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Today 09:01 PM
Central Valley Regional, Here We Come! -FRC1351
We (Team 1967) will be in Central Valley as well. We're excited to be seeing our buddies on TKO next year! You'll love CVR.
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Paul Copioli
Today 08:03 PM
Gearbox for mechanism or appendage
This gearbox is known in the industrial robotics industry as an epicyclic gearbox and is very common in robots that require low backlash and high gear reduction. A couple of business and technical...
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Today 07:56 PM
FIRST Alumnus Making Giant Fighting Robots
One of Team 422's alumni, Gui Cavalcanti, is working on a project to make giant manned robots to fight in an arena. From their Kickstarter: I encourage you to check this out and donate if you think...
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Today 07:38 PM
1885's prototype...first version
Thanks! We wouldn't use 6 cims if we had a single speed, the gearbox has the capability to have 6, but it isn't necessary for our purposes. Although, I don't know if we would use 6 with a shifter.
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Allison K
Today 07:17 PM
Registration 2015
The same could be said of teams regarding needing to know if there's travel involved. The FiM page has said for awhile now that the location for states is "To Be Determined." Hopefully it'll be...
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Jim Wilks
Today 06:52 PM
Team A vs Team B
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Today 06:52 PM
Drive Train War
Swerve drive seems like it would be obivous but in my opinoin there are more exotic drive trains that are wold give swerve a run for its money. Check out 624's drive train.
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Today 06:50 PM
Mentor Advisory Conference - November 15th - Live Broadcast
You can see an earlier one here on Youtube. We apologize for the poor production quality. The next one will be much...
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Today 06:01 PM
pic: VR-001: A Jersey Voltage Simple Hex Frame
Presumably, the power transmission between wheels is hidden inside the tubing? I'm having trouble wrapping my head around how that all gets assembled -- it seems possible but not pleasant -- and it...
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Today 05:43 PM
How to manage unruly student who is ruining team
Along the lines of Evan, if you need help managing the team, I can hook you up online. My FRC team is running 10 teams this year, and potentially an 11th with 2 teachers managing the day-to-day and...
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Bryce Paputa
Today 05:29 PM
How many rookie teams do you think???
60 as of now. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1r5S4hem5_14fOz979EU Ed2U-i1jELerbEDJtJ7rxr_Y/edit#gid=679636116
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Today 04:18 PM
pic: Aerial Assist Battle Scars, Chassis Edition
during the season, I believe it was the DC regional, we (1885) were hit hard and our bumper wasn't aligned propperly so the dented our 4x2 box severally....it didn't hurt us at all.I think it would...
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Today 04:02 PM
Question for Big Al
What type of TV do you have? I thought there was a particular model of TV that had a method for identifying, and controlling volume of commercials.
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Today 04:02 PM
pic: Coaxial Swerve Drive Module with 2-speed Ball Drive and Nitrile Tread
Where did you get the "actual" numbers from?
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Today 03:50 PM
Ramp Riot 2014: The Official Thread
Hello everyone, After scrambling around a little, a few representatives from 75 will be there in support of the competing teams. See everyone tomorrow and good luck. -Adam Solovay
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Today 03:11 PM
pic: Coaxial Swerve Drive Module with 2-speed Ball Drive and Nitrile Tread
I like the synergy between a swerve drive like this and an 8 sided frame. Maybe I've said that before, but that extra length and width is a nice side benefit of your other efforts. What's the outer...
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Today 02:31 PM
Favorite IDE/Code editor?
IntelliJ is still top notch for Java development (and I wish FRC was moving towards that instead of Eclipse). As an Android developer, I'll take Android Studio (which has IntelliJ at its roots) over...
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Today 02:16 PM
Fastest FRC Robot?
I think I remember playing with a team last year who told me their robot was geared for 26fps. I am also pretty sure that they only had a single speed transmission. What I definitely remember was...
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Today 01:29 PM
Cowtown Throwdown 2014
Very Cool. I'm excited to see the new control system in battle. See you tonight. On a different subject, are any teams planning to have match videos uploaded to YouTube or TBA??? Livestreaming is...
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Today 01:14 PM
2014 Battle at the Border Webcast
Thank you very much. I appreciate that! Like I said before, we had a lot of fun at Battle at the Border. Everyone on FRC4322 is still talking about it and looking forward to checking out the match...
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