Go to Post The real question is not whether any teams have had metal in a speed controller, it's whether any teams haven't. - EricH [more]
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Go to Post The numbers that I gave were purely theoretical and should not be considered realistic Karibou rsisk
Go to Post Read it, Loved it, posted it on facebook! wendymom Molten
Go to Post For example, you can make a car as safe as possible. It may get the highest safety ratings in it's class, but if you drive it off of a cliff there really isn't much you can do about that. jmanela Karibou
Go to Post I was hoping they'd be selling robots. Tristan Lall PatrickBrew1086
Go to Post It's often not the code you are focused on that causes problems, but the code you dismiss out of hand as "unrelated". Mark McLeod JohnBoucher
Go to Post All this is sounding like gobbly-de-gook but it is important to understand this gobbly-de-gook. ebarker Billfred
Go to Post FIRST, for me, is about mental wrestling with oneself through the ideas of others and learning through this dialogue. sammyjalex Molten
Go to Post neato. ebarker Taylor
Go to Post ...there's nothing worse than a problem you can't solve because you don't even know about it. Dave Flowerday Travis Hoffman
Go to Post The minute humans begin depending on robots for anything in their daily routine is .... well, let's just hope people "in it for the lulz" don't take notice. JesseK Duke461
Go to Post Yes indeed... ten years ago tomorrow, those famous words "water game" were first mentioned on Chief Delphi! Oh, how things have and have not changed... bduddy Duke461
Go to Post Someone once told me, "A smart man learns from his own mistakes, but a wise man learns from the smart man's mistakes." . Pavan Dave wendymom
Go to Post Although I've never oxy welded myself, I know it is doable jamie_1930 rsisk
Go to Post Mentors need to be sure that the team is on track to have a working robot ready. Students can do almost everything, but they need help watching the calender. Even if your ideas turn out bad, if your robot is inspectable and running when you arrive at your first event, anything can happen. AcesPease Hallry
Go to Post If enough students "get it," the team will begin to. And if enough students "get it," the smart ones will seek out all the extra help they can get. That's how I found Chiefdelphi... Joe G. Richard Wallace
Go to Post Truly listening to the wealth of advice around you is so important. Don't work in a vacuum all season long. OZ_341 Billfred
Go to Post The best legacy of this little machine is the inspiration she provided to a whole generation of future explorers who witnessed the unveiling of a planet through the eyes of a robot. dlavery Richard Wallace
Go to Post I've done enough preaching to the choir. Let's carry on changing the culture. StevenB Joe G.
Go to Post Liberal arts majors learning more STEM concepts along with STEM majors learning more 'liberal arts' is a good idea. ebarker Monty Python
Go to Post It's not about which is better, it's about which is better for your team. Karthik Chris is me
Go to Post Don't let your FIRST blinders prevent you from thinking. JaneYoung rsisk
Go to Post If full body suits can be made to fit properly, why do we have so many robots with saggy bumper covers? GaryVoshol rsisk
Go to Post If all else fails, just ask the judges to turn off the gravity! :D Andrew Lawrence rsisk
Go to Post Dear CNN, We're not from indiana. Love, Wildstang AlecMataloni demosthenes2k8
Go to Post It shows more than anything, that there are students out there that want to learn, to do better, to improve their own lives and those around them. Thankfully, FIRST is there to help them realize some of their goals. Al Skierkiewicz Libby K
Go to Post "Everything is possible. Just depends on how much it costs and how much physics you have to apply..." Kimmeh RoboDesigners
Go to Post A winning robot is not a winning robot unless you have winning drivers too. You need the time to develop both. Jim Zondag Jared Russell
Go to Post An extra week of driving practice and shakedown outweighs a lot of ooo-shiny. Billfred Jamie Kalb
Go to Post An extra week of driving practice and shakedown outweighs a lot of ooo-shiny. Billfred Taylor
Go to Post It is great to see your friends and other teams succeed. Bob Steele rsisk
Go to Post What language does your programming mentor have the most experience with? That's the language you should use. Rosiebotboss RoboDesigners
Go to Post Just because you can doesn't mean you should. pfreivald RoboDesigners
Go to Post When faced with large problems, I always see it as an opportunity to dream big. Really big. JaneYoung SavtaKenneth
Go to Post Now I watch students walk through the halls together as Robotics members. MysterE JaneYoung
Go to Post Being called coach for the first time by some of my team. My dad was a football player and when I told him that story he teared up a bit. Me? A Coach? MysterE JaneYoung
Go to Post I am a human wiring diagram, how can i help you? Jeffy rsisk
Go to Post Corrected, math isn't my strong point (I went to art school for a reason) KelliV rsisk
Go to Post But FIRST isn't FRC anymore. We need to make way for FTC and FLL. Tetraman Libby K
Go to Post Just because we don't cheer, doesn't mean we don't have fun. ;) JVN Billfred
Go to Post "Professionalism at all times... even when you're playing an epic prank on your friends." JVN Dillon Carey
Go to Post I like how we're trying to save weight when we came in at 95 pounds. Chris is me 548swimmer
Go to Post Imagine a world solely consisting of FIRST students. Oh the things that we could do. Ryan Himmelblau rsisk
Go to Post Making GP a rule would be the equivalent of making a law that says you have to help get kittens out of trees. Molten Tristan Lall
Go to Post Make other plans. No mass-produced food at an arena is ever going to be good. sanddrag Karibou
Go to Post Hasn't that always been the mission of FIRST? Don't settle for what works; strive for what amazes. Sam Lipscomb Libby K
Go to Post "Congratulations to our FIRST team coming back from the championships in St. Louis." (We all applaud) "Remember, if you're not FIRST, you're last!" - Our pilot on the second plane back home. demosthenes2k8 Nick Bouressa
Go to Post I saw a big opening in the bees section and asked if we could sit for this match and was told we were welcome to sit there. Your team made space for about 15 of my team members that came with me. Debbie JaneYoung
Go to Post Interestingly enough, I saw Shaun open his backpack for a moment during the Newton Alliance selection.... 4 Hours later Team 25 was on Einstein... thefro526 Hallry
Go to Post But now we know what's inside Shaun's backpack! ...Don Rotolo's plastic egg. MishraArtificer bam-bam
Go to Post If you don't have a butt to fill that seat, you don't need it. When the butt arrives, we'll make room. DonRotolo Richard Wallace

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