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Go to Post many of the greatest innovation throughout history have come from people who have ignored standard practices and traditional thinking. jason701802 jon-s
Go to Post My strongest FIRST memories, and the teams that leave the biggest impact on me, are teams that seem like they have every reason to give up, but never do. Chris is me CalTran
Go to Post "Look, it's already weight optimized!" Samk nightpool
Go to Post I'm not sure why, but I'm getting this picture in my head of a bunch of engineers, huddled in deer blinds with 22's, waiting for the right power wheels toy to drive by. Tom Line IndySam
Go to Post We have put our [robot] on a treadmill. It should shed those excessive pounds and be in shape to compete.:) Seth Mallory Andrew Lawrence
Go to Post Freshman: "Why did it break?" Another Freshman: "Because we don't know what we're doing!" Veteran Student: "This is why we can't have nice things." MechEng83 nightpool
Go to Post Where's my hammer? I need a bigger hammer. JaneYoung Hallry
Go to Post 1114. You can never count out those sneaky Canadians. jblay Andrew Lawrence
Go to Post Almost fell out of my chair in the CAD room once. ChristopherSD Hawiian Cadder
Go to Post "The safety log is the log people sit on to think about the unsafe act they've just committed." Kevin Sevcik CalTran
Go to Post so instead of saying why, we said why not? Alpha Beta IndySam
Go to Post "Drink Mountain Dew. Eat Pizza. Make Robot. This is life." onecoolc mayde
Go to Post Sometimes it's not about being fair. Some people are just very good at what they do. Koko Ed Andrew Lawrence
Go to Post This thread is so done I can almost smell the burnt. Chris Fultz JaneYoung
Go to Post My grades were horrid when I started, but thanks to the mentors and other students, I'm now a straight-A student. Bax2996 JaneYoung
Go to Post We will be stressed, we will be angry. But we need to hold ourselves to a higher standard, we need to be role models and inspirations to students. Andrew Schreiber nitneylion452
Go to Post Sure, whining is easier than working, but what's more rewarding? PayneTrain Karthik
Go to Post A FRC team without engaged and motivated students is like a car without wheels... it isnít going to go very far. E. Wood Taylor
Go to Post I think there are a ton of teams that would kill for one let alone three engineering mentors (especially one with the knowledge and experience that Rich Olivera has). XaulZan11 Ian Curtis
Go to Post "The world is not idiot-proof. Pay Attention." DonRotolo Matt Krass
Go to Post ASPCA would be happy to know you are petting your watchdog rather than kicking it. Ether Bendito
Go to Post It means Dave Lavery isn't on the Game Design Committee this year. If he were, you probably would have found a banana instead. Alan Anderson Billfred
Go to Post I'm going through waves of excitment and panic all at the same time. je2164 rsisk
Go to Post Not gonna lie, I wanna marry the person over at #254 who does their wiring... I have admired it for years. :) Lightfoot26 CalTran
Go to Post Hard work is a necessary prerequisite for luck. Ian Curtis onecoolc
Go to Post According to a recent study, 63% of teams admit they are behind. The other 37% are lying. nitneylion452 Andrew Lawrence
Go to Post If only we could have Week 6 urgency every week. Gray Adams Taylor
Go to Post Yo GDC I'm happy for you and I'm gonna let you finish, but Aim High was the best FRC game of all time! Brandon Zalinsky Hallry
Go to Post The greatest lesson we can teach our kids is how to win. AdamHeard Karthik
Go to Post Inspiration is a two-way street. Taylor thefro526
Go to Post If it looks like an appendage, quacks like an appendage and moves like an appendage...it is an appendage... Bob Steele Ninja_Bait
Go to Post First of all, please remember that while we often focus on winning the Chairman's Award, that it is the effort to win that matters. No one "loses" RCA... if you've worked your butt off all year in the spirit of the award, then you've already won before you even get to the regional. dtengineering Libby K
Go to Post An FRC team's success should not be measured in how many robots it can build or how many blue banners it can collect. It should be measured by how many engineers (and other professionals) it 'builds'. jvriezen HannahF
Go to Post Reading the directions is as important as reading the manual. the man Taylor
Go to Post Its great for us as mentors to see students teaching other students and a robot being built from scratch without us. Maybe someday they won't need us at all!!! DR3381 EricH
Go to Post Like my programming class teacher has said multiple times: "Stop complaining on reddit about your code not compiling and actually fix it". Andrew Lawrence bam-bam
Go to Post FIRST is a pretty decent microcosm of real life, those who work hard, accomplish more decent lesson to learn, and FIRST is allowing us to learn it. Aren_Hill DeformedFedora
Go to Post Nothing is perfect - but AM is a phenomenal company! iambujo rsisk
Go to Post Of course our robot can fly! Bill_B Andrew Lawrence
Go to Post Have no fear, ancient and brilliant coaches of yore were consulted. JamesCH95 Tristan Lall
Go to Post I'm missing JVN's build log this year ! lynca EricLeifermann
Go to Post ... Better to treat everything like it's about to explode and be wrong than the other way round. Bongle IKE
Go to Post Incidentally, this is a good example of why lawyering the FIRST rules is good practice for the real world. By critically analyzing FIRST's errors, you practice for the day when you need to critically analyze legislators' errors (and deliberate trickery). Tristan Lall Billfred
Go to Post Where's the "drill enough weight holes so we're barely under 120lbs" option? ;-) AlecMataloni Hallry
Go to Post Pursue your passion whatever that may be and do not fault another for pursuing theirs. Mr. Van Koko Ed
Go to Post Are you asking if I can pick up electrons? I'm positive. Gary Dillard plnyyanks
Go to Post Teams are overconfident every year. Honest evaluation of your capabilities with regard to your design strategy is a skill few teams have. Chris is me EricLeifermann
Go to Post The folks in Indiana don't play around. PayneTrain Billfred
Go to Post Is it really that bad to ask a team to be able to do more than just drive? It's like asking a student to do more than just show up to class... Katie_UPS Billfred
Go to Post "In the next 5 years, the GDC will intermingle this 2012 game with the mechanics of 2009's game and it shall be called Space Jam." Tetraman Libby K

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