Go to Post We, as mentors, receive our greatest reward when our students become role models and give of their time to others in need. - Al Skierkiewicz [more]
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Go to Post If it looks like an appendage, quacks like an appendage and moves like an appendage...it is an appendage... Bob Steele Ninja_Bait
Go to Post First of all, please remember that while we often focus on winning the Chairman's Award, that it is the effort to win that matters. No one "loses" RCA... if you've worked your butt off all year in the spirit of the award, then you've already won before you even get to the regional. dtengineering Libby K
Go to Post An FRC team's success should not be measured in how many robots it can build or how many blue banners it can collect. It should be measured by how many engineers (and other professionals) it 'builds'. jvriezen HannahF
Go to Post Reading the directions is as important as reading the manual. the man Taylor
Go to Post Its great for us as mentors to see students teaching other students and a robot being built from scratch without us. Maybe someday they won't need us at all!!! DR3381 EricH
Go to Post Like my programming class teacher has said multiple times: "Stop complaining on reddit about your code not compiling and actually fix it". Andrew Lawrence bam-bam
Go to Post FIRST is a pretty decent microcosm of real life, those who work hard, accomplish more decent lesson to learn, and FIRST is allowing us to learn it. Aren_Hill DeformedFedora
Go to Post Nothing is perfect - but AM is a phenomenal company! iambujo rsisk
Go to Post Of course our robot can fly! Bill_B Andrew Lawrence
Go to Post Have no fear, ancient and brilliant coaches of yore were consulted. JamesCH95 Tristan Lall
Go to Post I'm missing JVN's build log this year ! lynca EricLeifermann
Go to Post ... Better to treat everything like it's about to explode and be wrong than the other way round. Bongle IKE
Go to Post Incidentally, this is a good example of why lawyering the FIRST rules is good practice for the real world. By critically analyzing FIRST's errors, you practice for the day when you need to critically analyze legislators' errors (and deliberate trickery). Tristan Lall Billfred
Go to Post Where's the "drill enough weight holes so we're barely under 120lbs" option? ;-) AlecMataloni Hallry
Go to Post Pursue your passion whatever that may be and do not fault another for pursuing theirs. Mr. Van Koko Ed
Go to Post Are you asking if I can pick up electrons? I'm positive. Gary Dillard plnyyanks
Go to Post Teams are overconfident every year. Honest evaluation of your capabilities with regard to your design strategy is a skill few teams have. Chris is me EricLeifermann
Go to Post The folks in Indiana don't play around. PayneTrain Billfred
Go to Post Is it really that bad to ask a team to be able to do more than just drive? It's like asking a student to do more than just show up to class... Katie_UPS Billfred
Go to Post "In the next 5 years, the GDC will intermingle this 2012 game with the mechanics of 2009's game and it shall be called Space Jam." Tetraman Libby K
Go to Post Good teams get picked, great teams want to do the picking... Dave McLaughlin rsisk
Go to Post You need a good BAD (*BAD = Ball Acquisition Device) DonRotolo Mr. Pockets
Go to Post Must...squish....bugs... :p nighterfighter Mr. Pockets
Go to Post FIRST isn't a competition. It's a learning experience. Share the knowledge, and you'll learn more because there's bound to be someone who sees something about your project that even your own team didn't realize it can do. CalTran Ninja_Bait
Go to Post Hey, I know that kid.... wait he is my son! Mike Martus Hallry
Go to Post CD is not the GDC. (Otherwise we'd be better at getting the game hints! ;) ) Ninja_Bait Basel A
Go to Post Sorry, during my fluid mechanics lectures on drag I must have been designing a gearbox in my mind. FRC season will do that. sanddrag Karibou
Go to Post CD makes FIRST an infinitely better place. lemiant Hallry
Go to Post The term, bridge, is a beauty. JaneYoung Ken Patton
Go to Post CD would not be what it is without Brandon Richard Wallace Hallry
Go to Post 22 motors? Challenge Accepted. gyroscopeRaptor Andrew Lawrence
Go to Post I want to see the [game] animation robot with the plunger to pick up balls and the boots that spin to kick them. Could you do that please. It would be very awesome. :D the man Hallry
Go to Post The term defensive robot and mechanum wheels do not belong in the same sentence together. Koko Ed BJC
Go to Post I think Dean has surpassed my 12 minute prediction.... Koko Ed Hallry
Go to Post "Needless to say, my Roomba will be making my toast from now on" -Colbert artK Hallry
Go to Post Here's my standard for-every-new-member-of-Chief-Delphi-Welcome: WELCOME TO CHIEF DELPHI!!!!!! :D Andrew Lawrence Hallry
Go to Post What I am expecting is the unexpected (what that is I don't know). mdiradoorian Ninja_Bait
Go to Post Just so you don't spend too much time on non-clues ... now you can all go back to the real one! :D Libby K rachelholladay
Go to Post THE GAME PIECES ARE BEARS JohnSchneider Joe G.
Go to Post The only dumb question is the one you don't ask. E. Wood Andrew Lawrence
Go to Post For those who have been doing this for a long time, design is an emotional experience. Joe Johnson Richard Wallace
Go to Post Now I want to casually slip the word [B]Hemispherical Omnidirectional Gimbaled Drive[/B] into normal conversation .... Andrew Lawrence billbo911
Go to Post There is no such thing as reading too much into things. Such ideas are blasphemous in nature! Guppy294 Hallry
Go to Post I tried to make them look at disgruntled as possible. Katie_UPS DonRotolo
Go to Post The only thing that would finish this perfect day is a game hint... Andrew Lawrence Hallry
Go to Post We are just here to give back to a program that gave us so much as students. Alex Cormier Andrew Lawrence
Go to Post Happy 6 days till FIRSTmas! (and Happy New Year, but that pales in comparison =D) VKP Andrew Lawrence
Go to Post The next hint will be game hint #3. Everyone will go crazy trying to figure out which of the fake hints was hint #2. Joe Ross GCentola
Go to Post Dean's probably sitting in his chair saying "Dance puppets, dance!" Andrew Lawrence EricLeifermann
Go to Post So, as usual, we know pretty much nothing for sure. Ninja_Bait Andrew Lawrence

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