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Go to Post When we find bugs at work, we don't ask "who wrote that section of code?" We ask "Who is the best, most knowledgeable person to work on fixing this bug?" Jon Stratis Katie_UPS
Go to Post That's why I have Fantasy FIRST. IT has to make up at least 75% of my posts here. Koko Ed GCentola
Go to Post With one post, Mr. Miller joins the top 0.7% of Chief Delphi, reputation-wise. I think the community supports him. Taylor plnyyanks
Go to Post Several really good programming and control specialists haunt CD, but a thread titled "motor failure" might not attract their notice soon. Richard Wallace CalTran
Go to Post There really is nothing else that needs to be said. billbo911 DeformedFedora
Go to Post Once I see that it is black with aluminum ends, I only care about the inside. Sort of like Oreo's. Al Skierkiewicz billbo911
Go to Post Yes, it really is Bill Miller posting on Chief Delphi (Imagine that!). Bill Miller MechEng83
Go to Post When the world gives you lemons make lemonade serve it at your press conference to expand the program. Koko Ed Karibou
Go to Post Just be yourself, be honest, and most importantly, be present. The best role models are the ones you can relate to. Jessica Boucher JVN
Go to Post ....you can't go to a single FIRST event without someone saying "Hey, Look! It's SuperNerd!" Andrew Lawrence Gregor
Go to Post I am committed to this program because I know it works. It gets more students (than the school average) into college, it makes better adults of the students we mentor, it makes better employees of the mentors that participate, and it makes better schools in our communities. Al Skierkiewicz washedout
Go to Post There's no better way to start your FIRST career then opening a box and getting free stuff from Andy Baker! JosephC ehochstein
Go to Post Look at FIRST 7 years ago. Look at FIRST now. Thanks Bill. Steven Donow Andrew Lawrence
Go to Post if you put 3 controls engineers in a room you will get 4 different way to do tuning. FrankJ Invictus3593
Go to Post We'll get through this as a community, this we know. JaneYoung dag0620
Go to Post Earlier this week it took me a little bit too long to realize that the reason my pen wasn't writing correctly was that it was actually a screwdriver. I'm going to have to ask for a few nights of honest sleep before signing off on a report. EricVanWyk CalTran
Go to Post Being a good engineer isn't all about engineering. It's about being able to use engineering for a practical application, and to successfully communicate your research or development results to people who aren't engineers Jon Stratis Siri
Go to Post It's kind of magical how I went from legos to replacing most of the iron in my blood with aluminum, and all thanks to my elementary school science teacher. Astrokid248 Karibou
Go to Post By the way why do all american's spell Colour wrong?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? akoscielski3 CalTran
Go to Post We've done all the speculation we can do (some of us with less knowledge than others); let's rest our minds and keyboards and wait. Astrokid248 EricH
Go to Post I would feel more comfortable if you used rock-paper-scissor-lizard-Spock. IndySam MechEng83
Go to Post Just goes to show that you don't need to be like everyone else to make it to Einstein. O'Sancheski Hallry
Go to Post Cooling fans? Never had the need. Then again, we're talking New Jersey in March. Radiant heaters might be a better choice, or maybe snow boots. DonRotolo CalTran
Go to Post Doing something reliably is better than doing something well occasionally. Andrew Schreiber Karthik
Go to Post The shirts. The buttons. The capes. That feeling you get when you first glimpse the arena and all the empty pits, and the only thing is promise. When the last bit of confetti has fallen, and nobody leaves the field. We are fortunate. Taylor Hallry
Go to Post Ah AndyMark and your $2 a piece pool noodles mlantry Hallry
Go to Post Please don't complain about the party that was thrown in your honor because they didn't use your favorite color of balloons. Taylor IndySam
Go to Post [You know you've overdoes on FIRST when...] You're willing to take an 8 AM for the team. ttldomination Grim Tuesday
Go to Post If you can spare 2 minutes (And I know you can, because the seasonís over and youíre STILL on Chief Delphi) LVMastery CalTran
Go to Post I heartily applaud FIRST for finally reacting proactively to this ongoing problem. Ether pfreivald
Go to Post Ice cream is an iterative process. JVN rsisk
Go to Post I like ice cream. Andy Baker Travis Hoffman
Go to Post Also, there are times when the folks who run this ice cream store don't have the flavors I like. Can you believe that?!!! Although this really frustrates me, I get over this treachery and I still order something. After all, it is ice cream. I like ice cream. Andy Baker davepowers
Go to Post Why assume a full trophy case and spreading the message of FIRST (mentoring rookies) are mutually exclusive? Team 16 supported 6 rookies this season and earned 5 banners - I am equally proud of both. Meredith Novak Billfred
Go to Post A robot is never "complete" Andrew Lawrence Hallry
Go to Post Yeah, you build robots, so what. But you also build students, and that's what it's about! DonRotolo Hallry
Go to Post There were no heroes on the team, just everyone doing their part. nuggetsyl Kristian Calhoun
Go to Post Every robot is a key element to each victory, no matter how much or how little they help. JosephC Hallry
Go to Post Don't take my questions negatively, I just hold drive trains to a ridiculous standard. AdamHeard Gregor
Go to Post And, if you don't know what something means, say so, we'll be happy to explain. DonRotolo Grim Tuesday
Go to Post Just got our robot crate back. The FedEx driver told me he was watching the robotics competition online and asked how our team did. He knew about Team 27 and 469. We must be doing a great job in Michigan promoting FIRST if a FedEx driver watch FRC matches online and was excited talking about it. Ed Law Hallry
Go to Post Your students are my idols. Al Skierkiewicz Taylor
Go to Post The entire season, when someone yelled "Robot" I would yell back "Human" and stand my ground. DonRotolo Matt Krass
Go to Post There should be no teams yelling "robot". RoboMom Carolyn_Grace
Go to Post If the GDC can actually top Rebound Rumble, I might cry at the reveal. PayneTrain Taylor
Go to Post Give a group of engineers the choice of three options, and they'll pick choice number seven. Taylor EricH
Go to Post Next year they should make Roombas the game piece. They're not very effective at vacuuming the rug that's for sure. Koko Ed Carolyn_Grace
Go to Post Isn't that the name of the game... Roomba Rumble? Mr. Van nukemknight
Go to Post Would FIRST be as amazing if not for CD? I mean it would still be this amazing place for students and mentors to be but the explosion of innovation and gathering of people together across communities has to have been greatly effected by CD. dodar Hallry
Go to Post "It's not child labor if they wear a team shirt!" Vermeulen Peck

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