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Go to Post And when I heard the word "Mentor Round" - you had me SOLD. Chris is me dag0620
Go to Post The heat gun is not an arm rest. Especially when it is on. Fuego247 RoboDesigners
Go to Post my theory on the matter was always something along the lines of "Oh, we're all girls? What an odd thing for you to notice." karinka13 Andy Baker
Go to Post Are people allowed to go to the roboprom, or just our robots? AmoryG dag0620
Go to Post There's a fine line between cockiness and confidence. Confidence is one of the major keys to success and happiness in life. As long as one can carefully stay on the right side of the line, staying connfident while remaining humble, and ego can be quite beneficial. Karthik DonRotolo
Go to Post I...want...to...go...to...Champs. REALLY REALLY BADLY. CalTran bam-bam
Go to Post (You know you're overdosed on FIRST) when watching regional web-casts takes precedent over Saturday morning cartoons. Hawiian Cadder bam-bam
Go to Post One of the Minbot inspectors at LA asked me how much a switch had to weight before it stopped being a "light" switch and started being a "heavy" switch. ChrisH 548swimmer
Go to Post We can be equal, but not truly the same. Molten Collin Fultz
Go to Post We need to find the female engineering mentors in FIRST and start having them present/co-present technical conferences at the championships. We need to start showing the girls on the teams that there are female engineering "rock stars" to look up to. Kims Robot Karthik
Go to Post We were all rookies once, and we really have two ways to go about things: either take a page from the powerhouses and emulate their style, or complain about not having anything and risk falling into oblivion. George A. GCentola
Go to Post Impressive. A harsh reminder of the kind of force that FRC bots exert. Racer26 RoboDesigners
Go to Post You can learn a lot from making mistakes - even more from fixing them. Munter2081 DonRotolo
Go to Post This [Coach badge] means no-touchy the controllers. Even to save them from certain doom. Kevin Sevcik Bethie42
Go to Post I don't care if my team wins. I care if they try their hardest to win. pfreivald Karthik
Go to Post I don't care if my team wins. I care if they try their hardest to win. pfreivald Kaushal.K
Go to Post A good measure of Integrity is what you do when nobody's watching. DonRotolo apalrd
Go to Post Funny, I came to robotics for the robot, but find I stay for the people. Mr. Pockets kmcclary
Go to Post Achieving a goal by merely finishing, or reaching mediocrity is not acceptable; Excellence is the only satisfactory result. AdamHeard Akash Rastogi
Go to Post To me, as a student, it doesn't really matter how old the RoboCoach is. My only concern is that they don't get ape-crazy when the game starts. AZNkommander LightWaves1636
Go to Post So yeah I love the minibot because it was a great vehicle to promote our team, make new friends, and possibly make sure a team makes it past their 1st or 2nd year. Mr V JaneYoung
Go to Post You will forever be confronted with choosing between right and wrong, or choosing what you think you can get away with. Which way you go defines what kind of person you are. Choose wisely. Gary Dillard DonRotolo
Go to Post From what I've seen in FIRST, teams that copy generally always learn something from it, and if they don't, the copy they produce is of much lower quality than the original. TheOtherGuy Jared Russell
Go to Post PS. Never write to a forum when your cat is trying to lie on the keyboard while you type. It made my bad spelling worse. Seth Mallory Karibou
Go to Post from time to time, we all need a good smack to make us see when we screwed up and did something we shouldn't have. Andrew Schreiber IndySam
Go to Post An explanation of the reasoning behind design decisions will almost always result in a more thorough understanding of the solution than analysis alone can obtain. Travis Covington Alex Dinsmoor
Go to Post We design for being on a dysfunctional alliance: all the time. boomergeek 548swimmer
Go to Post A couple of times during our matches, our HOSTBOT had a GAME PIECE right there ready to HANG, but the darn PEG dodged out of the way MrForbes Matt Krass
Go to Post It's not about the robot. It's about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Ether Matt Krass
Go to Post Bottom line: I would suggest that you walk a mile in our shoes and volunteer to be an inspector at your next event... Mike Betts Matt Krass
Go to Post Design is iterative, right? JesseK Matt Krass
Go to Post It is critical to our continued growth and success to recognize, and to make others realize, THERE ARE NO OPPONENTS. Taylor Andy Baker
Go to Post The goal isn't to keep the "bad" kids out. The goal is to take the "bad" out of kids, thereby transforming OUR culture. Michael Corsetto IndySam
Go to Post At the end of the day, every team in FRC has accomplished something amazing in the sculpting of the next generation of leaders. Elliot191 BandChick
Go to Post The only way to make a noticeable shift in OUR culture is if there are a lot of small shifts. JVN KrazyCarl92
Go to Post We have a lot of rookies, and I can't wait to see the inspiration on their faces. Karibou 216Robochick288
Go to Post ANY team is capable of producing a winning design. This does NOT require anything more than brainpower, and time. Racer26 BandChick
Go to Post I've always responded to the cries of, "robot!" with, "person!" I always get startled looks. It's fun. Rich Kressly Matt Krass
Go to Post We should be celebrating every potential new science and technology leader regardless of which number is on his/her t-shirt. Dmentor BandChick
Go to Post There's no problem another CIM motor wouldn't fix! Tom Bottiglieri thefro526
Go to Post H.A.T.E.R.S. = Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success pandamonium Taylor
Go to Post We are here to educate, inspire, and mentor not only the students, but teams who need guidance, whether they know it or not. Andy Baker BandChick
Go to Post I see people show up to a competition with their masterpiece, and proud of it. They are inspired by what they have accomplished. To make it onto the field is a high-it is the culmination of the thousands of hours of dedication compromises and commitment. They feel on top of the world. That's FIRST. fox46 Hallry
Go to Post I found the best way to slice through pit crowds is to carry a clipboard and look like you know where you are going. People just seem to slide out of your way. :) Ian Curtis Scoutin' Master
Go to Post Any adult can open a door. Some can give direction. A few can give leadership. These are the true mentors. This is where true success comes from. sanddrag Hallry
Go to Post Long post, I know, but to sum it all up, power house teams are a resource, not an enemy. Michael Corsetto synth3tk
Go to Post You win Worlds by innovation. You win Worlds by determination. You win Worlds by engineering a robot so solid, that it successfully completes the game. Zach O davepowers
Go to Post Like a typical sport or game played, students and other teams should want to beat the team on the field and not anywhere else rcmolloy Hallry
Go to Post Are yellow cards still being given out like AOL demo CDs in the late 90s? Billfred Karibou
Go to Post And then the judges joined in and did the wave! Basel A Hallry

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