Go to Post Could you explain this concept of a break from FIRST? Did my wife put you up to this? - Gary Dillard [more]
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Go to Post Wait, that's exactly how it's supposed to work, isn't it. Well played GDC, well played. alopex_rex Whippet
Go to Post You will find we are more talkative in about 5 1/2 weeks. ;) mrnoble cadandcookies
Go to Post Should you chance it? I dunno - how much of a learning experience do you want? :) crake cadandcookies
Go to Post "If I say its name three times, will it appear in my lab?" Madison Sparkyshires
Go to Post Stacking totes on end; Gives you extra height, alas; Topples with a sneeze. BethMo Whippet
Go to Post A HUMAN PLAYER is not a ROBOT. cgmv123 RyanCahoon
Go to Post The best way to win an award is to not try to win an award. MrTechCenter Whippet
Go to Post Take it from a team that mastered tank treads and still hasn't built them in over a decade - it's not worth it. Isaac501 EricH
Go to Post MR. KAMEN! TEAR DOWN THIS WALL! Briansmithtown Jacob Bendicksen
Go to Post po-nos, cancans, and totes ma goats dubiousSwain Monochron
Go to Post Typed in "WaTeRgAmE" for the password and unfortunately it wasn't it. Bummer. Kuhnahtt Whippet
Go to Post Now go out, get some sleep, and build the greatest robot you have ever made. nicholsjj Ekcrbe
Go to Post CD is a forum provided by a group of people. You use it with their permission. Don't like it? Don't use it. Andrew Schreiber techtiger1
Go to Post Remember kids, it's not about the speed of your drive train, it's how you use it Michael Corsetto artK
Go to Post Sometimes students ask me if MIT wants students who are well-rounded. I usually say I don't care as much if you're well-rounded or pointy, what I care about is evaluating the space enclosed by the shape. Petey Whippet
Go to Post CAD pictures are cool, but hardware in hand is cooler. :) ajlapp cadandcookies
Go to Post Leave it to Cheif Delphi to make a thread go from discussing the imminent game hint to discussing what is the superior pizza topping. BriteBacon Whippet
Go to Post used to find BBQ(Blue Banner Quotient) and SAUCE(Sextuple Advancement Uniform Counting Era)[URL="http://bbqfirst.x10host.com/index.php"]bbqfirst.x10host.com[/URL] Happy BBQing! Beaker AvidPineapple
Go to Post If you want to attach a name to your post then I might actually consider your opinion. Gregor Whippet
Go to Post Girlfriend? What is that? A rare Pokemon? DanielPlotas alephzer0
Go to Post Copies gonna copy. Arpan EricH
Go to Post The game hint is never late. Nor is it early. It arrives precisely when it means to. Oblarg Whippet
Go to Post If you let me borrow your time machine, there are various ways to fix this. But mine is on the fritz. Greg McKaskle cadandcookies
Go to Post (Funding will be plentiful...) Where is this magical land? We can move our team there! Tungrus Whippet
Go to Post So, the game hint is there is no game hint. tindleroot Whippet
Go to Post The real key to drive team coaching is to tie your jacket around your waist. Got a couple championship rings that way. TravusCubington
Go to Post Any mentor worthy of a WFFA would be delighted to see one of their fellow mentors receive the award. dtengineering Taylor
Go to Post I can't help looking at the new center piece my wife put on the dinning room table and think to myself, "non-functional decoration" Munter2081 Whippet
Go to Post I had a life before FIRST - I just can't remember what it was. Tom Ore Whippet
Go to Post All the same lessons that can be learned or taught with custom drive trains can also be learned or taught with custom manipulators and scoring mechanisms, and the latter is far more likely to set your team apart in the competition. Jared Russell Gregor
Go to Post STEM: Science, Trial, Error, Math. hrench Taylor
Go to Post For those of us in the north, a water game turns into an ice game, which becomes Lunacy. And I don't think any of us want that. Kimmeh Whippet
Go to Post Sometimes the team really needs the kid, and sometimes the kid really needs the team. Taylor Carolyn_Grace
Go to Post Sometimes the team really needs the kid, and sometimes the kid really needs the team. Taylor pyroslev
Go to Post Every robot needs a locky-thingy. A robot without one might fire when it isn't supposed to, and hit the wrong target; e.g., a referee, FTA, or robot inspector. Richard Wallace Whippet
Go to Post While searching is not as glamorous, I'm certain you could find a lot of good resources related to this topic. Katie_UPS Whippet
Go to Post Before you fix something, it's worthwhile to make a concerted effort to figure out why it failed. Ether aryker
Go to Post The game was once played on corn, for crying out loud. Kimmeh C MacC
Go to Post FIRST is more than FRC. gblake Whippet
Go to Post Don't forget the robot, the most important hardware there is!:p artK Whippet
Go to Post *wonders if omni wheel rollers come in MOE green or have to be dyed* EricH Whippet
Go to Post Almost as if there's...co-opertition? Michael Hill Brandon_L
Go to Post "Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been." - Albert Einstein JamesCH95 Whippet
Go to Post It would be a (relatively) level* playing field *...though it seems like the actual field will be anything but level. Jacob Bendicksen Whippet
Go to Post Some people need the 2x4. Ether jwfoss
Go to Post A good engineer will never stop learning. From his peers, technicians, and competitors. The field is just to vast for any one person to know it all. Mr. Mike Whippet
Go to Post There hasn't been an announcement to buy pool noodles yet. Considering that they are already out of stores in most of the country, draw whatever conclusion that you like. Joe Ross Jessica Boucher
Go to Post FIRST gives everyone lots of practice in getting used to late nights. waialua359 Whippet
Go to Post CIMs are NEAR indestructible and I <3 them for it. Andrew Schreiber Whippet
Go to Post Sports have the power to change culture in a way that games do not. Nate Laverdure Whippet

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