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Go to Post "So we have an arm, and the pot on it tells how high we are... ...and then we know how high we want to be... ...and if we're not high enough we go higher." (I have to leave the room, we're all laughing too much.) demosthenes2k8 bam-bam
Go to Post Either you have it hooked up wrong, or you have the Battery of the Gods. Probably filled with Mountain Dew... nighterfighter Trent B
Go to Post In the real world nothing is ever to spec. Just another part of the challenge. Koko Ed Daniel_LaFleur
Go to Post All I need now is a plow atachment for this year's robot team 3311 Bethie42
Go to Post Polycord. It was used in all sorts of ball systems in 2009, and on some of the 2007 claws. It's not too hard to fuse together by hand with some heat and patience. AustinSchuh choongk
Go to Post Come on baby, do the logomotion with me. JaneYoung Cow Bell Solo
Go to Post Programming team motto: If it doesn't work, use a bigger hammer. WizenedEE bam-bam
Go to Post guarantees don't mean anything when you're dealing with FRC good sir ;) Zuelu562 RoboDesigners
Go to Post The GDC needs to write the rules once and let the game be what the game is going to be. There's little that's fun about being told exactly how to play with your toys. Madison apalrd
Go to Post In no way is my team a powerhouse but we're striving to compete among the top competitors and in my opinion that's a start. rcmolloy RoboDesigners
Go to Post The jags are powered with magic... compwiztobe biojae
Go to Post Your robot is trying to talk to you, all you have to do is listen. Al Skierkiewicz IndySam
Go to Post Besides, if you look back on anything you've already made and can't find any flaws that can be improved, you're doing it wrong. artdutra04 Aren_Hill
Go to Post I guess this is where theory vs reality comes into play. PhilBot Scoutin' Master
Go to Post Nothing says poor quality like a wrinkle in duct tape. Matt C viperred396
Go to Post Machinery tends to make chips fly into weird places. Lathes and mills are particularly good at this, though drill presses are skilled as well. Karibou RoboDesigners
Go to Post If poker is a sport, robotics is definitely a sport. EricH Zuelu562
Go to Post "The robot is horribly overweight. We need to delete some code" Dumper FTW 435 Zuelu562
Go to Post There used to be no withholding allowance! pfreivald Jherbie53
Go to Post Programming humor is funny, period. 1168Programmer Bethie42
Go to Post Glad to see the CIMulators aren't vaporware after all. thefro526 Nick Lawrence
Go to Post A true team can only be formed by people who care about each other and that have a common goal... keehun Bethie42
Go to Post We like to help, otherwise they put us back in our cages. Matt Krass Alan Anderson
Go to Post Just wanted to know some of your favorite physics and math equasions during build seasions thanks. mine is pathagriom therom team 3311 Karthik
Go to Post I thought Will.I.Am was a Dr. Seuss character DonRotolo J.Warsoff
Go to Post If this was really about changing the culture, FIRST would be on Will.I.Am's website. Meredith Novak dlavery
Go to Post "In PID, Integrals are like diamonds. They are forever!" Sam390250 FRC4ME
Go to Post I'm sure someone somewhere worked [I]really hard[/I] on this and I congratulate them for the attempt. Unfortunately, its one of those things that should be taken down and recorded in the company journal as a bad idea. Katie_UPS JaneYoung
Go to Post FIRST is not a party. It is the most important activity a high school age student can do. JohnBoucher basicxman
Go to Post Having someone with as much mainstream appeal as will.i.am is a great strategy to draw large amounts of attention to a program that has been relatively hidden to the masses. Karthik Libby K
Go to Post will.i.am should be evangelizing FIRST, not vise-versa. basicxman Alan Anderson
Go to Post Will.I.Am is not FIRST. BrendanB dlavery
Go to Post It is impossible to be grumpy about anything when eating biscotti made by one's beautiful wife, drinking tea sweetened by one's own honey, warmed by a wood stove, and with a dog asleep on one's foot. Simply impossible. pfreivald Grim Tuesday
Go to Post We are reluctant to deprive you of the experience of learning how to do your own research. Alan Anderson EricH
Go to Post Let's see. There's the Dean of Students, the Dean of Admissions, The Dean of Engineering, and the Dean of Kamen? Sometimes known as the Denim Dean. Bill_B Karibou
Go to Post There are simply not enough words to say how much the contributions of Dave and Woodie have given to FIRST, and countless students across the world. Libby K RoboDesigners
Go to Post The last 20% takes 80% of the time. Beware. JVN Arefin Bari
Go to Post ...why do programmers have a nesting habit? Andrew Schreiber RoboDesigners
Go to Post Learning from the innovations of others is part of what makes FRC great, regardless of your own teams accomplishments or lack thereof. hg273 Dargel1625
Go to Post Admiration is universal, it does not exclude those who have achieved past success. hg273 Akash Rastogi
Go to Post The toughest regional that matters is the one you're in! pfreivald IndySam
Go to Post Given the time Banebots has already cost us, what's a little snow? pfreivald 548swimmer
Go to Post Andymark has everything! nighterfighter NorviewsVeteran
Go to Post they just build excellence and silently wait to deploy their creation on the unsuspecting masses Koko Ed mcb
Go to Post You'll want to start with P, add some D to help prevent overshoot, and then add some I to help it get to the correct height if it isn't there from the P and D. AustinSchuh demosthenes2k8
Go to Post For those of you who don't want to read a block of text: Respect the Tools. Andrew Schreiber apalrd
Go to Post I want to win, but I want to beat my opponent when they are at their best. wilsonmw04 Phoenix Spud
Go to Post So yeah, everyone please remember that lathes are one of the most dangerous machine tools you'll encounter. And keep your hand on the chuck key whenever it's in the chuck. If you never let it go till it's out of the chuck, it's stupendously less likely to take flight. Kevin Sevcik Karibou
Go to Post I am alive today because I can't hold onto things. Al Skierkiewicz RoboDesigners
Go to Post For me Gracious Professionalism is about helping other teams make their ideas work. We do everything we can to help other teams program, or lend them parts from our pit. On the field we play to win. Alpha Beta SteveGPage

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