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Go to Post Silly, Silly, don't you realize there are no borders in FIRST:) HW wendymom
Go to Post It is a little known fact that Team 1114 is actually "General Motors Canada and Hogwarts Academy" The whole Niagara FIRST thing is just a cover to keep the magic arts concealed from us muggles. dtengineering JackN
Go to Post They're pigs, Barry, pigs. And they can fly... JaneYoung petek
Go to Post I <3 statistics. Barry Bonzack lukevanoort
Go to Post There are 1,450 schools in my district. Needless to say not all of them have teams..yet. Scott Carpman Billfred
Go to Post ...your stress reliever is a ziptie with the end cut off so you can pull it straight through. It really works! Storcky Blue_Mist
Go to Post FIRST itself is simply a mechanism, not the real goal. msd SL8
Go to Post Drive yourself, ride Amtrak or Greyhound bus, or bend space-time to the point of singularity and you'll just poof into existence in Atlanta. artdutra04 Qbranch
Go to Post ...playing hard and impressing teams is way more valuable than trying to play god with the rankings. JamesBrown Alan Anderson
Go to Post I think we all should strive to be better than what is expected of us. :) Madison
Go to Post Engineers talk with math first, and grammar second. It is a fact of life. Molten lasereyes
Go to Post Yes, I try to win matches, but you don't want to disrespect opponents......just get on their nerves an awful lot! :D Josh Goodman Billfred
Go to Post Things that get said on the field should stay on the field. Bongle Rick TYler
Go to Post you should be putting forth you best effort every time you enter the field. Protronie lukevanoort
Go to Post Strategy is rarely static, and how you design your robot isn't always the best way to win the game. Bill Moore Shadow503
Go to Post Engineering is a balance between best performance, best cost, and best use of time. GeorgeTheEng Billfred
Go to Post Never quit, never give up, never say die! Cascade Blue_Mist
Go to Post I will follow FIRST's guidelines, as long as they conform with those of the English language. artdutra04 joshsmithers
Go to Post Our job is to play the game that the GDC gave us, not the one we think they should have given us. Herodotus Rick TYler
Go to Post A good robot can score a lot of points. A great robot can do it when the other alliance does everything they can to stop it. Rick TYler lukevanoort
Go to Post I (personally) am not involved in FIRST because I want to win (of course, that would still be nice ;) ). pogenwurst Billfred
Go to Post I in all sincerity thoroughly enjoy the way that programming for FIRST makes me want to bash my head against a wall. pogenwurst Billfred
Go to Post ...isn't that part of the point? For high schoolers to do things they "could not have" by themselves? AdamHeard Alan Anderson
Go to Post It is great to be proud of the way you do things, but to imply that everyone should match your way of thinking, is ludicrous. JVN Billfred
Go to Post To offer an opinion is fine, to demand that others adhere to your opinion is laughable. JVN Billfred
Go to Post I can attest that mentoring is probably the most important aspect of this program. Tom Bottiglieri Richard Wallace
Go to Post Even as a "mentor", I am still being mentored by engineers who work with the team. Tom Bottiglieri Andy Baker
Go to Post This is not pinewood derby. This is not a science fair. This is a sport, and in sports there are winners and losers. Cory Amanda Morrison
Go to Post The neat thing about regionals, is that they ARE big robot parties! MrForbes Alan Anderson
Go to Post While FIRST's goal is to inspire young people, it will be much easier to do that if we also inspire all the older people as well. E. Wood Andy Baker
Go to Post Winning or losing on the field has nothing to do with this success. E. Wood dlavery
Go to Post If you have not had a positive experience in FIRST, please don't bring those that have down. Jeff K. dlavery
Go to Post I don't resent or envy them for being strong teams; I hope we can continue to learn from them and someday join their ranks. dsmoker JVN
Go to Post If you want to make change, you have to know what you're trying to change. Amanda Morrison
Go to Post The answer doesn't lie with an all student run team, or an Engineer-fest team... But somewhere in the middle. Moderation is key. Cody Carey Travis Hoffman
Go to Post FIRST is like pizza. You and I may like different toppings, but in the end it's still delicious pizza. Billfred Mike Harrison
Go to Post It's over, done, let's move on and be positive. Next year maybe everything will be perfect. :cool: Ed Sparks Stu Bloom
Go to Post As Murphy as my witness, things happen and will continue to happen. Pavan Dave Kris Verdeyen
Go to Post It would be wise to consider the reasoning behind the statement rather than the statement itself. Sometimes they are right... other times their statement is incomplete... and other times they really do have no clue what they are talking about. dtengineering Pavan Dave
Go to Post According to Clarke's third law, I believe their entire robot works by magic. dtengineering Herodotus
Go to Post Sometimes it is more appropriate for an individual to listen than it is for him to speak. JVN Wetzel
Go to Post Welcome to FIRST! You will soon figure out that there is no "exit strategy" from this program. David Brinza MrForbes
Go to Post I think we must take seriously the importance of "infecting" the rest of the world with this passion. Tstone mizscience
Go to Post Off time, at a regional? What is that? DonRotolo lukevanoort
Go to Post The losing alliance should know they lost, admit it, and use the desire to win to push themselves even further. artdutra04 Karthik
Go to Post Our team calls me "John Regular Neun," because John V-Neun is so spectacular! John Neun Billfred
Go to Post Ironically, I think the best testament to the program [Dean Kamen] founded and his ideals wouldn't be if he won a Nobel Prize. It would be if you did. Kevin Sevcik mizscience
Go to Post I'm a drive team coach, they don't eat lunch during competition. Rick Jessica Boucher
Go to Post "You know, a robotics regional is the only place where you can walk in and see two people in chicken suits and not be confused." Herodotus Karibou
Go to Post Believe that Dave knows what he is talking about. JaneYoung jgannon

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