Go to Post It is crucial to keep experience and keeping collected under pressure as high points that can't be measured in a test. - jnelly [more]
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Go to Post Thanks GDC for opening a can of Chuck Norris Brain Hurt Garrett.d.w DeformedFedora
Go to Post Weird. On a forum where people talk about robots, we have a robot trying to talk to people. dellagd Whippet
Go to Post I personally need all the limbs and eyeballs I currently have, and I assume other feel the same way. bfk dtengineering
Go to Post This game is absolutely *NOT* too difficult, but many teams will make it too difficult by biting off more than they can chew. pfreivald IKE
Go to Post Keep your chin up, your safety glasses on, and don't let the magic smoke out of the electrical components and you'll do just fine :) rsegrest DeformedFedora
Go to Post If you refuse to come to any compromises with your Ultimate Ascent robot design, you risk compromising everything (including your sanity). Jared Russell Holtzman
Go to Post Has FIRST ever made a game that was easy to do? Koko Ed Hallry
Go to Post The robots that rise to the top will not be the ones that do everything poorly, but the ones that are breathtaking at one thing. Be that robot. DampRobot Koko Ed
Go to Post Difficult? Yeah. Extremely difficult? Some parts. Doable? It's been done. Andrew Lawrence DeformedFedora
Go to Post "We just fundraised $5000 for registration, and you spent it all on balloons?" Andrew Lawrence rsisk
Go to Post IRI: where egos go to die...uhm..I mean fly! Koko Ed Hallry
Go to Post FIRST provides evidence that many of us are optimists. mrnoble pfreivald
Go to Post We need to grow smart not grow fast. Andrew Schreiber SamC
Go to Post FIRST is hard. It's supposed to be. We can't keep giving people a check and expecting them to succeed. We need to stop this model. It takes a village to raise a child but it takes a community to build a FIRST team. Andrew Schreiber joelg236
Go to Post FRC: more like the real world than we could ever want. efoote868 Joe G.
Go to Post 30 point hang is brutal. Those who say it is easy are not thinking it through or are way smarter than the rest of us ... Paul Copioli Ian Curtis
Go to Post The dog-gear! Do u even shift bro? WileyB-J LedLover96
Go to Post Consider that the 12V from your robot isn't any different from the 12V from your car's cigarette lighter. (Err... sorry... that's "power port" these days, thank goodness.) dtengineering Billfred
Go to Post Goodness, YES. Please get a copy of the rules. It explains a lot, and if your robot does NOT follow the rules, you will not be allowed to compete. Really, it is very important. DonRotolo Tristan Lall
Go to Post wonder if the April peak for 'frisbee launcher' was from the GDC... cbudrecki dag0620
Go to Post You can never be done too early for more testing and practice! Donut Hallry
Go to Post Between reading the Manual, Q&A, Team Updates, the Blog, and Chief Delphi, you can be one of the most valuable members of any team. Gregor Karibou
Go to Post Every freshman or first time FIRST student comes onto the team with little to no experience. The whole point is that you will get to learn how to do some new things. engunneer Hallry
Go to Post You don't have to build a robot to be on a robot team. This isn't about the robot, it's about learning. engunneer Hallry
Go to Post So kudos for asking advice... you've got plenty of good advice so far in this column... but honestly, if Orville and Wilbur Wright had taken good advice they would have packed up and gone back to their bicycle shop. dtengineering nathan_hui
Go to Post So next time you speculate, label it as such and not as established fact. Please. Bad information is worse than no information. DonRotolo Hallry
Go to Post Let this be a hint to the hardware teams. Deliver that robot early and give the software and driving team time with the robot. IR3 has proven it can be done. Doug Leppard Travis Hoffman
Go to Post Just because something has never been done, doesn't mean it's impossible. See: everything ever. Taylor Grim Tuesday
Go to Post You do need help. Don't reject offers of assistance from veterans. There are more things you don't know than you think there are. Alan Anderson vhcook
Go to Post What Delphi says doesn't matter. What the official Q&A says matters. Tetraman Karibou
Go to Post To my surprise, purple painted air tanks were illegal last year. AB Andy Baker EricLeifermann
Go to Post Boy you guys try to make my job harder every year. Al Skierkiewicz Hallry
Go to Post It kicked off today, and we already have 10 pages of posts!?!?! ShotgunNinja dubiousSwain
Go to Post You know, one year we need to stake out the AndyMark building for several weeks before Kickoff so we can see what the game pieces will be. Hidden webcam? :rolleyes: DonRotolo Hallry
Go to Post Sleep? What this you talk about. I never can sleep the night before kick-off. midway78224 Hallry
Go to Post We're still not ready for 2012.... AdamHeard Andrew Lawrence
Go to Post Our opponents didn't know where our robot was going and neither did we! ReapersRule CalTran
Go to Post REMEMBER - there ARE things more important than robots... false Botwoon nathan_hui
Go to Post You do use CAD to prototype, Cardboard Aided Design. Peter Matteson nathan_hui
Go to Post I can see the 2013 Kickoff broadcast now: "Hello Teams. Welcome back. Gracious Professionalism. Here's some homework. Here's the animation. Here's what the actual field looks like. RTFM. Peace." sanddrag Andrew Lawrence
Go to Post Safe zones are for the weak. ChristopherSD LedLover96
Go to Post As you get more into your years in FRC, you start becoming friends with more people. You should try it out. Robotics people are pretty nice. Andrew Lawrence CalTran
Go to Post Not sure if its fair to call this or not yet. Back a group of dedicated teenagers far enough into a corner, and they're gonna find a way out. Racer26 Billfred
Go to Post It was the stupidest rule, but a rule is a rule, and everyone has to follow them. RyanN Gregor
Go to Post Seems decretive bumpers are the new rage now. I couldn't stand making them once, never mind twice. Gregor Hallry
Go to Post If there's one thing that I love, it's a good scouting challenge! wilhitern1 DampRobot
Go to Post I'll toss this out to stir up the pot: if you need double precision floats for your FRC software, you should re-think what you're doing. Ether billbo911
Go to Post Iteration is a necessary but not sufficient criteria to being a powerhouse team. Chris is me Gregor
Go to Post Iteration is something everyone can do. Andrew Lawrence Anupam Goli
Go to Post I've completely figured [the hint] out: Robots will have to move around, and also displace objects in order to score points. What do I win? pfreivald Hallry

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