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Go to Post Our robot throws custom $5.50 FIRST Frisbees at a rate of 75 discs per minute and a speed of ~32 feet per second. It costs over $80 to feed our robot for 12 seconds. Woolly Grim Tuesday
Go to Post The season ended. Not cool. Koko Ed Ultimatum
Go to Post A good way to minimize the possibility of breaking things is to minimize the number of things that can break. s_forbes Chris is me
Go to Post 610 is an all boys school, and we were surprised to see our pit and robot neatly decorated with hot pink boas and flowers upon arrival this morning. Mr. Lim Gregor
Go to Post Go get Al, he probably isn't busy! Jimmy Nichols RogerR
Go to Post “Chasing perfection is like trying to find a unicorn. If you go all around the world, you will not find a unicorn. However, you will find a whole freak load of stuff along the way.” - Karthik Jacob Bendicksen MisterG
Go to Post These predictions are just a bit of fun. Neither these, nor the division threads, are meant to be comprehensive. Don't like 'em? Go out there and prove them wrong! Looking Forward efoote868
Go to Post It's all about inspiration until people start complaining about teams getting lucky schedules and seeding first. Anupam Goli Koko Ed
Go to Post I'd like to think FIRST hasn't completely transformed into a money hungry self serving corporation. I'd like to think they actually still think they care about us. Koko Ed buildmaster5000
Go to Post I never use set screws to transfer torque. Something about evil spirits or whatever. Mark Sheridan Hallry
Go to Post Frank is frank, and I like that. rsisk Hallry
Go to Post "Magnificent" is the only appropriate adjective for a handlebar moustache. Kudos. Lil' Lavery Hallry
Go to Post After all, if matches were determined by the numbers, we wouldn't need to have competitions. jamierose Grim Tuesday
Go to Post Scout team, assemble! (preliminarily) PayneTrain Jessica Boucher
Go to Post Underwater basket weaving -- it's a water game, and we can go from "STEM" to "STEAM." michael.saxon joecloud
Go to Post 32% of the teams in any division will be or could be in eliminations. And any one of those could be YOU. If you aren't ready, you will be eliminated. If you are ready, you greatly increase your chances of winning. EricH joelg236
Go to Post All those crazy teenagers walking around Atlanta trying to "Save the world" looking like gang members with their attire. BrendanB CalTran
Go to Post When I got home from work my facebook wall had exploded with people chanting the names of dead scientists. Did someone say culture change? :cool: Ian Curtis Hallry
Go to Post Big scoop for everyone here: All divisions are stacked with talented teams. It's like this is a really big event or something. PayneTrain Micah Chetrit
Go to Post The championship event is a meta-game of inches. People will complain about unbalanced/unequal divisions, whether you think it's silly or not. PayneTrain Hallry
Go to Post D is for Data, that's good enough for me... [munch munch munch munch] Nemo flippy147852
Go to Post Deodorant cannot be stressed enough. To quote a teammate "body odor is a body don't-or." C. De Vries kelseysea
Go to Post Every year I develop new connections and greater friendships with FIRSTers - and every year I am surprised to find just how many amazing people there are here. MysterE Taylor
Go to Post How are we as mentors and coaches presenting ourselves? We we are is who they will emulate. It is the nature of coaching, the nature of leading. MysterE Carolyn_Grace
Go to Post ...It's like Christmas morning and waiting to see if Santa got you that soldering iron you wanted. CLandrum3081 Calvin Hartley
Go to Post Each year that I've been on the team I've thought to myself, "Man we lost some great seniors this year," and each year younger students have stepped up on their own to fill those leadership positions. BJC Ian Curtis
Go to Post FIRST is our Hunger Games. May the odds be ever in your favor. GeorgeM Pratik Kunapuli
Go to Post IRI ... no contest. It is borderline insane. Paul Copioli Arefin Bari
Go to Post Rain? Prepare for Armageddon to strike when you go to St. Louis. Two years in St. Louis. Two years of Tornado scares. Tis the season. Koko Ed Libby K
Go to Post The hardest resource to come by in FRC is the one you can't buy: a well-trained, experienced, well-intentioned, dedicated mentor. PayneTrain Anupam Goli
Go to Post 1. If I had a nickel for every time I heard "But we passed at XXXX regional" I would have retired a long time ago. Al Skierkiewicz CalTran
Go to Post Nonetheless, I would welcome it, as long as [The President] didn't restrict the number of discs that a Robot could hold. Oops, wait, too late, the GDC already did that. :-) MooreteP dag0620
Go to Post The only shame is if you are too proud to ask for help and to learn. Mc Kenna Ian Curtis
Go to Post There is no shame in admitting someone is better than you at something doesn't make them a better person just means they have skill you haven't figured out yet. The only shame is if you are too proud to ask for help and to learn. Mc Kenna Coach Norm
Go to Post Pushing match, what pushing match? If they can't catch you they can't push you around. IndySam kramarczyk
Go to Post We built an ineffective machine, all by ourselves! Yay for us! Alan Anderson Tristan Lall
Go to Post Woah woah, what about fingers? The programmers have to use something to type with? dellagd synth3tk
Go to Post Because nothing says safety like carrying a 150lb robot across a field covered in golf balls. Kevin Sevcik Alex2614
Go to Post I looked at it and originally thought it was a crazy idea... then I looked at it again and it still sounds like a crazy idea. Yipyapper toastnbacon
Go to Post I looked at it and originally thought it was a crazy idea... then I looked at it again and it still sounds like a crazy idea. But crazy ideas tend to produce some excellent results. Yipyapper Alex2614
Go to Post I looked at it and originally thought it was a crazy idea... then I looked at it again and it still sounds like a crazy idea. But crazy ideas tend to produce some excellent results. Yipyapper Alex2614
Go to Post Engineering is a big, big type of fishing to teach. Inspiring kids to study it in college might be more practical. connor.worley Akash Rastogi
Go to Post I still have 3 good ligaments left and 2 events, so I should be fine :rolleyes: esquared plnyyanks
Go to Post What a great organization! HoltDan rsisk
Go to Post If there's one thing I've learned, it's that the robot is never truly finished. Joseph Smith Grim Tuesday
Go to Post I personally find the time I spend developing FIRST teams and FIRST as a whole the most fulfilling thing I have ever done in my life. PayneTrain vikesrock777
Go to Post "Why even bother building a robot if we're not gonna win?". The answer? To learn and grow. MrBydlon DonRotolo
Go to Post ...Well also I'm just hooked on FIRST. (I swear, I can quit whenever I want!) CENTURION MechEng83
Go to Post While the Banners initiate the outreach, eventually, the outreach becomes the Banner. MysterE synth3tk
Go to Post So is it important to try? Without a doubt. Does it become frustrating to not win? Most certainly. Should you stop trying? Never! Al Skierkiewicz avanboekel

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