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Go to Post I've completely figured [the hint] out: Robots will have to move around, and also displace objects in order to score points. What do I win? pfreivald Hallry
Go to Post Those four stages will most likely be supplanted with the more aptly named phased approach: "Don't Panic", "Consider Panicing" and "Why havent we been panicing?" Dan Richardson RyanCahoon
Go to Post Don't give FIRST ideas...we like our 45 day build season. They can make it shorter. Never underestimate the power of the GDC. Littleboy LedLover96
Go to Post We can relate anything back to water, and by anything, I literally mean ANYTHING. Surfing around on Chief Delphi has proven that to me. karomata Hallry
Go to Post Smaller FRC bots...... This is what the Mayans were referring to.... My world is ending.... CrazyHorse CalTran
Go to Post Some of them look like phone numbers... LETS START CALLING THEM ALL! akoscielski3 LedLover96
Go to Post And you said it would be an easy game hint... Time to break out the N-Spire and do some number crunching CalTran dag0620
Go to Post KoP inventory -- it's the FIRST version of opening Christmas presents. BigJ Hallry
Go to Post I, as a programmer, always strive to have the entire robot operate with as little driver input as possible. Those pesky humans.... dellagd Kevin Selavko
Go to Post I used to wonder if the FRC staff would read the CD game hint posts and just laugh to themselves..now I know they do. rachelholladay Ultimatum
Go to Post I'm intrigued by the possibility of Mayan stadium sports, minus the whole sacrificing part. AlecMataloni Andrew Lawrence
Go to Post Ladies and Gentlemen I believe this is the first time a Fantasy FIRST draft has been completed before it's allotted start time! Koko Ed GCentola
Go to Post Clearly they're releasing the game hint on 12/21/12 because they know the world's going to end, and they want to keep FIRSTers happy and distracted until the very end. Kevin Sevcik daniel_dsouza
Go to Post IRI: it's FIRSTmas in July! Alan Anderson Hallry
Go to Post Not that I'm doubting you, but where is it bugged? The exterminators are in the house. Greg McKaskle rsisk
Go to Post Congratulations! Welcome to the hardest fun you'll ever have. Undertones Zuelu562
Go to Post [Hints] usually come out right before Christmas. Be patient, and go do something else with your life while you still have time! Libby K CalTran
Go to Post It is going to be a water game. Sorry, I thought everybody knew that. :ahh: FrankJ Hallry
Go to Post My wife just looked over my shoulder, shook her head, and said "Only engineers...." Tom Line MechEng83
Go to Post It's not about the numbers, it's what you can do with them. AlecMataloni Andrew Schreiber
Go to Post IT'S LIKE FIRSTmas CAME EARLY THIS YEAR!!! THANKS VEXPro! akoscielski3 CalTran
Go to Post Jon is very right, going forward I have a hard time envisioning any future Championship Chairman's award winners without a significant social media presence. It's just too big of an avenue to be ignored. Karthik Billfred
Go to Post The only constant in FRC is change. Learning to adapt to change in competition is the best way to prepare for change in real life. Jessica Boucher Libby K
Go to Post "Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is a game hint." Gregor Hallry
Go to Post Originality in Sponsorship can get you a lot of places. MysterE Joe G.
Go to Post *be there or be triangle, circle, square PVCpirate LedLover96
Go to Post I think this says it all... It's Fantasy FIRST on Chief Delphi. Zach O SamC
Go to Post And another big factor in winning. Luck. Carol SamC
Go to Post We also have a " big daddy" hand riveter. In my estimation one could have assembled the George Washington bridge with it. DonRotolo jwallace15
Go to Post You know you have FIRST Kickoff fever when you know when Kickoff is but not Christmas. Jacob.B Kevin Selavko
Go to Post (middle school age) One time I had a truly awful day at school and came home crying. My mother's response? "Do you want to go to the build session tonight? It will make you feel better.." And it did. It always does. rachelholladay CalTran
Go to Post You should always do CAD no matter how you plan on having parts made. Garret Gregor
Go to Post Re: New to programming, any tips? Join the mechanical team :) IndySam SuperS_5
Go to Post No, but you have access to the most powerful machine tool of all; a telephone. We had zero machining sponsors, now we've probably had over 30 unique shops run parts for us; All we did was ask. AdamHeard Billfred
Go to Post Canada has five regional events now. Canada. Nick Lawrence synth3tk
Go to Post We use the engines of our imagination on the robot all the time. FIRST being an engine of change after all. Mark McLeod Hallry
Go to Post Go with a Big Block. The torque is awesome and you cant beat the sound of a built Big Block with a high lift cam and some open headers. A blower would be a nice addition as well. Good luck getting past the inspector. GBK gracie.
Go to Post Building a robot to survive 2 districts, a Regional, a Region Championship, and World Championships (plus 4 - soon to be 5 - off season events) is a challenge in itself. Jared Russell Hallry
Go to Post Spoiler: There will be no plasma cutters available in FIRST Choice Jibsy Billfred
Go to Post Leave FIRST? That's an option? =) treffk Hallry
Go to Post you know your team has respect from teachers when classes start waving projects during build season saying you get full credit if the robot ships. Peck billbo911
Go to Post Snow Blower Motor? Forget the water game, how about a snow game? Gary Dillard Andy Baker
Go to Post I emailed Brandon Martus to have my username changed. It was updated within a day. Champion webmaster at work. Gregor Hallry
Go to Post We draw the line when our students are more affectionate towards the tools rather than eachother. ksafin GCentola
Go to Post We draw the line when our students are more affectionate towards the tools rather than eachother. ksafin Kevin Selavko
Go to Post Border Guard: "Anything to declare?" Team: "Oh, just these trophies!" dtengineering LedLover96
Go to Post Be watchful of the "man this is so cool we should do it in build" as I've embarrassingly fallen victim to it so many times before, with varying results. Aren_Hill Jared Russell
Go to Post Take care of home and family first- then we play robots Wayne C. Billfred
Go to Post My calculations indicate that the game will involve pouring large areas of concrete and waiting for it to dry. Field reset should be interesting. DampRobot bobby5150
Go to Post Our robotics lab has been closed for two days, TWO DAYS! :ahh: Kevin Selavko Hallry

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