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Wayne Doenges
Today 01:54 PM
Prescription safety glasses
I have regular glasses that are AO Safety certified. I just adds side shields ;)
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Today 01:04 PM
Best type of wheels for concrete/cement?
+1 for the advantages of a West Coast Drive; Lightning Robotics has used the VersaChassis for our past two competition bots, and benefited greatly from the ability to swap out a full set of wheels in...
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Today 11:23 AM
17 y/o Mentor?
Your best bet is to email First and ask them directly. Realize a lot of stuff written on the first web site is poorly written & is not their actual policy. The requirement is the first and second...
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Today 10:57 AM
FIRST lost a family member today
This is a great video of Alison Parker showing her passion and excitement for robotics. Thank you for sharing.
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Today 10:25 AM
2015 WMRI
We currently have 28 teams signed up. This is the list 74 85 107 141 858 1502 1502 1918 2054
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Today 08:01 AM
A more autonomous teleop?
For applications in which multiple linear positions are required, string potentiometers are a life saver. Our team also utilizes laser distance sensors and limit switches. Our robot was fully...
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Today 03:18 AM
FLL Field Kit for Mentoring site
I don't think so. Talk to your operational partner and they could probably get one on your behalf. Or another FLL team.
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Today 01:07 AM
Will there be a 2015 FMS Lite update
I may have gotten confused. Now that I think about it, I was trying to get a 2014 cRIO robot to connect to the 2014 FMS light via the off-season driver station, this wouldn't work even though the...
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Yesterday 10:00 PM
Girls on Teams
44 of 115 Team 226 members are girls. They are involved in all aspect of our team and is 45% of our leadership including Engineering VP, Information VP, and Engineering Design & Strategy Team Leader....
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Yesterday 09:43 PM
STEM curriculum for HS class
Whenever I think of robotics curricula, I think of Rich Kressly. Contact him here through CD, or by some Googling. Blake
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Yesterday 07:26 PM
FRC Field in FLL Game Manual
2000 was gray. I watched that one at Nationals that year. Gray can look tan/cream in the right lighting. (I summon... The TechnoKat History Project!) (Note that there are some field photos that look...
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The other Gabe
Yesterday 07:17 PM
Alliance Captain versus last pick in Alliance Selection
I suppose that makes sense... when you said "and some change", I assumed like, 3 totes, not a full stack :P Edit: one thing I did notice in 118's reveal video is that they used a different collector...
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