Go to Post We were the "oooh, neat, fire!" robot that year. - pfreivald [more]
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Go to Post If you see Navy ships in port, you're going to be fine. If you see ships pulling out, or no ships at all, go East. Fast. Matt Howard bam-bam
Go to Post FIRST is the best thing that has ever happened to me...FIRST has taught me so much more than anything I learned in the classroom. The thing with my team, is we are so close, we are family, and I have figured out so much about who I am because of FIRST. princessnatalie Hallry
Go to Post Health. Family. School. FIRST. Any other order is a mistake. pfreivald Billfred
Go to Post Also, If I am not mistaken, the name indicates that your robot is female :P They're all female... like cars, ships, and airplanes. JVN EricLeifermann
Go to Post Fun and adrenaline make you waaaaaaaay better at robotics. Proven fact. Matt Krass Bethie42
Go to Post ...as one of my favorite students (they are all my favorites)... JaneYoung bam-bam
Go to Post My opinion doesn't matter at inspection. DonRotolo Matt Krass
Go to Post Inspire others first, win second. Alpha Beta James1902
Go to Post I was a rookie last year, I didn't expect much. Now I got a taste of what it is, I want more. davidthefat Matt Krass
Go to Post It will really be different for us (ESPECIALLY since our robot drives consistently this year). Karibou Kimmeh
Go to Post User error is not the manufacturer's fault. AdamHeard Andy Baker
Go to Post This wins this week's award for "Most Bizarre Thread". Carry on. DonRotolo biojae
Go to Post Are you saying you want to submerge your circuit board in an open container of liquid nitrogen? Ether nighterfighter
Go to Post Above all, have fun and, if you need help, ask for it... Your inspectors will be glad to help or try to arrange for another team to help you. This should not be a traumatic experience! Mike Betts Billfred
Go to Post You won't find this in a manual anywhere but you will need COUGH DROPS!! If you haven't started losing your voice by Friday afternoon, you aren't getting the full experience. wendymom bam-bam
Go to Post I think the GDC just saw Inception. rtfgnow bam-bam
Go to Post Any school official who isn't tickled pink by hundreds high school students, and teachers, and parents, and mentors spending their weekend celebrating STEM isn't a school official worth having. Ian Curtis pwnageNick
Go to Post One wondered why they couldn't practice in the gym that day - because the robotics team had it reserved was the answer. "Oh, we have a robotics team?" Sigh. This is a team with a low number. They've been around for at least a dozen years. There's still a lot more culture-changing to do. GaryVoshol pwnageNick
Go to Post Step 1: Get a blue banner. Step 2: Wave it everywhere until your School Board acknowledges your existence. We haven't gotten to Step 1 yet, unfortunately. Chris is me pwnageNick
Go to Post If we supply the part that adds the awesome to their robot, that makes us look good too. DonRotolo s_forbes
Go to Post Read the manual. Know the manual. Love the manual. Koko Ed GCentola
Go to Post Just put it in the dryer for a few extra cycles. That should shrink it down nice and small. notmattlythgoe 548swimmer
Go to Post "You know you're a robotics kid when you sit on Chief Delphi and hit refresh over and over again waiting for new pictures and videos of other teams" pwnageNick bam-bam
Go to Post your time is better spent in the stands, watching what the robots actually do, as opposed to listening to the builders talk about what they're [I]supposed[/I] to do. sanddrag Taylor
Go to Post You can't learn anything without breaking some stuff. DonRotolo KrazyCarl92
Go to Post Dedicated students inspire parents and mentors, dedicated mentors inspire students. Akash Rastogi DonRotolo
Go to Post The pie is as large as you make it. boomergeek Taylor
Go to Post just thinking about the array of mechanisms awaiting my examination tingles the thinky parts of my brain. Tytus Gerrish s_forbes
Go to Post But as with all things: we shall see. pfreivald Tetraman
Go to Post -Our engineering mentor, Mr. Wittel- *crossing arms and sitting down* "Ahhh. I love work. I could watch it all day." OverdriveAdge bam-bam
Go to Post Dear GDC, You are awesome. From, the Chief Delphi folks. bam-bam GCentola
Go to Post What isn't fun about watching a robot hang tubes? I love watching my team do it! Michael Corsetto rsisk
Go to Post Please teams I implore you obey the no saving seats rule. Or at least be very friendly in inviting people to sit with you. IndySam bam-bam
Go to Post Courtesy and kindness should be the words for the weekend. IndySam bam-bam
Go to Post The best place for acrylic is the trash can. Cory Nick Bouressa
Go to Post There is no safe place on a FRC robot. IndySam JohnBoucher
Go to Post With all that chain call it Link and dress it up like Zelda. nuggetsyl electron
Go to Post It would be better as the software person to preach to your team early on for non-reliance on software. Tom Bottiglieri Jared Russell
Go to Post The only teams who have no chance of winning are those who believe they can't win. To quote the greatest athlete of our generation: "Limits like fears are often just an illusion." -- Michael Jordan Karthik bam-bam
Go to Post Quit hitting me with lexan, I'm NOT a pinata. hcps-ruwedt Thing2_1723
Go to Post "I need the adjustable hammer" "You mean that wren-" "No, it's a hammer" Karibou bam-bam
Go to Post What is the coefficient of friction between butt and carpet? JVN Billfred
Go to Post me: "Was I on fire!?" Roberto: "Sure you were. We only let you burn for about 10 seconds.":yikes: El Geffe RoboDesigners
Go to Post "So we have an arm, and the pot on it tells how high we are... ...and then we know how high we want to be... ...and if we're not high enough we go higher." (I have to leave the room, we're all laughing too much.) demosthenes2k8 bam-bam
Go to Post Either you have it hooked up wrong, or you have the Battery of the Gods. Probably filled with Mountain Dew... nighterfighter Trent B
Go to Post In the real world nothing is ever to spec. Just another part of the challenge. Koko Ed Daniel_LaFleur
Go to Post All I need now is a plow atachment for this year's robot team 3311 Bethie42
Go to Post Polycord. It was used in all sorts of ball systems in 2009, and on some of the 2007 claws. It's not too hard to fuse together by hand with some heat and patience. AustinSchuh choongk
Go to Post Come on baby, do the logomotion with me. JaneYoung Cow Bell Solo
Go to Post Programming team motto: If it doesn't work, use a bigger hammer. WizenedEE bam-bam

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