Go to Post I think if you talk with mentors of FIRST teams, you will find that they have changed the world. - Bill Moore [more]
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Go to Post This will be one of the nerdiest weekends in the history of the world. And I'm taking part in it! (yay!) InfernoX14 Julia Magoolia
Go to Post I hope that kids will stop asking us if we build Battlebots and start asking us if we build Transformers. To that, I will answer with a resounding yes. Madison Pavan Dave
Go to Post Well, air conditioners when pointed inside the house make it cooler. So I figure if EVERYONE turns their air conditioners on full blast and just point them out the window, we should more or less get rid of this "warming" nonsense. Mike Billfred
Go to Post buying an iPhone...$599. Monthly service charge...$59. Going to an Apple store just to post on CD... Priceless!:p Schnabel Pavan Dave
Go to Post Nice going guys!! Not only did you succeed in reviving this thread, but you woke up Dave from his mid summer slumber. Now we are going to get 6 months of pre-kickoff torture!! Rosiebotboss InfernoX14
Go to Post Let's not speak without knowing the "facts." If you say something please have valid reasonings behind it. =) Arefin Bari Pavan Dave
Go to Post GP is an ideal to live by, but not a tool to judge with. Rich Kressly Jaine Perotti
Go to Post So you wanna be a playa But your gear boxes aint fly? You gotta shift us up To get that high speed drive.... Michelle Celio Marc P.
Go to Post FIRST has given thousands of young people (like me) a head start in life because it teaches honesty, integrity, and an appreciation of other people's hard work. Gabe Julia Magoolia
Go to Post FIRST tricks you into using your brain on a regular basis. Gabe Rich Wong
Go to Post The way things generally work in cases like this is simple: if you know something, you can't say it. So keep in mind that if someone does say something, it usually means they don't know. Alan Anderson Jaine Perotti
Go to Post General rule of thumb: "If it moves and it shouldn't, use duct tape. If it should move and it doesn't, use WD-40.":) ben_0614 Schnabel
Go to Post Gee, I wonder if AndyMark has a wedding gift registry? KathieK Koko Ed
Go to Post Theres just something about a big honkin' robot that's irresistible. seanwitte Andy Baker
Go to Post “There are two ways to compete, one is to drag your opponent down, the other is to raise the bar and excel. Which do you think is more beneficial to you in the long run?” -- John Abele Candice.E Karthik
Go to Post "We don't build the robots, we build the robot builders." lukevanoort
Go to Post Not everything has to be cashed in or has to have instant recognition. Sometimes being a part of a program of value and opportunity is enough. And, what you put into the program is what you get out of it. JaneYoung Jaine Perotti
Go to Post It is one thing to be a great designer, it is another thing to be able to explain what you did, how things work, and why things happen. Andy Baker Arefin Bari
Go to Post I am specifically looking for Rhode Island, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Nevada, California, Florida, ... oh heck, all of the rest. Rosiebotboss JBotAlan
Go to Post Either way, I'll stay a FIRSTer for life. =) Adare180 Arefin Bari
Go to Post Just think of the deadline as your six week deadline for FIRST, just when you think you can't do it, you are amazed by what you can do. JackN Kyle
Go to Post Forget Pool Basketball or Pool Volleyball, it's time for some Pool Rack n' Roll! Conor Ryan Andy Baker
Go to Post This is what I love about FIRST everyone helps and asks why later. Kyle Pavan Dave
Go to Post High heels on a Segway takes quite a bit of adjustment - as I learned the hard way. Jessica Boucher Billfred
Go to Post Everyone together now, say 'thank you'. ebarker Kyle
Go to Post If you don't KNOW something as fact, please do not state it as fact. dlavery Billfred
Go to Post I think the GDC should force us to use steam engines, but the electrically-inclined folks on my team might stop whining if they're given more to work with. Madison Billfred
Go to Post A bunch of kids in prom dresses staring through telescopes must have been quite a sight! BlondeNerd Qbranch
Go to Post since when do we programmers start begging to get off easy? Kevin Sevcik Qbranch
Go to Post I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels like a blind man in a room full of sharp objects when it comes to programing. Protronie lukevanoort
Go to Post FIRST is doing a great job, it's me who needs to do the hard work now. Bomberofdoom Alan Anderson
Go to Post Given how easily these things pop, is "Blow Out Pricing" really the best choice of words? ahecht Billfred
Go to Post Your team will be more of a team and not a group of students who are just building a robot. Instead of being in FIRST, you will be FIRST. JackN Nica F.
Go to Post ...many different kinds of students join our team. Some only have an interest in media, or others in cheering. What is important is that they are having fun while working in an engineering environment. Bharat Nain KathieK
Go to Post I have photos of students working the lathe dressed for a concert! Makes me wish for a formal dress night at robotics. Mark McLeod daniel_dsouza
Go to Post Robots will consume you if you are not careful. JohnBoucher Tristan Lall
Go to Post There's something about building a robot that just makes people enthusiastic about life. BBnum3 Andy Baker
Go to Post What we may be looking at is a confusing situation and that can be confusing. JaneYoung Grant Cox
Go to Post Mike Wade was the Fall offseason guy. MikeL303 JaneYoung
Go to Post The FIRST World has your back. MishraArtificer Arefin Bari
Go to Post I'm not basing success on winning a regional. Success is learning by building the best system you can. In the engineering industries, the best system is the one chosen. AdamHeard Karthik
Go to Post I also would not recommend shipping the gerbils with the robot. Stuart whytheheckme
Go to Post One of the cultural concepts that has emerged from the teams participating in FIRST is that ideas are worth sharing. Alan Anderson JaneYoung
Go to Post The urge to compete tends to drive teams to hold the ideas close during the competition season, but the urge to contribute means they get publicized afterwards. Alan Anderson JaneYoung
Go to Post If I can make one wish, it would be having Dean and Woodie read one of these writings of mine, so I can tell them "I get it! Give me time and give me inspiration, and one day I will be ready to take over the torch." Ken Leung Kyle
Go to Post If you never reach out and experiment with different things, you will never have the courage to reach out again. It's only through experiments and experiences where we get to understand ourselves better. Ken Leung Pavan Dave
Go to Post The on-going debate on this thread is just because we care. Steve Wherry Andy Baker
Go to Post ...FIRST was created to change that world for the better. To presume that FIRST is simply here for your enjoyment is to demote it to nothing more than an expensive game... RogerR Steve W
Go to Post Maybe someday soon the quote will be, "As American as baseball and FIRST robotics!" KathieK whytheheckme
Go to Post Teach 'em young, and they will go far. Vashts6583 Kyle

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