Go to Post It's rather simple: you start with a block of solid and remove material until you just have the robot left. Kind of like making a sandcastle. Only harder. - petek [more]
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Go to Post In a game full of tanks I think the Jeeps will win the all-terrain battle. JesseK Whippet
Go to Post Blue Nitrile Tread is the best smelling wheel tread. #thingsyoufigureoutat2AM Ginger Power marshall
Go to Post Physics is weird sometimes, this is why we prototype. Andrew Schreiber GreyingJay
Go to Post Introverts can be good leaders too, we just lead differently. Ari423 MechEng83
Go to Post Wow I am old. How did that happen? Paul Copioli Chak
Go to Post Wait...engineers have personalities? Mark McLeod cadandcookies
Go to Post It truly is a Merry Vexmas! Ginger Power Whippet
Go to Post Commence the year of the brown out! Jared Russell RyanCahoon
Go to Post Also you NEVER need to apologize for asking questions. Asking questions is how you learn. akoscielski3 Abhishek R
Go to Post First thing I do after the kickoff broadcast is start typing in my credit card number... sanddrag the programmer
Go to Post No robot left behind! M. Mellott Whippet
Go to Post The reason I care about it is that I don't want minorities (whether that's females or other racial minorities) to see the STEM world as only inclusive of majorities or men. Monochron Karthik
Go to Post You're on a team, weren't you taught Gracious Professionalism? It doesn't only apply to competitions, it applies to the real world. Zac Schofield CadetGizmo
Go to Post I do know a lot of teams need to be saved from themselves. Karthik Whippet
Go to Post Is there anything more inspiring than inspiration? The answer is no; there is not. Jared Russell Hallry
Go to Post Being in FIRST and putting the focus on the robot is like building a robot and putting the focus on the bandsaw (or mill or lathe, or whatever you do your machining with). The robot is a tool we use to play the game, the game is a tool we use to inspire and teach. GeeTwo Whippet
Go to Post Most of the people who fit the profile of long tenured FIRST mentor are either already on a team or locked up in an institution where they belong... PayneTrain Billfred
Go to Post People do amazing things for stuff the have a passion for. Foster Whippet
Go to Post And people laugh at me when I suggest 14" wheels. Munchskull Whippet
Go to Post CAD sketches are your best friend. Knufire Whippet
Go to Post This is definitely the best FRC parody of an FRC parody I have seen. Jared Russell Hallry
Go to Post No FIRST event is complete without Darude's Sandstorm. sonichammer7476 Whippet
Go to Post Build season can't come soon enough. Ryan Dognaux Taylor
Go to Post Cut out the ridiculous vitriol. It's tiresome. Be productive. Lil' Lavery Jessica Boucher
Go to Post ..attitude and willingness to work as a team...are the qualities that can make or break a team. Monochron GeeTwo
Go to Post Let's sheathe the pitchforks and douse the torches for another two months, shall we? Taylor Collin Fultz
Go to Post There's blood in the water and the Piranhas are biting. It's CD. This thread is gonna have legs all the way til January 9th. Koko Ed Whippet
Go to Post but if you can build stuff, you can figure out how to build other stuff. GeeTwo EDesbiens
Go to Post Well, it's officially that part of the offseason where we all lose our minds again. Whippet LDiDomenico
Go to Post I'm very excited for this year, because robots. pyrtle Whippet
Go to Post We love both AndyMark and Vex for everything they do. The work these folks put into their products is amazing. marshall Whippet
Go to Post A charged battery beats a dead battery any day. Al Skierkiewicz techtiger1
Go to Post As we were lying the robot down to work on it "CAD me like one of your french robots" 1uan legts
Go to Post Test your code and your assumptions. ShotgunNinja Whippet
Go to Post If you have time to complain about how other people are making a difference, it's clear that YOU are not working hard enough to make a difference. Foster Whippet
Go to Post I'm now convinced that the entire 2015 season was an elaborate ploy by FIRST to get teams to stop complaining about bumpers. Joe G. MechEng83
Go to Post I like the gearboxes that can move my mechanical systems reliably. Ginger Power Whippet
Go to Post To the best engineers, scientists, and thinkers, something that is "hard" isn't something to avoid; it is something that begs for us to prove that we can do it. STEM is built on the very idea of trying something, failing, and trying something different. Tanis jajabinx124
Go to Post In conclusion we will have a spaghetti game Darkseer54 wilful
Go to Post I am mentored by individuals younger than 18 all the time. Taylor Monochron
Go to Post You'll find that there are plenty of teams and individuals who shout. You'll also find there are a smaller subset of teams and individuals that do. Those that do tend to be the ones that get their way. Lil' Lavery Collin Fultz
Go to Post Imagination is important, but try not to use it as a substitute for actual information. Alan Anderson rtfgnow
Go to Post Too often we like to forget that it takes an insane amount of hard work to even have a chance to overcome raw talent. Paul Copioli Jeremy Germita
Go to Post It's not about taking risks, but more about identifying them (which is the hardest part) and reducing them. Deke Kevin Leonard
Go to Post There will inevitably be enough unintentional failure in any endeavor we take on that adding intentional failure on top of that seems unnecessary. Jared Russell Jared
Go to Post Everyone has regrets in robotics- it's how you learn from them that makes all the difference. Kevin Leonard TedG
Go to Post But here's the beautiful thing about FIRST: you are supposed to make mistakes. RunawayEngineer DonRotolo
Go to Post We're all human, we all make mistakes. How you deal with mistakes and problems, is what really elevates successful people, robotics teams, organizations, etc. above the rest. artdutra04 Rman1923
Go to Post Same as regrets in life: Learn from them. This is called "growth". DonRotolo bijan311
Go to Post A problematic dynamic and culture becomes apparent when failure persists for such a duration and reoccurs so frequently that students begin to accept it as the norm, and never learn the proper way to do things. sanddrag Ari423

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