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Go to Post Overpowered? You only took out half the building... Knock the rest down then get back to me. sodizzle Hallry
Go to Post So much energy is wasted complaining (even in this thread) and belittling others (subtly in this thread). You need to engineer an attitude that encourages success through hard work before you engineer the robot. PayneTrain JaneYoung
Go to Post As everyone knows, our students don't actually design or build the robot, so to make it look like they were working on it for the video, we hid cookies inside the unfinished frame and turned them loose. It looks believable. Mike Soukup Ian Curtis
Go to Post I can't help but notice during the building sequence, there were a whole lot of student hands working on that robot. Just sayin'. Taylor EricLeifermann
Go to Post My students like to win, so I'll stick to enabling that. sdcantrell56 Akash Rastogi
Go to Post Could you explain this concept of a break from FIRST? Did my wife put you up to this? Gary Dillard nukemknight
Go to Post Could you explain this concept of a break from FIRST? Did my wife put you up to this? Gary Dillard Taylor
Go to Post No one can improve your team's situation but your team. Ryan Dognaux Taylor
Go to Post What makes a team great is not what they do during the 6 weeks, but what they do the rest of the year. davidthefat Andrew Lawrence
Go to Post We need to celebrate great things because good enough isn't inspiring. Andrew Schreiber Akash Rastogi
Go to Post work hard, think hard, and have fun doing it. ebarker Taylor
Go to Post I think that in general people should worry more about what they are doing, and less about what others are doing. That goes for a lot more than FIRST. pfreivald Jeff Waegelin
Go to Post Haters gonna hate; kill 'em with kindness. Taylor jon-s
Go to Post Q&A is certainly a good route to take, but depending on how gray the topic in question is, CD is certainly a good place to ask the question. slijin joshsmithers
Go to Post When you find yourself saying multiple times at one regional "...never coding at 1am in the hotel again... ...never again..." BigJ Andrew Lawrence
Go to Post FRC is about what we collectively make of it. Tristan Lall Siri
Go to Post In my opinion, watching someone CAD is about as exciting as watching them sleep. DampRobot AlexD744
Go to Post Practice bots are not regulated by FIRST. Your practice bot could have a flamethrower and a jamming device on it, and they wouldn't care in the slightest. You just can't compete at a competition with it. :) AlecMataloni ~Cory~
Go to Post Yeah refs are trained to not have a sense of humor about things like that. Koko Ed Conor Ryan
Go to Post There has to be a point where you go "I do not agree, but I can understand why they did it." Lil' Lavery Taylor
Go to Post CAD or it didn't happen R3P0 Taylor
Go to Post I know my grandmother would call me a bully for that. And she didn't raise a bully. Libby K Taylor
Go to Post You should never, EVER bully, manipulate, or slander another team for the sake of winning. Libby K Hallry
Go to Post Team 1114 does not design or build ROBOTS. They build AWESOME. DonRotolo Kpchem
Go to Post Load the whole bot up with all 22 motors, put them all into the drive train. Oh yes. Grim Tuesday Andrew Lawrence
Go to Post step it up, stop trying to validate mediocrity Aren_Hill Akash Rastogi
Go to Post 1114 is the definition of what a FIRST team should be. For anyone to say otherwise is disgusting to me. Andrew Schreiber avanboekel
Go to Post Namaste. Maybe we all one day will spend our energy trying to raise our own level to match that of the competition rather than trying to tear others down. Rich Kressly Libby K
Go to Post Did you know that if a G7, G27, G28, and G20 occur in that order at the same time, then the referee will appear to be doing the "YMCA"? :) Jack Jones Karibou
Go to Post Where does one get a henchman? I have a pretty good group of minions, but have always wanted a henchman. IKE Hallry
Go to Post The theory is we'd lose a paper list but we haven't lost a student yet. Peter Matteson Karibou
Go to Post Chairman's Award is not about building the robot. Every team builds a robot. Retired Starman Hallry
Go to Post Nerds do whatever they want to do, and they do it with style. EricVanWyk Nate Laverdure
Go to Post There is one unbreakable and unwritten law in FIRST, don't make it hard for your alliance partners to play. Al Skierkiewicz CalTran
Go to Post Paper is not so bad. It is really rare for it to crash or run out of battery, for example... DonRotolo Hallry
Go to Post Oh, you mean the refs. The only hand signal I've seen the judges use is the hi-five. RoboMom Karibou
Go to Post Could you post your code? It is hard to debug that which you cannot see... Dusk Star DominickC
Go to Post You know FIRST is on the level of sports when you can give predictions like sports casters do. :) RoboMaster Hallry
Go to Post Expect a lot of noise, unexpected things going wrong, and most of all, tons and tons of fun. nitneylion452 Hallry
Go to Post You can't unwind after build season knowing that competition season is just around the corner! ;) Hallry Andrew Lawrence
Go to Post We figured it out. benjiengi daniel_dsouza
Go to Post Robotic Football now thats something I would build 6 weeks for. Nikkocharger Hallry
Go to Post So let me get this straight. We'll have 6 hours to re-build an entirely new robot that took us 6 weeks originally to make. Andrew Lawrence Kimmeh
Go to Post Isn't that what we do here? It seems like no 'controversial' thread is complete until everyone gets a say. nukemknight Hallry
Go to Post Maybe FIRST made these bumper rules so IRI would have something to blow off come July. Koko Ed dodar
Go to Post Thankfully, no magic smoke was released during the making of these photos. SteveGarward Hallry
Go to Post Too complicated for Wildstang? Start browsing CD-media...... AdamHeard Arefin Bari
Go to Post Gracious Professionalism is being embarrassed at an event by an underperforming catstrophe of a robot, yet standing and applauding for every award because you realize that as hard as you worked that season, the other team must have worked even harder to get their achievements. Taylor GCentola
Go to Post There is no such thing as "un-GP." Tetraman EricH
Go to Post As my daughter said, you used to shut up your robot and send it away from home. Now you just suffocate it. GaryVoshol rsisk

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