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Go to Post Check Chief Delphi, and if there isn't a post, make one. sithmonkey13 Hallry
Go to Post Messy wires are a pain in the chassis Andrew Lawrence IndySam
Go to Post How come CD doesn't have a "Like" button??? dlavery Hallry
Go to Post Representing data in a good way is an art in its own right. Andrew Schreiber Hallry
Go to Post A shaft that yielded is just as useless as a shaft that broke. Chris is me Ninja_Bait
Go to Post All in all, you get what you celebrate. The more we celebrate the under-served parts of our team the more students step up and make that part great. Alpha Beta Siri
Go to Post Yes, it is fun. Its fun to watch the students expand their thinking and look outside the "normal" and watch their thoughts explode! Its also fun to watch the mentor's minds fry trying to out think the students.;) Robert Cawthon AlexD744
Go to Post To me game hints are like robot teasers. Much ado about nothing and I ignore both. Koko Ed AlexD744
Go to Post make your robot so it's not a problem and it won't be a problem pfreivald Ninja_Bait
Go to Post You will "generously donate" your game pieces into your opponent's goal. johnr EricH
Go to Post Clearly and clearly, the go-to place is Chief Delphi. It connects all the dots. JaneYoung Hallry
Go to Post Someone want to channel their inner Mark Leon and do the math? Billfred Kimmeh
Go to Post I'll just be happy if they give us a great game. Koko Ed IndySam
Go to Post Seriously, I figured we had until january before we started lawyering things again. JamesBrown EricH
Go to Post There are few times I sleep so soundly as I do after an FRC build season and regional. JamesCH95 Taylor
Go to Post We do FRC to inspire and to be inspired. Basel A rsisk
Go to Post FIRST games are complex and rely on design and intellectual capability much more than the average sport. Chris is me Hallry
Go to Post FIRST is the most glorious test of the mind. Anyone can run a marathon or get a slam-dunk. It takes guts to admit you are a nerd that enjoys six weeks off non-stop stress, and actually thrives on it. kws4000 Hallry
Go to Post Or, to put it another way: It's a sport where you build your own athlete. EricH wendymom
Go to Post FIRST, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot drill, Courage to drill the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference. Bill_B Billfred
Go to Post Dave, you're going to have quite the motor pool on Mars. :D skimoose JaneYoung
Go to Post Have we all said "thank you for all you do" lately? :) RoboMom Hallry
Go to Post Chief Delphi down for a few hours ON A WEEKEND??? This is MADNESS! Andrew Lawrence Hallry
Go to Post You are done with designing something, not when there's nothing more to add, but when there's nothing left to remove. EricH RoboDesigners
Go to Post So we are able to run a very competitive and active robotics program. Sustainability, alas, is a month-to-month issue for us and is dictated by the space situation. This is okay today. Tomorrow could be different. We live like this. Clem1640 Hallry
Go to Post I want to use some of that mass-less rod in our robot - saves weight. ebarker Jamie Kalb
Go to Post I say we just organize a top-secret raid into FIRST HQ one night. Steven Donow Tommy F.
Go to Post Pro: Very easy to build with. Con: HEAVY AS ELEPHANTS Tetraman Karibou
Go to Post Once you go hex you'll never go back. sdcantrell56 thefro526
Go to Post of course, like anything, there is big difference between "can" and "should" ratdude747 Billfred
Go to Post There's nothing wrong with taking suggestions but be sure not to let other people tell you how your team should be run. NickE Akash Rastogi
Go to Post Practice. Don't leave home without it. JesseK Taylor
Go to Post What's the point of competing if you're not going to be competitive? davepowers Chris is me
Go to Post ... boundless mentory goodness ... pfreivald GaryVoshol
Go to Post I wonder if the GDC had his extraordinary achievements in mind for the 2012 game. MagiChau JaneYoung
Go to Post STEM is the new cool, STEM is the new fun, but nobody said STEM is the new easy. Taylor Tetraman
Go to Post STEM is the new cool, STEM is the new fun, but nobody said STEM is the new easy. Taylor Lydia Yeckley
Go to Post We appreciate the time/effort of everyone who contributes to Chief Delphi... hopefully, someday soon we'll be experienced/seasoned enough to contribute advice ourselves... Michael Blake Billfred
Go to Post I've never encountered a motor as forgiving as a CIM - Stall them for 20 seconds, run them hot on a short turnaround, or call them mean names in between matches and they'll just keep doing their thing. thefro526 ttldomination
Go to Post My brain is borderline mush, I don't have much of a voice, and I don't think I could be much happier. Billfred Taylor
Go to Post Including the Kinect in the kit a parts is actually an evil plan. The programers are going to spend all their time playing with the Kinect. In competition the robot is just to sit there because it will not have a program. :ahh: FrankJ Tommy F.
Go to Post we are all in the same boat. We'll adapt and deal with the challange. No need nashing teeth over the little stuff... wilsonmw04 rsisk
Go to Post I will gladly be pied if that's something you guys want. I know I have people from the Clarkson FIRST dorm floor who will shell out PLENTY of cash for the chance to pie me in the face! Libby K Hallry
Go to Post I can follow directions, but if it's not in the directions, I'm lost. rclothier rsisk
Go to Post The best way to brainstorm is to just do it. EricH GCentola
Go to Post ...but hey, this is robotics, and we're not normal people. MrForbes Andrew Lawrence
Go to Post And then I learned how to use the lathe...long story short, I ditched my plans to become a music major and became an engineering student. Karibou rsisk
Go to Post I was dragged to the first team meeting in September my freshman year and a week later, found myself at Fall Classic. Needless to say, after experiencing the heat of a competition, I was in love. ... Robotics has become far more than just that. I get to do the coolest thing in the world. Audrey Chu msimon785
Go to Post A good thing to do when thinking about designs like this, ask yourself "what do I gain?" lemiant Jamie Kalb
Go to Post The minibot horse is dead. Stop trying to beat it. Glue is too cheap. Taylor Billfred

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