Go to Post knowing 'my breath stinks' has helped me far more than any thanks and praise I've ever received.. - DonRotolo [more]
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Go to Post I wonder if the GDC had his extraordinary achievements in mind for the 2012 game. MagiChau JaneYoung
Go to Post STEM is the new cool, STEM is the new fun, but nobody said STEM is the new easy. Taylor Tetraman
Go to Post STEM is the new cool, STEM is the new fun, but nobody said STEM is the new easy. Taylor Lydia Yeckley
Go to Post We appreciate the time/effort of everyone who contributes to Chief Delphi... hopefully, someday soon we'll be experienced/seasoned enough to contribute advice ourselves... Michael Blake Billfred
Go to Post I've never encountered a motor as forgiving as a CIM - Stall them for 20 seconds, run them hot on a short turnaround, or call them mean names in between matches and they'll just keep doing their thing. thefro526 ttldomination
Go to Post My brain is borderline mush, I don't have much of a voice, and I don't think I could be much happier. Billfred Taylor
Go to Post Including the Kinect in the kit a parts is actually an evil plan. The programers are going to spend all their time playing with the Kinect. In competition the robot is just to sit there because it will not have a program. :ahh: FrankJ Tommy F.
Go to Post we are all in the same boat. We'll adapt and deal with the challange. No need nashing teeth over the little stuff... wilsonmw04 rsisk
Go to Post I will gladly be pied if that's something you guys want. I know I have people from the Clarkson FIRST dorm floor who will shell out PLENTY of cash for the chance to pie me in the face! Libby K Hallry
Go to Post I can follow directions, but if it's not in the directions, I'm lost. rclothier rsisk
Go to Post The best way to brainstorm is to just do it. EricH GCentola
Go to Post ...but hey, this is robotics, and we're not normal people. MrForbes
Go to Post And then I learned how to use the lathe...long story short, I ditched my plans to become a music major and became an engineering student. Karibou rsisk
Go to Post I was dragged to the first team meeting in September my freshman year and a week later, found myself at Fall Classic. Needless to say, after experiencing the heat of a competition, I was in love. ... Robotics has become far more than just that. I get to do the coolest thing in the world. Audrey Chu msimon785
Go to Post A good thing to do when thinking about designs like this, ask yourself "what do I gain?" lemiant Jamie Kalb
Go to Post The minibot horse is dead. Stop trying to beat it. Glue is too cheap. Taylor Billfred
Go to Post [when asked where to learn about robot parts] ...some forum called Chief Delphi. I hear the people there are pretty knowledgeable about this robotics thing. EricH daniel_dsouza
Go to Post I owe these forums a lot more than $15 for all of the help and friends they have given me. Karibou JaneYoung
Go to Post I remember as a kid thinking how high a team number like 834 was. Dancin103 Ian Curtis
Go to Post I'm Getting Old. MrForbes Barry Bonzack
Go to Post It's like the people from Pimp my Pit came and had it professionally done. BJC
Go to Post Practice field + Practice bot + Iteration = awesome sauce Akash Rastogi DonRotolo
Go to Post 71% efficiency is best efficiency. ;) Chris is me Tristan Lall
Go to Post If your goal is to win matches... Pick the most capable candidate. If your goal is to change lives... Sometimes you pick those that need the most change. IKE Jared Russell
Go to Post Differentiating based on any superficial criteria (gender, race, or other demographic) only serves to reinforce the false idea that they matter. JamesCH95 thefro526
Go to Post The best way to build a brand is to win. Tom Bottiglieri Meredith Novak
Go to Post While many teams like to go fast, only a select few do it well. Al Skierkiewicz AustinSchuh
Go to Post If this information is not 100% correct, you should follow the default advice I have for when anything goes wrong: Blame the Programmers IKE Jamie Kalb
Go to Post If Andy Baker wants 9999 for his new team then who's gonna stop him? IndySam GCentola
Go to Post And the only thing that can really measure that is when you look a kid in the eye, say "We've got a problem..." and you see them smiling, "Bring it on." dtengineering Marc P.
Go to Post Whenever we loose a committed member of FRC, our entire country pays the price. daniel_dsouza Karibou
Go to Post I hope FIRST hurries up and releases the regional schedule soon. I have a vacation schedule to plan. Koko Ed Duke461
Go to Post The world is run by those who show up. apalrd Ian Curtis
Go to Post I wonder if we sang songs to Bill Miller if that would get TIMS opened sooner, like the way it worked to wring game hints out of Dave Laverly. rsisk plnyyanks
Go to Post Wow, possibly a HPJIE*? How cool would that be? *High Paying Job In Electronics. DonRotolo Karibou
Go to Post However, do not confuse faith in your ability to overcome challenging obstacles, with the difficulty of the obstacles themselves. Joe G. Siri
Go to Post It doesn't seem hard, but it is. You can do it with enough time, dedication, and skill, but that doesn't stop it from being hard. lemiant Joe G.
Go to Post [Programming a swerve drive] It's really really simple, unless you actually do it. Ether apalrd
Go to Post People will only work toward common goals when they are part of the goal-setting process. GaryVoshol Joe G.
Go to Post Seemed like a solid plan in my head. davidthefat Basel A
Go to Post New mentor joins one team and ends up impacting several in the same region. I like that. :) Travis Hoffman JaneYoung
Go to Post Back in MY day, we had full metal to metal contact. Not any of this wussy bumper stuff! Michael Hill JohnBoucher
Go to Post We must remember: if you're reading this comment right now you already "get it." akeisic Chris is me
Go to Post So in the words of one Leroy Jenkins, "Time's up, let's do this." Frenchie461 BX MARK
Go to Post This our big chance to spread the word and change the culture, let's not waste it. So in the words of one Leroy Jenkins, "Time's up, let's do this." Frenchie461 Barry Bonzack
Go to Post Don't like it? Then lets change the culture. Barry Bonzack Taylor
Go to Post I even liked the Bieber commercial. Andy Baker plnyyanks
Go to Post If Will uses the word "dope", doesn't wear a larger FIRST logo, takes up half of the St. Louis arena, if there was not enough seating in the pits, if the music was killed during finals, it was all justified tonight. Barry Bonzack Koko Ed
Go to Post "If two kids from every school who would otherwise have been uninterested in technology watched this special tonight and was inspired to learn more, then the world just changed because of it." Barry Bonzack GCentola
Go to Post Coaxial swerve modules with a suspension and differential aren't normal. But on Winnovation they are. Andrew Schreiber EricH

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