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Today 07:01 PM
[FF]: 2016 Greater Pittsburgh Regional
Bobo Brigade list sent.
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Today 06:32 PM
Any good Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals?
I figured I'd share a few of the places we've noticed with good deals but I was curious if anybody has a place with a good discount for new tools/stock/parts. Zoro has 20% off 100+ and 30% of 200+...
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Koko Ed
Today 06:31 PM
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Today 05:50 PM
Alamo Region Teams - School Funding Poll II
Alright. It seemed to me that the intent of this poll was to gauge what resources teams get from their ISD's (for school affiliated teams of course). I brought capital investments up because our ISD...
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Today 05:48 PM
[Behind the Lines] Ep. 5 Mechanism Design with 118, 3847, and 973!
http://i.imgur.com/vWCS9iv.png Join GameSense and FIRST for the fifth episode of Behind the Lines season 2, LIVE Wednesday 12/02/15 at 9-10 PM ET! This week, we’ll be talking about mechanism...
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Today 05:46 PM
SD540 Motor Controller
The test program switches the direction at full speed every 200ms for a given amount of times, then runs for a few seconds and switches direction at full speed again.. This tests the responsiveness...
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Today 05:36 PM
BAG Motor at higher then 12v
It's the current that matters most (since the new voltage you're applying isn't all that much higher), so if you are cognizant of the potential for higher currents and handle it correctly you will be...
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Lil' Lavery
Today 05:30 PM
Most embarrassing thing to happen to you at a FIRST event?
Saying my own team number incorrectly during alliance selection.... twice. :o I was nervous and hungry and I stuttered.
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Today 05:19 PM
"Quotes" that were said during build season
One of our field construction guys a few years ago exclusively referred to it an electric screwdriver. Even if there was a drill bit in it.
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Rachel Lim
Today 05:18 PM
Easy way to explain git to new programmers
http://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/git.png From: http://xkcd.com/1597/
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Today 05:09 PM
Web interface
Just wondering, what is the advantage of using a web interface over a Java, LabVIEW, or C++ (or other) NetworkTables dashboard? I have heard of a few teams using a web interface but I have never...
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Today 05:07 PM
FTC Legacy Module
I am aware of the Read/Write problems with the old tetrix controllers. The Read write setting is only happening if a specific button is pressed. I am not getting any errors in android studios or on...
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Today 05:00 PM
LIDAR Lite v2 not working
Suggest you merge with this thread -> http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=138 403
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Bob Steele
Today 04:59 PM
How to train students in SolidWorks
Our team uses Inventor and I teach Inventor in a class here at the school I use a self-directed tutorial that is produced by SDC I find it to work pretty well and can be done without a great deal...
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New Lightning
Today 04:57 PM
Rate These Parodies
Your both right my apologies. I completely forgot about Rhapsody. If that is your choice then feel free to vote other. As for the "I will succeed" Video that was indeed created by Team 5528 and a job...
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Today 04:52 PM
White Perspectives on Racism in FIRST
I haven't seen outright racism, but I have seen socioeconomic disparities cause bias in how teams approach match discussions. Over the years I've learned to consciously be more inclusive, treating...
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Today 04:30 PM
pic: CGX-108 front
For the quantity they run it would not suprise me if they had a custom rotary brouch.
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Jon Stratis
Today 04:29 PM
Registration 2016
I know a lot of rural teams (I haven't counted, but you could probably consider half of MN teams to be rural). While finding funding is difficult for them, I think sustaining that funding once they...
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Jeremy Germita
Today 03:33 PM
pic: 3946 Gonfalon, V2
To add to Travis, Sort of hard to tell for the others, but at a glance, the NASA insignia and Textron's logo appear to be stretched. Many branding standards documents prohibit the...
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Cinnamon Toast
Today 02:55 PM
Integrating navx MXP into past Robot Project
I've got the path to the library added as well, but that location doesn't actually contain the AHRS.h file (that's under the include folder). Here's another screenshot.19512
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