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Today 12:18 AM
1592 Championships Can Grabber
THATS SO freaking legit!! I LOVE IT :cool:
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Today 12:17 AM
Ohio going to Districts?
Not in registration, nope. In travel. If teams have to travel extra distance to get to an event they can attend, just because all the nearby events are districts, they've got to either pay the money...
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Today 12:14 AM
pic: PBL-104: Planetary Ballshifter
The point of this was to reduce weight and keep the single-shaft design; by adding a large gear and a second shaft it loses both of those advantages unfortunately. If I had to make a 2-shaft gearbox...
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Dominick Ferone
Today 12:11 AM
pic: First Robotics Google Trend
when looking up the trend for past years games, it seemed that recycle rush and ultimate ascent were searched years before the game existed.
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Citrus Dad
Today 12:05 AM
Proposal for the 2 Championship format
I like the general concept. I'd like to see how it might play out in terms of which teams qualify to which event, but in general I think it would be a really cool approach. I've thought that...
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Today 12:02 AM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #565
Next stop: tattoo artist.
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Yesterday 11:30 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #564
It's still Monday out west! First place goes to: Second place goes to:
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The other Gabe
Yesterday 11:12 PM
How to choose team captain
popular election: every team member gets a vote. the Executive board from the previous year (President, vice president, secretary and the 2 lead mentors) interviews candidates beforehand to make sure...
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Yesterday 11:10 PM
Post-Secondary Mechatronics and Robotics Instructor (1 yr term) in Metro Vancouver
Another job just got posted... 1yr term Mech Eng Assistant Instructor. https://careers.bcit.ca/applicants/jsp/shared/position/JobDetails_css.jsp?p ostingId=141262 But I noticed several Electrical...
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Yesterday 10:40 PM
2015 PNW Highlight Reels: Making of
If there aren't any Indiana events during Spring Break I will do an Eastern and a Oregon event. Then I could compete against Griffin and teach people :D
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Mr. Mike
Yesterday 10:13 PM
Uses of a Machine Shop and Equipment
Welcome to FIRST and Chief Delphi The collage will more than likely require anyone using the equipment to go through a training/safety program. Start now so you can make some practice parts during...
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Yesterday 09:56 PM
Availability of 6061 2x1x.065W
5188 would also be interested, probably in the realm of 100-150 feet. Exact number TBD.
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Yesterday 09:55 PM
Servite HS- FRC 3309 - is hiring an Engineering Instructor/Director of Robotics
Thanks Ken! We actually have a mentor now who was on 294 as a student in 2001. Small world.
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Yesterday 09:53 PM
Not to jinx next year, but...
Next year is also the 25th season of FRC so that is something to factor in...maybe?
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Yesterday 09:51 PM
Town Hall Meeting Video
I've often marketed IRI as the "All-Star Game" of FRC to people not familiar with the program. It conveys the (IMO) right about of prestige and officiality.
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Yesterday 09:32 PM
[GameSense] CMP Recap with Mike from 1678!
I can't wait to watch this! Mike is an awesome dude!
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Yesterday 09:21 PM
The first human vs robot off season event - Long Island
Thanks a lot. Yea I wish we could use andymark as we wouldnt have to buy game pieces, carpet, tape ect but its 661 miles away costing us 3k for transportation alone.
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Yesterday 09:19 PM
My List of Recycle Rush Simulators
This simulator is my favorite of Aerial Assist: http://thecatalystis.com/AerialAssist/ Just download it, don't worry about all of that stupid Unity crap.
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Yesterday 09:03 PM
[How I Work] - Tyler Holtzman 2056
Thanks Spectrum for bringing this back!
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Yesterday 09:02 PM
Windows 10
This is a tad off topic, but please bear with me ;) I think it would be time for NI to make a Linux version of the driver station. All the other development tools for Java and C++ already work in...
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