Go to Post During the day on Thursday, I had to change costumes a few times, being "Andy the inspector", to "Andy the green power ranger drive coach", to "Andy the President of AndyMark, meeting with companies". I am sure some people in the guys' bathroom were wondering what I was up to. - Andy Baker [more]
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Go to Post A chop saw may cut aluminum, a knife can also be used to eat ice cream. fox46 Conor Ryan
Go to Post There are no rules specifically prohibiting the use of cryogenically preserved legumes on the robot. dtengineering Rynocorn
Go to Post [I]'Twas the night before ship day, And all through the shop, Not a creature was stirring, Not even[/I] -- Naah, they'll never believe that. GaryVoshol eli2410
Go to Post Needless to say, lots of smoke came out, and I debated using its terrible smell as a deterrent. Snapshot Kevin Selavko
Go to Post Also, I'm tired of the "FIRST is a simulation of the real world"-- it isn't. If the real world was like FIRST, there wouldn't be any need for this organization. cadandcookies
Go to Post I normally prefer my speed controllers to brake, rather then break. Joe Ross Whippet
Go to Post I'll not deprive you of the practice in reading the manual; you'll need it if you want to be an effective part of an FRC team. Alan Anderson cadandcookies
Go to Post If your logo is your team number in a font 4" tall in 1/2" stroke, colored/outlined in white, then yes. Otherwise, no. cadandcookies EricH
Go to Post Anything that moves sideways is a waste of time. Tom Bottiglieri RogerR
Go to Post So we can bring 6x more to the Lunar Regional than all other regionals? no fair to those not going! BBray_T1296 Whippet
Go to Post While grandmothers are pretty cool, I would be hesitant in letting them determine what is and is not a robot. Kellen Hill Whippet
Go to Post Inaccurate data is not data. It's guessing. George1902 Taylor
Go to Post Defense will be everybody's part time job, not their career. Wayne TenBrink Richard Wallace
Go to Post You enjoy your pepperoni pizza, I'll enjoy my cheese and peppers, and we can both agree that people that like pineapple on their pizza, while strange... are completely entitled to their opinions. Andrew Schreiber Whippet
Go to Post Meh, that's nothing a freshman with a drill press and a dremel can't fix... Chad987 Whippet
Go to Post And yes. The Super Bowl is on, and I'm replying to a thread on Chief Delphi... bobby5150 Whippet
Go to Post Dr. Doom becomes Dr. Awesome! Nick Lawrence Whippet
Go to Post Well, there goes our bare aluminum corner tracking full field navigation system... Whippet waialua359
Go to Post Just that the robot battery wont catch fire if you drop it the wrong way. Those LiPos pack quite a punch. dellagd Whippet
Go to Post Backwards PWMs happen to the best of us. Woolly Whippet
Go to Post Guys, Can we agree that "we used it in the past" is not a response. Thanks. Al Skierkiewicz Brian C
Go to Post Like a wizard, Car Nack is never late. He always arrives precisely when he meets you. EricH Amanda Morrison
Go to Post FIRST continues their full-frontal assault on mentor's vacation days. Lil' Lavery Koko Ed
Go to Post Your iphone may be more intuitive for some of your students than a screw driver. Isaac501 Taylor
Go to Post "Field orientation is like a homing pidgeon that can fly backwards." LostWolf MichelB
Go to Post If you think that teams would never bypass the rules or do something unsafe (intentional or unintentional), I suggest you spend a weekend as an inspector. Every bad scenario that you can think of, we have seen. Al Skierkiewicz Ian Curtis
Go to Post As Frank said, when an FRC team hurts, we all hurt. Hallry RamZ
Go to Post Lowering the ceiling is a bad thing, but there's nothing wrong with raising the floor. magnets Steven Donow
Go to Post The GDC giveth, the GDC taketh away. Blessed be the name of the GDC. GaryVoshol Switzer96
Go to Post Can you restate your observation in a manner that reconciles with physics? Madison Nick Lawrence
Go to Post It'd be nice if, one day, people just concentrated on how to inspire your own team and your own community. Let others decide on how to inspire theirs. George1902 Swan217
Go to Post 71, sponsored by Beatty, was breaking the box apart--not just thinking outside it. Kevin Ray Calvin Hartley
Go to Post West Coast Drive is best coast drive. Whippet
Go to Post An annoyed inspector is a thorough inspector! Jon Stratis Whippet
Go to Post Don't rely on the field staff to get every ball to work with your machine....engineer a robot that makes the change not matter. PayneTrain MrForbes
Go to Post To paraphrase a common answer from the GDC: There is no rule that explicitly forbids this. MechEng83 Whippet
Go to Post Wait, crap... totally forgot that I needed to build an intake. :eek: Andrew Schreiber cmrnpizzo14
Go to Post The code is hopefully pretty self-documenting, but I haven't had time to comment it (kinda trying to build a robot at the moment). RyanCahoon Whippet
Go to Post The sponsor had a $2000 sheet of aircraft aluminum in their scrap bin? Do they also blow stacks of dollar bills off their loading dock with a giant fan? Richard Wallace Whippet
Go to Post Great CAD ** work! ** Cardboard Aided Design philso MechEng83
Go to Post FRC for a four year student is a marathon disguises as four sprints. I'd much rather win the marathon than a sprint. Ian Curtis Anupam Goli
Go to Post Don't worry about someone stealing your ideas...if they're good ideas, then imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If they're lousy ideas, we'll let you know, so you can work on finding a better idea. win-win! MrForbes Ian Curtis
Go to Post Push the envelope a little, but not too much. There's a difference between being on the cutting edge and being on the bleeding edge. cadandcookies Joseph1825
Go to Post There is a big difference between "we have not been able to figure out how to do it." and "it's impossible" or "don't even bother." Let's be constructive not discouraging. PVCMike Jay O'Donnell
Go to Post It's far easier to find ambiguity in the rules than to write them. MikeE George1902
Go to Post Pro safety tip: put a string through coil springs that is tied off securely on the robot frame. This will help prevent the spring from jumping out and killing an inspector if it snaps. Ninja_Bait Whippet
Go to Post Good programmers always find a better way to do something, especially when it's not obvious where those improvements can be found. Mr. Lim dubiousSwain
Go to Post rebound rumble didn't really have a lot of rebounding or surprise earthquakes. Rynocorn magnets
Go to Post This is probably one of the most important robots in FRC history and it never even was in an official event. gyroscopeRaptor Whippet
Go to Post Based on EXTENSIVE analysis of this image, I have concluded that we will have to use wires on our robots. I am certain of it. theCADguy Walter Deitzler

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