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Go to Post The term defensive robot and mechanum wheels do not belong in the same sentence together. Koko Ed BJC
Go to Post I think Dean has surpassed my 12 minute prediction.... Koko Ed Hallry
Go to Post "Needless to say, my Roomba will be making my toast from now on" -Colbert artK Hallry
Go to Post Here's my standard for-every-new-member-of-Chief-Delphi-Welcome: WELCOME TO CHIEF DELPHI!!!!!! :D Andrew Lawrence Hallry
Go to Post What I am expecting is the unexpected (what that is I don't know). mdiradoorian Ninja_Bait
Go to Post Just so you don't spend too much time on non-clues ... now you can all go back to the real one! :D Libby K rachelholladay
Go to Post THE GAME PIECES ARE BEARS JohnSchneider Joe G.
Go to Post The only dumb question is the one you don't ask. E. Wood Andrew Lawrence
Go to Post For those who have been doing this for a long time, design is an emotional experience. Joe Johnson Richard Wallace
Go to Post Now I want to casually slip the word [B]Hemispherical Omnidirectional Gimbaled Drive[/B] into normal conversation .... Andrew Lawrence billbo911
Go to Post There is no such thing as reading too much into things. Such ideas are blasphemous in nature! Guppy294 Hallry
Go to Post I tried to make them look at disgruntled as possible. Katie_UPS DonRotolo
Go to Post The only thing that would finish this perfect day is a game hint... Andrew Lawrence Hallry
Go to Post We are just here to give back to a program that gave us so much as students. Alex Cormier Andrew Lawrence
Go to Post Happy 6 days till FIRSTmas! (and Happy New Year, but that pales in comparison =D) VKP Andrew Lawrence
Go to Post The next hint will be game hint #3. Everyone will go crazy trying to figure out which of the fake hints was hint #2. Joe Ross GCentola
Go to Post Dean's probably sitting in his chair saying "Dance puppets, dance!" Andrew Lawrence EricLeifermann
Go to Post So, as usual, we know pretty much nothing for sure. Ninja_Bait Andrew Lawrence
Go to Post Less playing to the camera, more talking about cool FIRST stuff please. Cuog Billfred
Go to Post Anyone who makes a minibot that poots out another minibot that blows the wall apart deserves to have it displayed in the Smithsonian. Koko Ed Andrew Lawrence
Go to Post i openly welcome our large game piece overlords Chexposito Andrew Lawrence
Go to Post If I was making this I would want to not have to use anything smaller than a 3/16" end mill, but 1/8" would be acceptable. Anything smaller and I'd tell the designer to go play in traffic. Cory Kaushal.K
Go to Post We, as mentors, receive our greatest reward when our students become role models and give of their time to others in need. Al Skierkiewicz Taylor
Go to Post [Goals For 2012] 1. Build on 20 years of hard work. 2. Inspire a new generation so they come back another year. 3. Repeat. Koko Ed JaneYoung
Go to Post 1. Build a robot. 2. Donít let it get destroyed. B-Bot Hallry
Go to Post You can admire machines, but you don't really love them... This program has enabled me to make a difference that I believe is good for the future of humans on this planet. MooreteP Ninja_Bait
Go to Post Remember that the 4-slot cRIO...only has 4 slots. :) Alan Anderson Duke461
Go to Post Build a robot that isn't 119.999999 lbs Peyton Yeung Kimmeh
Go to Post Can you believe we have 8 FRC teams in Arkansas this year??? Not quite Michigan, but... Meredith Novak Billfred
Go to Post I believe youth is contagious. I want to catch as much as I can! Al Skierkiewicz IndySam
Go to Post Really, there are very few things in life as beautiful as a person's face when they acquire knowledge. I never tire of it. Al Skierkiewicz IndySam
Go to Post If you're not trying to make the best possible product given your set of constraints and resources I'm not quite sure what you're doing. Aren_Hill Basel A
Go to Post Be realistic in your goals, and relentless in hitting them. IKE Ian Curtis
Go to Post Having 75% of the drive train without direct connection to the transmission would make me a bit queasy, but then again, I'm not Winnovative. Taylor Billfred
Go to Post I mean really, have you ever tried to schedule Dean and the scuba diving trainer in Manchester in winter? ;) Billfred Hallry
Go to Post An inability to communicate your ideas effectively is a handicap you would be well served to strive to overcome. Ether GCentola
Go to Post Too many people have worked too long and too hard to have the selfish actions of one person derail our teams reputation because they want to vent online. Koko Ed GCentola
Go to Post A lot of people posting without first hand knowledge, that's fun. Aren_Hill Akash Rastogi
Go to Post Half your robot could be broken, some drive chains snapped, a drive motor burned out, etc... and your WCD will still be trucking. AdamHeard Sean Raia
Go to Post I know what you mean, but swerve drive is NEVER necessary. Cory thefro526
Go to Post FIRST isn't about building robots. I know. But I also know that Inspiration comes in a lot of flavors and I, for one, believe it is a lot easier to inspire my kids when we set "playing after lunch on Saturday" as a worthy team goal. Joe Johnson EricLeifermann
Go to Post It is easier than you'd think to get yourself crossed off a draft list. I advise my teams, "Be the team you'd want to partner with." Joe Johnson Jeff Waegelin
Go to Post Let me live in my delusional world where minibots never happened and the Tetrix kit doesn't exist. Andrew Schreiber Billfred
Go to Post Check Chief Delphi, and if there isn't a post, make one. sithmonkey13 Hallry
Go to Post Messy wires are a pain in the chassis Andrew Lawrence IndySam
Go to Post How come CD doesn't have a "Like" button??? dlavery Hallry
Go to Post Representing data in a good way is an art in its own right. Andrew Schreiber Hallry
Go to Post A shaft that yielded is just as useless as a shaft that broke. Chris is me Ninja_Bait
Go to Post All in all, you get what you celebrate. The more we celebrate the under-served parts of our team the more students step up and make that part great. Alpha Beta Siri
Go to Post Yes, it is fun. Its fun to watch the students expand their thinking and look outside the "normal" and watch their thoughts explode! Its also fun to watch the mentor's minds fry trying to out think the students.;) Robert Cawthon AlexD744

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