Go to Post Also, I'm tired of the "FIRST is a simulation of the real world"-- it isn't. If the real world was like FIRST, there wouldn't be any need for this organization. - cadandcookies [more]
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Go to Post I am definitely as much a student as any one of the kids on the team. Hieb lukevanoort
Go to Post I know it's hard to believe, but there actually IS life after FIRST. jleibs dlavery
Go to Post I gave up football and a chance to be ignorant the remainder of my hs career....so ive gained more than loss TheNotoriousKid Billfred
Go to Post Just to be clear, NOTHING anyone says here is a confirmation. The ONLY source for official answers to questions like this is the FIRST Q&A system. dlavery Steve W
Go to Post "The secret to success is to acknowledge that you have limits, but to never acknowledge that you have reached those limits." lady_raidan synth3tk
Go to Post I lose track of what day it is during build season. Gary Dillard lukevanoort
Go to Post Greetings FIRST: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Tetraman Jessica Boucher
Go to Post it seems to have all the basic food groups: liquid, sugar, sauce, and robotics components. ChrisMcK2186 lukevanoort
Go to Post Pneumatic components always give me gas... Alan Anderson lukevanoort
Go to Post Maybe if we build a giant wooden badger. GaryVoshol lukevanoort
Go to Post You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. AdamHeard Pavan Dave
Go to Post The magic in a competition isn't finding creative ways to make an opponent lose, but finding even more creative ways for you to win. galewind Vikesrock
Go to Post Its Mario Kart with balls and really, whats more fun and frustrating (FIRST style) than Mario Kart? Adama synth3tk
Go to Post It's a game. It's a challenge. Face it like a man, build a robot to play the game and get over it. Arefin Bari dlavery
Go to Post The true beauty is, no matter what the game (Yes, even 2001), we spend these 6 weeks going crazy with design strategy, and trying to figure out a way to work the plot twists that the GDC throws at us...and its a blast. Andy Grady Ian Curtis
Go to Post There is no rule that specifically states that you must obey the law of physics during the competition. This may be an oversight. bmather Kyle_Solo
Go to Post I believe it is in the spirit of the game is to score more points than your opponent within the rules. That means offense AND defense. Gary Dillard Gregor
Go to Post Nascar was one of the first things i though when the unveiled this years competitions...... silly left turns... they hurt right turns feelings :rolleyes: Miniflash Koko Ed
Go to Post it isn't about the technology but about the teams working together. Sneaky GDC has done it again. dtengineering Spiffizzle
Go to Post GDC.... Come on. Counter-clockwise? ... I believe NASCAR might file a lawsuit! Pavan Dave Kyle
Go to Post Mastering simple skills can be a complex challenge. Petey Kyle
Go to Post In Israel we've got the president supporting FIRST and speaking at events, so it's time for you guys to catch up =] Tottanka Billfred
Go to Post your robot may have a bit of a "pimpwalk" GMKlenklen lukevanoort
Go to Post The students who benefit from FIRST are the real "trophies". David Brinza lukevanoort
Go to Post The holiday season is formally known as "kick-off rendering season" dlavery JYang
Go to Post In Dave We Trust :) JohnBoucher Andy Baker
Go to Post week 7: check to see if the pets are still alive, ask significant others to take us back, do 6 weeks worth of make-up homework, and ask my boss for another extension. Tim Baird Jherbie53
Go to Post All labor is donated by the webmaster "Brandon". Mike Martus Michelle Celio
Go to Post People don't lead because they are chosen to lead; they are chosen to lead because they lead. EricH Blue_Mist
Go to Post Get your team together. Get your priorities straight. Get busy having fun. See you on the field. EricH Stephi Rae
Go to Post Personally, I think the solution involves looking at the past. Billfred Jay Trzaskos
Go to Post A Red Ryder 200-shot carbine Range model air rifle!!! dlavery synth3tk
Go to Post It's a FIRST thing. You gots to understand. Koko Ed dlavery
Go to Post I need a This-Is-What-I-Meant checker. N7UJJ dlavery
Go to Post I enjoy the brainstorming that's going on here, you guys out think me most of the time. Keep it up. fnsnet JaneYoung
Go to Post Welcome to the world of pros and cons. Billfred Leav
Go to Post Many people here in the CD fora know 'someone' on the inside. They aren't out there somewhere, they are here among us and they won't give an inch regarding the clues. It's very cool. JaneYoung Billfred
Go to Post Dave's grammar is broken. Madison synth3tk
Go to Post Dave was an evil genius in his previous life. Koko Ed synth3tk
Go to Post Can anyone tell that it is 5:20 in the morning and I can't sleep? Thanks, Dave. ChuckDickerson Libby K
Go to Post CD, you are crazy!!! Tottanka Conor Ryan
Go to Post we have to get our robots to watch tv and drink beer. nreynolds lukevanoort
Go to Post Gotta love it... FIRST's GDC...providing entertainment to loads of bored Bostonian FIRST'ers on a friday night. Andy Grady EddieMcD
Go to Post If you look at where you have come from you can often tell where you are going. Turtlecoach dlavery
Go to Post The weight sounds about right, too. If you need more than 65 pounds for your manipulator, then the drivetrain isn't the part you should be redesigning... s_forbes Billfred
Go to Post I wonder how many games we could come up with that are not the one for FRC 2008. AndrewN Daniel Bathgate
Go to Post But no matter how you place, the thing to watch for is the character change in the team members. The trophies are only important for a few hours. The character that is built will last a lifetime. BrothersKeepers JaneYoung
Go to Post Does IR work underwater? Or more importantly, through an air-water interface? ... sigh ... Rich Kressly dlavery
Go to Post I remember seeing that hair do. It is what inspired me to become an MC one day. Tetraman Elgin Clock
Go to Post Isn't that the connector used on the F.L.U.X. Capacitor? Ed Sparks synth3tk

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