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Go to Post Our strong support is the result of 14 years of very organized "nagging". :) OZ_341 ebarker
Go to Post ...the hardest part of engineering is communication. EricVanWyk Meredith Novak
Go to Post Now I have yet another webpage that I will feel the need to constantly check rachelholladay Gregor
Go to Post Comments and Documentation: Use them! You would never believe how fast you will forget how something works, especially when things are flying at you so fast. Other/future programmers will understand what you did and why you did it. BigJ DeformedFedora
Go to Post It's easy to get overwhelmed. Don't get overwhelmed, just keep working at things a little bit at a time. (Oh, and don't forget to have fun!) DominickC DeformedFedora
Go to Post Good robots with bad drivers can lose. Bad robots with good drivers can win. Good robots with good drivers can dominate. James Tonthat thefro526
Go to Post Friction is finicky. Ether Taylor
Go to Post This only gets awkward when the girl knows more digits of pi than you do... Walter Deitzler dictionaria13
Go to Post Being a part of FIRST is inspirational regardless of what else happens. Jon Stratis Taylor
Go to Post Once you have reached overkill, more is not useful. DonRotolo RyanCahoon
Go to Post You mean i can do something with the Kinect other than put large dents in wall with a robot? Rad.. rachelholladay Brandon_L
Go to Post I hope I can do something as awesome as Curiosity when I'm older.. rachelholladay Taylor
Go to Post Please no reboots. I'm so sick of reboots. Hollywood has ruined them for me. I don't even reboot my computer anymore. Michael Hill Taylor
Go to Post When I mentor other people in programming... they either get pointers or they don't. JamesTerm daniel_dsouza
Go to Post A well learned individual knows themselves and how to collect and use the tool of knowledge. techhelpbb Taylor
Go to Post My own opinion is that any truly great student can succeed with any teacher, and any truly great teacher can succeed with any group of students. DampRobot
Go to Post If sponsors are only interested in blue banners and trophies, then they don't get it. Taylor CalTran
Go to Post If only 5% of American entry level workers are proficient in algebra in 2022, I'm moving to Canada. PVCpirate
Go to Post Step 1. Understand the game and how to win the match and the event. Chris Fultz GCentola
Go to Post "The purpose of computation is insight, not numbers." Tom Ore Ian Curtis
Go to Post A team isn't who funds it. A team is the people who are on it -Kelli KelliV CalTran
Go to Post "I'm not teaching you math, I'm teaching you how to think. Hopefully that'll be useful to you someday..." Karthik Kpchem
Go to Post ...six-year-old Libby had dragged her by the hand over to my (M.D./Ph.D) father and said, "Daddy, this is Miss Sally. She's a doctor AND and astronaut. YOU'RE just a doctor." Libby K daniel_dsouza
Go to Post That is just ridonkulous. Brandon Holley Tom Bottiglieri
Go to Post ...okay, maybe I have a xkcd addiction plnyyanks Kpchem
Go to Post Engineering is so much easier when you give all the components personalities. Then you just watch the drama unfold and try to fix it. EricVanWyk plnyyanks
Go to Post "Individual": I am the FMS. I don't want to talk to you. Robot: FMS, is this true? I still have stuff for you. Actual FMS: No, what gave you that idea? Are you feeling ok? Repeat. Field Monitor: FTA! We need a counselor! EricVanWyk torihoelscher
Go to Post Dash Board: Hey Robot, here is some new data. Dash Board: Robot, did you get that data yet? Hello? Robot: Yep! Thanks! Yep! Thanks! Yep! Thanks! Yep! Thanks! Yep! Thanks! Yep! Thanks!... Other Robots: Will you please shut up? EricVanWyk torihoelscher
Go to Post Robot: Gyro, please reset yourself and verify proper operation. Gyro: ... WHY IS THE EVERYTHING SPINNING SO FAST? HELP! ... Robot: Are you working yet? How about now? EricVanWyk torihoelscher
Go to Post Robot: Aww, the FMS doesn't want to chat with me anymore. Was it something I said? EricVanWyk bduddy
Go to Post If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery rjbarra KrazyCarl92
Go to Post I would be thankful to just participate in champs, I would be happy with just that. Brandon_L Taylor
Go to Post Everyone builds their robots uniquely, runs their teams differently, and prefers all kinds of flavors of ice cream. Now, we are seeing that folks vent and react differently to a frustrating situation. ... and that's ok. Andy Baker Akash Rastogi
Go to Post I've found that being outraged on behalf of others is often a misuse of energy. Taylor Alan Anderson
Go to Post FIRST is a community unlike the public at large, with the distinction lying on its gracious professionalism. I have no doubt that the community will continue to uphold and cherish this unique characteristic through difficult events such as this. Joon Park torihoelscher
Go to Post Can't we also care about and celebrate the processes, the professionalism, the experience of healing? Taylor Renee Becker-Blau
Go to Post Everybody "cares about the robots" - otherwise we'd be doing science fairs. Taylor Carolyn_Grace
Go to Post Tragedies happened. We've learned from them, as individuals, as teams, as a community. Taylor Carolyn_Grace
Go to Post Sure, it's just a robotics competition, but some of us actually care about the robots... Karthik Gregor
Go to Post I would like to know the team simply because it seems they could use a hug. Taylor CalTran
Go to Post It's a process of elimination led by inspiration. JaneYoung Carolyn_Grace
Go to Post Maybe the lesson the internet is trying to teach us is to "Think before you post, the machine is watching and never forgets..." IKE Carolyn_Grace
Go to Post Change 'car' to 'robot', 'coffee' to 'mountain dew' and Tom Brady to will.I.am, and you have next year's kickoff intro. Tetraman CalTran
Go to Post When we find bugs at work, we don't ask "who wrote that section of code?" We ask "Who is the best, most knowledgeable person to work on fixing this bug?" Jon Stratis Katie_UPS
Go to Post That's why I have Fantasy FIRST. IT has to make up at least 75% of my posts here. Koko Ed GCentola
Go to Post With one post, Mr. Miller joins the top 0.7% of Chief Delphi, reputation-wise. I think the community supports him. Taylor plnyyanks
Go to Post Several really good programming and control specialists haunt CD, but a thread titled "motor failure" might not attract their notice soon. Richard Wallace CalTran
Go to Post There really is nothing else that needs to be said. billbo911 DeformedFedora
Go to Post Once I see that it is black with aluminum ends, I only care about the inside. Sort of like Oreo's. Al Skierkiewicz billbo911
Go to Post Yes, it really is Bill Miller posting on Chief Delphi (Imagine that!). Bill Miller MechEng83

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