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Go to Post Where does one get a henchman? I have a pretty good group of minions, but have always wanted a henchman. IKE Hallry
Go to Post The theory is we'd lose a paper list but we haven't lost a student yet. Peter Matteson Karibou
Go to Post Chairman's Award is not about building the robot. Every team builds a robot. Retired Starman Hallry
Go to Post Nerds do whatever they want to do, and they do it with style. EricVanWyk Nate Laverdure
Go to Post There is one unbreakable and unwritten law in FIRST, don't make it hard for your alliance partners to play. Al Skierkiewicz CalTran
Go to Post Paper is not so bad. It is really rare for it to crash or run out of battery, for example... DonRotolo Hallry
Go to Post Oh, you mean the refs. The only hand signal I've seen the judges use is the hi-five. RoboMom Karibou
Go to Post Could you post your code? It is hard to debug that which you cannot see... Dusk Star DominickC
Go to Post You know FIRST is on the level of sports when you can give predictions like sports casters do. :) RoboMaster Hallry
Go to Post Expect a lot of noise, unexpected things going wrong, and most of all, tons and tons of fun. nitneylion452 Hallry
Go to Post You can't unwind after build season knowing that competition season is just around the corner! ;) Hallry
Go to Post We figured it out. benjiengi daniel_dsouza
Go to Post Robotic Football now thats something I would build 6 weeks for. Nikkocharger Hallry
Go to Post So let me get this straight. We'll have 6 hours to re-build an entirely new robot that took us 6 weeks originally to make. Kimmeh
Go to Post Isn't that what we do here? It seems like no 'controversial' thread is complete until everyone gets a say. kjohnson Hallry
Go to Post Maybe FIRST made these bumper rules so IRI would have something to blow off come July. Koko Ed dodar
Go to Post Thankfully, no magic smoke was released during the making of these photos. SteveGarward Hallry
Go to Post Too complicated for Wildstang? Start browsing CD-media...... AdamHeard Arefin Bari
Go to Post Gracious Professionalism is being embarrassed at an event by an underperforming catstrophe of a robot, yet standing and applauding for every award because you realize that as hard as you worked that season, the other team must have worked even harder to get their achievements. Taylor GCentola
Go to Post There is no such thing as "un-GP." Tetraman EricH
Go to Post As my daughter said, you used to shut up your robot and send it away from home. Now you just suffocate it. GaryVoshol rsisk
Go to Post I think a 100% student-run team is as good as a school taught by your peers. rsisk
Go to Post If students and mentors own their role and are proud of it, the team is stronger as a consequence. Madison JaneYoung
Go to Post How about "Lebron"? Wait, no, you'll be dooming yourselves to failure the last 30 seconds of every match. Travis Hoffman EricLeifermann
Go to Post Well, we put it in the bag at 11:58 last night. Needless to say we had to pull guys off of it to put it in the bag. I hope we didn't miss somebody and bag him up too. jimwick Hallry
Go to Post Sleep?! How am I supposed to do that with the build season done?! There are still practice bots to make! Hallry
Go to Post I think this thread needs a reminder that there's no h in mecanum. ;) Lil' Lavery EricLeifermann
Go to Post After each match the pit crew gathers up the parts from the field and finds a new and interesting way to assemble them. tsaksa bduddy
Go to Post More resistors Igor! BitTwiddler Tristan Lall
Go to Post One of the big things in FIRST is going global. JosephC Hallry
Go to Post I need someone to kick me out...unfortunately that would have to be me... Mark McLeod plnyyanks
Go to Post Taking the time to do it right the first time is faster than rushing through it a third time. EricVanWyk Tristan Lall
Go to Post Public Service Announcement: Pressing the spacebar when the robot is enabled isn't nearly as funny the forty-second time. Taylor Hallry
Go to Post Has anybody seen our programmer? He was last sighted walking southbound in the rain, his laptop tucked under his arm, grumbling to himself. Taylor Hallry
Go to Post My robot is my significant other. It makes me happy, sometimes it makes me sad, i wish it would lose some weight but it is always there for me. rachelholladay Kevin Selavko
Go to Post I'm not worried about talking to the robot, but I am worried about when the robot starts talking back... Moros Hallry
Go to Post Got Valentine's day present from wife before leaving for work. Non-contact IR thermometer, two unscuffed pairs of safety glasses for competitions, bag of York peppermint patties. She understands me. Greg Young Hallry
Go to Post My robotics team is my love (my ex-wife told me so). Koko Ed s_forbes
Go to Post To anyone who is discouraged about their team, don't let yourself get down. I've seen my team go from having a robot that barely moved (and I'm not kidding, we had keys falling out of gearboxes) to this year with a robot that is ACTUALLY GOING TO WORK. Don't lose hope, stick with FIRST! ZipTie3182 Chris is me
Go to Post I always viewed Gracious Professionalism as "I may not agree with you or even like you but we need to work together to solve this problem. So let's get to work!" Koko Ed JohnBoucher
Go to Post I don't know if the WPILibrary has a FluxCapacitor.vi in it. DavidGitz DeformedFedora
Go to Post TL, DR: You may be skilled at karate on your own, but imagine how much better you'll be with Mr. Miyagi mentoring you. artdutra04 connor.worley
Go to Post many of the greatest innovation throughout history have come from people who have ignored standard practices and traditional thinking. jason701802 jon-s
Go to Post My strongest FIRST memories, and the teams that leave the biggest impact on me, are teams that seem like they have every reason to give up, but never do. Chris is me CalTran
Go to Post "Look, it's already weight optimized!" Samk nightpool
Go to Post I'm not sure why, but I'm getting this picture in my head of a bunch of engineers, huddled in deer blinds with 22's, waiting for the right power wheels toy to drive by. Tom Line IndySam
Go to Post We have put our [robot] on a treadmill. It should shed those excessive pounds and be in shape to compete.:) Seth Mallory
Go to Post Freshman: "Why did it break?" Another Freshman: "Because we don't know what we're doing!" Veteran Student: "This is why we can't have nice things." MechEng83 nightpool
Go to Post Where's my hammer? I need a bigger hammer. JaneYoung Hallry
Go to Post 1114. You can never count out those sneaky Canadians. jblay

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