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Go to Post Our robot-in-progress got set on the scale yesterday, It came to about 115 pounds. Then I walked up and took out the battery, and everyone relaxed some. Alan Anderson Jherbie53
Go to Post anything that breaks a kitbot frame is probably breaking most custom frames of similar weight, too. dtengineering Karthik
Go to Post If it is good enough for Paul and JVN it's good enough for me. Vikesrock lukevanoort
Go to Post Paul: "IDK, my BFF Karthik?" jgannon AdamHeard
Go to Post If that track ball comes crashing into Exploding Bacon's robot there is literally going to be an Oink Oink BOOM!:yikes: Koko Ed Arefin Bari
Go to Post 217 would never collaborate with 1114 because they are crazy and they talk funny. Paul Copioli joshsmithers
Go to Post "Well, geez, I can't figure this out. I cut the piece [I]three times[/I] and it's still too short!" joshsmithers RoseJ
Go to Post Thinking should never be against the rules of FIRST Richard Wallace dlavery
Go to Post Many people follow that advice, as if Ohio is Mordor or something. Travis Hoffman RoboDesigners
Go to Post I'm working, don't consume my oxygen. DonRotolo dlavery
Go to Post ...I tried to pump it up to the 47 inches. I stopped around 42 inches, than tried getting it through a 36" door. It got stuck, I proceeded to dropkick the thing in front of my team and a girl I had gone out with the previous Fri. It didn't move, I hit the floor. Ouch, my pride. ChrisMcK2186 dez250
Go to Post There are certain questions that one never, ever should ask. dlavery GaryVoshol
Go to Post Doesn't make sense, Karthik. ...... You don't scare me, other than the way 1114 normally does. EricH Billfred
Go to Post There is something to be learned (sometimes hard to find) from everyone you meet. wireties EricH
Go to Post I always wondered what would happen if two robots mated. Greg Needel Drwurm
Go to Post When mentors and students battle it's the team that loses. Koko Ed Bharat Nain
Go to Post When mentors and students battle it's the team that loses. Koko Ed SL8
Go to Post When mentors and students battle it's the team that loses. Koko Ed lemiant
Go to Post Well, it worked in inventor . . . Chris Fultz Éowyn
Go to Post Having a spare arm that you can put on in 5 minutes or less intimidates the hardware into not breaking. ChrisH dlavery
Go to Post Driving and using the cell phone and taking a picture with it. Where is your Safety Captain? GaryVoshol Molten
Go to Post I disagree with the "letting them fail" philosophy. wireties Andy Baker
Go to Post Students, mentors, schools, corporations, teams, and communities - they are all critical to the success of FIRST. . dlavery Koko Ed
Go to Post Mentors can either hide the experience of failure or support the right of a student in gaining that experience. dcbrown DonRotolo
Go to Post Be afraid. Be very, very, graciously afraid. Rich Kressly Libby K
Go to Post Great. Just what we need. DHS showing up at all the regional competitions. . dlavery Arefin Bari
Go to Post Who has time for boredom? Dr Theta ShotgunNinja
Go to Post The 2008 team is not the 2007 team and won't be the 2009 team. Every year is a new year and a new opportunity for growth and development as a FIRST team. It's very cool. JaneYoung Libby K
Go to Post What does code sound like going though a complier? Hiteak synth3tk
Go to Post Math is always fun, especially when it's useful. Guy Davidson Billfred
Go to Post You must wear safety glasses at all times, so please bring them. Don Wright Jimmy Cao
Go to Post Guess i don't know what the secret weapon is, but i bet if it can be wedge shaped it is. Chris Jay Trzaskos
Go to Post "Uh-oh, it's in crazy mode again. Hit the button!" StephLee synth3tk
Go to Post "And that right there is the Sharpie line between right and wrong. Guess which side you cut on?" Cypher Blue_Mist
Go to Post The question is like asking "Is it better to drive by looking at a map the whole time or by remembering where you want to go and watching the road instead?" lukevanoort RyanW
Go to Post it's much easier to build safety in to a system than to add it on a Thursday at a regional. dtengineering JaneYoung
Go to Post "What connection is the most vital to the success of your robot?" The one between the drivers brain and hands, and the one between the coaches brain and mouth. None of the other ones matter if those two don't work. dlavery Andy L
Go to Post The discussion and helpfulness that goes on within this website is a great example of gracious professionalism. andy.vangessel Andy Baker
Go to Post He is just one of the dozens of evil minions I have molded into my image over the years. Be afraid world, be very afraid. Andy Grady Michelle Celio
Go to Post Many would say it is both gracious and professional to make sure your robot will not damage another team's robot. 4throck Karthik
Go to Post why do they call them chips if you can't eat them? Broadside JYang
Go to Post resistance to FIRST is futile. King Duke Leav
Go to Post "PWMed" Sam N. synth3tk
Go to Post Team 233 cannot wait for the Florida Regional, but they have to because they have to build a robot or something first. . . IbleedPink233 Billfred
Go to Post That is the ultimate "dream match" that I long to see. If not during the season, maybe we will see it at IRI. :) . dlavery lukevanoort
Go to Post It sounds like "whirr" if you do it right, and "clack clack grunge snap @$@%^!!" if you don't. dtengineering Herodotus
Go to Post I got Vista with mine. It's like getting moldy fruitcake for Christmas. Koko Ed JohnBoucher
Go to Post Build tough and come to play. JaneYoung KathieK
Go to Post if it's likely to break, it probably will DonRotolo dlavery
Go to Post Most members of the CD community are happy to help one another. But searching before you post is standard forum etiquette... KathieK Billfred

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