Go to Post sometimes you have to dig through the trash and clean off the layers of dirt and grime in order to find diamonds in the rough. - Travis Hoffman [more]
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Go to Post As guests in the city, we should make an effort to do some fundraising for the folks affected by the storm. Any ideas out there? Jon236 unionylibertad
Go to Post According to that logic, Engineers would say there will be twice as many spectators as needed, and we all know that's not the case! Taylor Warlord
Go to Post How many computer programmers does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Woah, no. That's a hardware problem. jordie228 RoboDesigners
Go to Post [Don't] celebrate mediocrity and want the losers to have an equal chance? Please. Work your butt off for six weeks, keep doing it until you have taught yourself how to be excellent, and go and instead of waiting for a handout. DonRotolo Rynocorn
Go to Post Well our closest regional is a Hawaii, it's a bit hard for us to drive 8000km (5000 miles) across the pacific... timytamy JackN
Go to Post When you and your friend consider dressing up as a Potentiometer and “magic smoke” for Halloween! BX MARK cobragirl6790
Go to Post still emotion conveyed through text is really strange. Blackphantom91 Nick Bouressa
Go to Post I can't wait to get to St. Louis!! Oh wait.. I'm already here!! Team 288 bam-bam
Go to Post Minus the one time when our Autonomous mode actually reversed, ran into the robot behind us, and lodged them into the rear wall MysterE Gregor
Go to Post Multiple event winners are what drive me and my friends to be better and achieve more. Akash Rastogi J_Miles
Go to Post We always have a party on Friday. It's called scouting. Meredith Novak Basel A
Go to Post I'm sure FIRST did the math. They always do the math. Just not math humans use. It was probably given to them from NASA from the aliens so we'd quit predicting the divisions before they release it. Koko Ed Karibou
Go to Post math and physics save a lot of money!!! Pay attention in school - this is why your teachers are torturing you with this stuff. Chris Hibner Taylor
Go to Post This year it is what it is and, at some point, we will all find out what that is, specifically. JaneYoung Billfred
Go to Post If you are old then our lead mentor is ancient. Oh wait, he is. Oh wait, that makes me ancienter. JaneYoung 548swimmer
Go to Post Lesson learned: don't hide cables where drills can find them! Richard Wallace Kevin Sevcik
Go to Post Competition isn't about the resources you don't have, it's making the most out of what you do have. CalTran rsisk
Go to Post And I'm sure I speak for most if not all of CD when I say: "How can we help you do that?" EricH rsisk
Go to Post Where can I buy the awesomeness that you used on that? Do they sell it at andymark? HansJ EricVanWyk
Go to Post Experience...you can't buy it, you might be able to get some for free by reading CD a lot, but usually you have to earn it, and it's not always fun. MrForbes Nick Bouressa
Go to Post I frequently summarize the core mission of FIRST as inspiring the smartest high school kids to study science and engineering, so they don't become lawyers. (It's about 70% in jest) MikeE Billfred
Go to Post In the encyclopedia of FIRST under the term Encyclopedia it says - See Joe Ross. rees2001 JackS
Go to Post Every single team in FRC has had a rookie season. All those... have stories. Some are sad, some are funny, some are inspiring - but all the teams have stories to be told... Each year is a chapter in the team's history book with stories to be told and shared. JaneYoung 216Robochick288
Go to Post FIRST encourages us to innovate and try new things, lets do the same for them. Katie_UPS sithmonkey13
Go to Post We should have a 'Steps Taken For FIRST' contest. Everyone wear a pedometer and keep a log of how many miles you walked at the St. Louis Championship. That could be a lot of fun. Do they make pedometers for robot carts? JaneYoung Alex Dinsmoor
Go to Post Anyways, before we all get worked up over this setup, let's wait and see what details emerge. It can't be as bad as everyone is making it seem. Karthik Billfred
Go to Post I've never been one for the "you did your best" and other "everyone's a winner" sayings, they don't push you, they don't get you to analyze what went wrong and figure out where to improve. Aren_Hill woody
Go to Post Honestly, I always thought that the true meaning for nerd was an intellectual badass. rcmolloy Grim Tuesday
Go to Post Totally agree on the fact that legal strategies are... legal. Kevin Sevcik RoboDesigners
Go to Post They have a ton of spirit but they are somewhat humble in their application of it. firstfollower Duncan Macdonald
Go to Post Michigan is all about tough love. If you can make it there you can make it anywhere. Koko Ed flippy147852
Go to Post And when I heard the word "Mentor Round" - you had me SOLD. Chris is me dag0620
Go to Post The heat gun is not an arm rest. Especially when it is on. Fuego247 RoboDesigners
Go to Post my theory on the matter was always something along the lines of "Oh, we're all girls? What an odd thing for you to notice." karinka13 Andy Baker
Go to Post Are people allowed to go to the roboprom, or just our robots? AmoryG dag0620
Go to Post There's a fine line between cockiness and confidence. Confidence is one of the major keys to success and happiness in life. As long as one can carefully stay on the right side of the line, staying connfident while remaining humble, and ego can be quite beneficial. Karthik DonRotolo
Go to Post I...want...to...go...to...Champs. REALLY REALLY BADLY. CalTran bam-bam
Go to Post (You know you're overdosed on FIRST) when watching regional web-casts takes precedent over Saturday morning cartoons. Hawiian Cadder bam-bam
Go to Post One of the Minbot inspectors at LA asked me how much a switch had to weight before it stopped being a "light" switch and started being a "heavy" switch. ChrisH 548swimmer
Go to Post We can be equal, but not truly the same. Molten Collin Fultz
Go to Post We need to find the female engineering mentors in FIRST and start having them present/co-present technical conferences at the championships. We need to start showing the girls on the teams that there are female engineering "rock stars" to look up to. Kims Robot Karthik
Go to Post We were all rookies once, and we really have two ways to go about things: either take a page from the powerhouses and emulate their style, or complain about not having anything and risk falling into oblivion. George A. GCentola
Go to Post Impressive. A harsh reminder of the kind of force that FRC bots exert. Racer26 RoboDesigners
Go to Post You can learn a lot from making mistakes - even more from fixing them. Munter2081 DonRotolo
Go to Post This [Coach badge] means no-touchy the controllers. Even to save them from certain doom. Kevin Sevcik Bethie42
Go to Post I don't care if my team wins. I care if they try their hardest to win. pfreivald Karthik
Go to Post I don't care if my team wins. I care if they try their hardest to win. pfreivald Kaushal.K
Go to Post A good measure of Integrity is what you do when nobody's watching. DonRotolo apalrd
Go to Post Funny, I came to robotics for the robot, but find I stay for the people. Mr. Pockets kmcclary
Go to Post Achieving a goal by merely finishing, or reaching mediocrity is not acceptable; Excellence is the only satisfactory result. AdamHeard Akash Rastogi

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