. Mostly...
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Today 12:46 PM
New Workshop...Tool Advice Needed
WHATEVER YOU DO: Get good CAM software, like MasterCAM, and get GWizard to do your feeds/speeds calculations. GWizard is pure freakin' magic, I cut down a part program on my router from 16 minutes to...
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Today 12:37 PM
How to Open 118 CAD File?
I must not be using the right program. I'll have to look into it more but I think it was Pro-E.
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Today 12:34 PM
2014 MN State Championship
If that falls through come see us at champs (you're more than welcome to come see us anyway haha). I know we're getting a bigger trailer than last year so I bet we could make some space.
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Today 12:31 PM
pic: Team 836 (2014)
Thanks, Phil! We placed a lot of emphasis on ball security and acquisition. Thanks for noticing. :D
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Today 12:26 PM
FIRST Championship Chairman's Award Process
Simple question. The Chairman's Award Consent/Release Form says "competing in the ______ Regional or District competition." Is there a separate form for championships? Or should I just fill out this...
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Today 12:24 PM
Should teams be allowed to decline a replay?
I wish I had thought to argue this during quarterfinals of Midwest. We ended up replaying the match, even though our goal did not light up for at least 10 seconds, two separate times. Another driver...
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Today 12:17 PM
[FF]: 2014 Season Long Fantasy FIRST
I can help scoring maybe tonight, definitely tomorrow. Do you guys have a template or something I can use? My Gmail is patswin4times@gmail. com if you need that.
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Today 12:12 PM
Einstein 2014
Thanks for the shout-out. If we end up on alliance that I will be a very, very happy man.
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