Go to Post I also like how the FTC folks are able to get involved with the FRC process this year, but it's always a bit of a let down when you're told you can't launch things into the air. - s_forbes [more]
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Go to Post Finally, a Team Update that we can all agree to! artdutra04 KathieK
Go to Post FIRST is like pizza--you and I might prefer different toppings, but there's no wrong way to do it. Billfred Gabe Salas Jr.
Go to Post FIRST is like pizza--you and I might prefer different toppings, but there's no wrong way to do it. Billfred J_Miles
Go to Post At least try to make sure other teams are aware of you. Don't be obnoxious, but don't be a wall flower either. Joe Johnson Billfred
Go to Post FIRST Championships event is not about winning, its about the experience, the atmosphere, the people and the sites, there are a lot of amazing things to see at The Championships. Mike Schroeder Jonathan Norris
Go to Post In any case, don't beat yourself up over it. Only 24 teams get to play in elimination rounds. Sometimes you're in the 24, and sometimes you aren't. jgannon Billfred
Go to Post "Ugly can win" Mr. Lim FourPenguins
Go to Post Yes, an expanded FIRST will look far different than it does today. GaryVoshol Ian Curtis
Go to Post Let's all try to get along, it isn't that complicated. Joe Johnson Arefin Bari
Go to Post Okay, Okay, I officially apologize to the the entire country of Canada Joe Johnson Beth Sweet
Go to Post Gracious professionalism is a two-way street. Bharat Nain Arefin Bari
Go to Post (This is why Non-Engineering Mentors make the dinner plans for the team...) KathieK Billfred
Go to Post One of these years, the game piece will be an actual red herring. Taylor LightWaves1636
Go to Post You have to admit, Regionals are pretty strange places, albiet cool Otaku Hallry
Go to Post We had an autonomous bug last year . . . Funnily enough, this worked real well and other teams were asking us for this "feature." dragoonex JohnC
Go to Post [in best Tom Hanks voice] Are you crying? ARE YOU CRYING? There's no crying! THERE'S NO CRYING IN ROBOTICS! dlavery Pavan Dave
Go to Post Try to remember, FIRST is like life, it is about the journey not the destination. rees2001 SPurekar
Go to Post It's wonderful to think of how close together we all grow, win or lose. Po-ser Kyle
Go to Post I saw 2274, a rookie team that had won the regional, gathered around their mentor. He was holding their trophy and saying, "This is what it is all about. Teamwork and cooperation. You guys did great." Po-ser Kyle
Go to Post w0000000000000t! Andy Baker Jessica Boucher
Go to Post communication at its best = quick, brief, clear JaneYoung Pavan Dave
Go to Post You really don't want to mess with an engineer. ChrisH Andy Baker
Go to Post The code won't compile if you violate the rules of the programming language...but English is more robust, it seems to work pretty well no matter how we engineering nerds mangle it! MrForbes Jeff Rodriguez
Go to Post However I did tell my wife I wanted to lose 20lbs of ugly fat quickly. She told me to cut off my head. Go figure. Ed Coleman JBotAlan
Go to Post The front page of the entire paper had the words "Gracious Professionalism" on the front cover. Andy Baker JaneYoung
Go to Post After all, life is what you do outside of FIRST. No wonder it's so short. Vashts6583 Noah Kleinberg
Go to Post you know the FIRST season is never over . . it just pauses a while so you can get some sleep. Stuart Jeff Waegelin
Go to Post the FIRST season is never over . . it just pauses a while so you can get some sleep. Stuart Alex Burman
Go to Post Instead of arguing about what should have been, learn from the breaks, and celebrate the gracious professionalism being displayed by the other 99% of teams. Word. PVCMike Jessica Boucher
Go to Post The final product, the inspiration, it all that matters. Awards and championships are just bling. artdutra04 Billfred
Go to Post Dreams come and go, but once life throws a football you have to think fast. Pavan Dave Arefin Bari
Go to Post How many programmers does it take to change a light bulb? None. They'll just say it's a hardware problem. crafty Grant Cox
Go to Post when things start to get a little stressful, "FIRST: Fun Is Required. So Tolerate!" Rich Kressly Conor Ryan
Go to Post I am not even out of high school, and my foot is already in the door of my dream job. And FIRST got me there. half geek JackN
Go to Post I might be a nerd, but I am definitely a pi freak! Courtneyb1023 whytheheckme
Go to Post From a coaching standpoint, I can tell you...the coach is NOTHING without valuable scout information. If the coach is nothing, the robot is NOTHING. It all starts from the scouts...get your kids to see this. Brandon Holley kborer22
Go to Post Boy, am I ever glad we decided not to use eggs as game pieces like I originally suggested... dlavery Pavan Dave
Go to Post Geez, now I'm like some all-knowing all-seeing FIRST sage who lives in the moutains waiting for students to venture upwards to my home to ask me if there will ever be a water game....:rolleyes: Koko Ed Jherbie53
Go to Post You wrote a PID control loop for your coach? Whoa. meatmanek Cuog
Go to Post We were all rookies once. Some of us still are... Wayne C. dlavery
Go to Post I've been inspired for real engineering during the build season and on the playing field, but the inspiration I found in the pits is often for creative thinking and intuition. artdutra04 jgannon
Go to Post Adversity should be seen as a challenge and not as an obstacle. :D waialua359 Kristian Calhoun
Go to Post "Fair and professional" needs to be two-directional. John Neun mizscience
Go to Post I say we all stop flaming and pointing out what went wrong or what bad calls were made and start pointing out how much fun we all have at the regionals and what FIRST actually has done for us. burkechrs1 SPurekar
Go to Post I know alot of the rookie teams were helped out alot this year. Do the same thing for the rookie Volunteers as well. wilsonmw04 mizscience
Go to Post Mistakes happen. It's how we react to them and what we learn from them that shows what type of people we are. Daniel_LaFleur Grant Cox
Go to Post It's not fair. it's not right, but stuff like this happens. If you don't get picked for finals tomorrow, get in those stands and cheer for those who did. Remember, this is FIRST. wilsonmw04 Kyle
Go to Post Regardless of the next course of action, getting steamed and angry will benefit nobody. And coming from me, that has to mean something. Lil' Lavery Billfred
Go to Post Engineers crave and demand facts, and won't reach a conclusion without them. Richard Wallace Goldeye
Go to Post Quitting when faced with adversity is not the answer. We have to figure out a solution within the constrainsts applied. Rob Daisy

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