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Yesterday 11:33 PM
[FRC Blog] 2015 FIRST Championship (and beyond) Eligibility
Obviously a game hint. The 2015 game will be played with a golf-style scoring system.
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Yesterday 10:48 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #536
I haven't forgotten! (I've had to do a LOT of cleaning and work in preparation for the pest control guys!) First place goes to: Second place goes to:
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Yesterday 10:44 PM
[FTC]: RobotC to legomindstorm NXT tetrix/matrix
You are using RobotC 4? Make sure you have checked "External motor/servo controllers" item in the menu, this is all you need for Tetrix.
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Yesterday 10:04 PM
How to design a demo bot
On my team, we had the mock bot (known as the Mauck bot, because our teacher Mr. Mauck used it for programming class) to teach the programmers and freshmen. It was a couple of feet long and not too...
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Yesterday 09:13 PM
Rumble in the Roads - 2014
That would explain it. Either way its a simple request that can be planned in the future to give it that much more of a real event feel.
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Yesterday 09:10 PM
Vision: what's state of the art in FRC?
We got our framerate higher by dropping the resolution. Most webcams from logitech/MS seem to support dropping the resolution to up the framerate above 30 FPS. I think it's a logitech C920 we are...
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Yesterday 09:06 PM
Sheet metal fabrication tools
Thanks Art. Do you, or anyone, have any thing to share about bead rollers in general? My assumption is that one can use it to add rigidity to thinner sheets of aluminum without adding weight. Am I...
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New Lightning
Yesterday 09:02 PM
2015 Greater Kansas City Regional
I concur with Mastonevich. Hey Andrew.
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Ty Tremblay
Yesterday 09:01 PM
[NE FIRST] Battle of the Bay - Nov. 15
Information can be found here. (Hover over "Battle of the Bay" for details.) The event will be from 8am-5pm. A more detailed schedule is still in the works and will be posted on the site...
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Tristan Lall
Yesterday 08:42 PM
Polycord stretchers
Not necessarily. Flames will tend to cause chemical reactions and melting, while lower-temperature heat will mainly melt it. A science lab hot plate (with a protective piece of metal on top) makes a...
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Yesterday 08:37 PM
2015 Game Hint!
The word Knight can be found in THINKBIGBEBIG
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Tristan Lall
Yesterday 08:36 PM
Battery Connector Color
My understanding was that SB50 was a designation that means "SB series, 50 A rating", and that to specify a housing colour, handle, panel mount, contact style, etc., you needed to refer to the SB50...
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Yesterday 08:25 PM
Rank vs. blue banner chance
Here is the data from 2011-2014. The top 8 are roughly what I had anticipated. 5th seed won more frequently than 4th seed, and 7th seed won more frequently than 6th seed, but not by any substantial...
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Wayne TenBrink
Yesterday 07:36 PM
pic: 1918 NC Gears
Nope. I wish we (or somebody else) did. I would like to see data on single vs. stacked wheels in the "new" and "worn" condition.
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Mike Marandola
Yesterday 07:31 PM
Robot Rodeo Wrecking Ball
That was awesome.:D
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Colby Skeggs
Yesterday 05:38 PM
The CCRE: A comprehensive award-winning robot code framework
That's correct. We provide a few things from the standard libraries that aren't on the cRIO, but not anything significant. When targetting the cRIO, the code is compiled with Java 1.5, not Java 8 or...
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Yesterday 05:13 PM
OFFICIAL THREAD - Duel on the Delaware 2014
Right back at ya 384. Getting another chance to see you guys, let alone play in the eliminations, was a blast. Hopefully the waitlist will let us back into Virginia for the coming season so we can...
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Mr. Lim
Yesterday 05:12 PM
[FRC BLOG] Something New Mentor Monday
On the same subject, FIRST Robotics Canada created this video to encourage girls to join robotics: http://youtu.be/O0yMEqgJwI8 I think it's really effective and have been spreading it to as many...
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Yesterday 04:13 PM
Student Time Logger
We use a custom php system. I am actually the one that created it. It has a lot of features included in it. It is not open source as it would be hard to do that as this is my FIRST program that I...
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New Thread
Yesterday 03:56 PM
[How I Work] - Shelly Gaydos (2080)
How I Work - Shelly Gaydos Thanks to Shelly for being a part of How I Work. PDF version can be found here.
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