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Go to Post Get your team together. Get your priorities straight. Get busy having fun. See you on the field. EricH Stephi Rae
Go to Post Personally, I think the solution involves looking at the past. Billfred Jay Trzaskos
Go to Post A Red Ryder 200-shot carbine Range model air rifle!!! dlavery synth3tk
Go to Post It's a FIRST thing. You gots to understand. Koko Ed dlavery
Go to Post I need a This-Is-What-I-Meant checker. N7UJJ dlavery
Go to Post I enjoy the brainstorming that's going on here, you guys out think me most of the time. Keep it up. fnsnet JaneYoung
Go to Post Welcome to the world of pros and cons. Billfred Leav
Go to Post Many people here in the CD fora know 'someone' on the inside. They aren't out there somewhere, they are here among us and they won't give an inch regarding the clues. It's very cool. JaneYoung Billfred
Go to Post Dave's grammar is broken. Madison synth3tk
Go to Post Dave was an evil genius in his previous life. Koko Ed synth3tk
Go to Post Can anyone tell that it is 5:20 in the morning and I can't sleep? Thanks, Dave. ChuckDickerson Libby K
Go to Post CD, you are crazy!!! Tottanka Conor Ryan
Go to Post we have to get our robots to watch tv and drink beer. nreynolds lukevanoort
Go to Post Gotta love it... FIRST's GDC...providing entertainment to loads of bored Bostonian FIRST'ers on a friday night. Andy Grady EddieMcD
Go to Post If you look at where you have come from you can often tell where you are going. Turtlecoach dlavery
Go to Post The weight sounds about right, too. If you need more than 65 pounds for your manipulator, then the drivetrain isn't the part you should be redesigning... s_forbes Billfred
Go to Post I wonder how many games we could come up with that are not the one for FRC 2008. AndrewN Daniel Bathgate
Go to Post But no matter how you place, the thing to watch for is the character change in the team members. The trophies are only important for a few hours. The character that is built will last a lifetime. BrothersKeepers JaneYoung
Go to Post Does IR work underwater? Or more importantly, through an air-water interface? ... sigh ... Rich Kressly dlavery
Go to Post I remember seeing that hair do. It is what inspired me to become an MC one day. Tetraman Elgin Clock
Go to Post Isn't that the connector used on the F.L.U.X. Capacitor? Ed Sparks synth3tk
Go to Post Sometimes, having someone that can teach you just shows you another way to do what you've been doing, but in fewer moves. Amanda Morrison dlavery
Go to Post Welcome to ChiefDelphi.com. Get ready for the craziness. Andy Baker Tottanka
Go to Post Ideally, you'll make sure your drive system can handle some Irritating Failures without them becoming Paralyzing Failures. Billfred MrForbes
Go to Post I think I'm going to need a 12 step program to help cure me from my Cryptic Dave Lavery Chief Delphi Post Analyzation Disorder I got goin' on here. Elgin Clock synth3tk
Go to Post I love the dedication of Robotics kids. :) Danielle H JaneYoung
Go to Post I wouldn't recommend using steel because it will eat up your weight budget pretty quickly. Scott Morgan sanddrag
Go to Post And those who DO know won't talk, even for Krispy Kremes. DonRotolo Beth Sweet
Go to Post No way thats Dean... he didn't give an hour long speech :p AndyB Billfred
Go to Post There was no real separation between who did what. "we" did it all and it was fun. Team2339 JVN
Go to Post Raw students in, pure engineers out. ebarker lukevanoort
Go to Post there should be a continuous cascade of knowledge spilling over to the less experienced team members and and continuous upward flow of members gaining experience. ebarker lukevanoort
Go to Post You all have made me think about this in a new way - which I appreciate. aaeamdar Andy Baker
Go to Post FIRST like life is what you make of it, if you would rather go through FIRST worrying about what other teams do to make their robots, then your destined for disappointment. if you go through FIRST making the most of it doing the best you and your team can then it doesn't matter what other teams do. Mike Schroeder Akash Rastogi
Go to Post HOSE CUTTER: A tool used to make hoses too short. . dlavery synth3tk
Go to Post PRY BAR: A tool used to crumple the metal surrounding that clip or bracket you needed to remove in order to replace a 50 cent part. dlavery synth3tk
Go to Post I live for the offseason...that is, when i'm not living for the actual season. Libby K EricH
Go to Post Now stop reading CD, do your homework, eat your peas, brush your teeth, and go to bed. Any time you spend speculating as to what Dave's ravings might mean is completely wasted. Richard Wallace Libby K
Go to Post Oh, for the love of cod, can't you see that Dave is messing with us just for the halibut? When the actual clue comes out, I'm sure we'll all be singing a different tuna. Pat Fairbank synth3tk
Go to Post so, i want the clue now, okay? is it bad that i am more interested in this years game than i am in taking my finals next week? jwfoss Tottanka
Go to Post Do you guys mind if we postpone kick-off to around January 26 or so? We can still keep the ship date on February 20, if that isn't a problem. dlavery Grant Cox
Go to Post I need to start sleeping now to make up for build season Kingofl337 synth3tk
Go to Post I blame FIRST for being the best thing that has happened to me. vivek16 Tottanka
Go to Post You can't lose if you submit an animation. Even if you don't win an award, your team wins by just doing it. David Brinza Billfred
Go to Post You know you are addicted to FIRST when you have trouble describing it because you realize it truly is way more than just a robotics competetion. vivek16 synth3tk
Go to Post The closest and strongest friendships that I have formed, however, have come from the FIRST robotics program. Friends that I can call “brother,” that I can call “sister,” that I can just call “family.” DanDon synth3tk
Go to Post Yep, after all, when life gives you lemons, make a robot to pit and squeeze them, purchase sugar, cups, water, and ice and make lemonade!! vivek16 Herodotus
Go to Post I am also impressed that you maintained the integrity of your parentheses; you must be a software guy... DonRotolo whytheheckme
Go to Post We can't all be Dean. But with the right attitude and preparation, we can make careers out of our passions. Richard Wallace Andy Baker
Go to Post At first, "water game" was funny. Then it went to silly. Now it's just dumb. Not to mention unrealistic for FIRST. EricH synth3tk

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