Go to Post A couple of times during our matches, our HOSTBOT had a GAME PIECE right there ready to HANG, but the darn PEG dodged out of the way - MrForbes [more]
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Go to Post I've had parents tell me I'm a great role model for their daughters, because I was a female leader. It's a great feeling to hear something like that. Liz Smith JaneYoung
Go to Post Our coolant system consists of a freshman with a squirt bottle. Holtzman Alan Anderson
Go to Post Remember there are many eyes watching and often you are judged by what you say and how you say it. Mike Martus Pavan Dave
Go to Post You pick the best person for the job whether they are black, white, asian, hispanic, female, or male; NOT so you 'look good' when they publish your team picture in the school paper, but because they can get the job done right, on time, with a passion. Pavan Dave Tottanka
Go to Post One transmission to rule them all, one transmission to bind them... :p artdutra04 Tottanka
Go to Post Of course just because there is are existing solutions to a problem does not mean there aren't better ones. dtengineering Billfred
Go to Post Define "surgery". I think we have enough close calls with "surgery" as it is. Thank god for disable dongles. geeknerd99 Blue_Mist
Go to Post Based on my experience coaching basketball and robotics, there is no doubt in my mind that if a sports coach receives $x then a robotics coach should, too. dtengineering Andy Baker
Go to Post You will find that most people in good companies are real people that share the same values and concerns as all of us. ebarker Pavan Dave
Go to Post Exercise, eat properly, work hard, live hard, play hard, laugh hard, inspire people, solve problems. And leave the world around you a little better place than you found it. ebarker Herodotus
Go to Post As far as I am concerned, the quality of an electronic device is directly proportional to the number of blinky lights on it. EricVanWyk Billfred
Go to Post If you do mentor FIRST, be an asset to your team, but know that your students will admire you all the more if you set an example and finish your own homework. Eugenia Gabrielov JaneYoung
Go to Post I never had any doubt; good people who do good quality work will always prosper. Gary Dillard Billfred
Go to Post Look, it's only August. You got approximately 6 months to enjoy your life until season starts. Enjoy it while it lasts... Arefin Bari Pavan Dave
Go to Post You know what they say, the mind is the second thing to go and I can't remember the first. GaryVoshol whlspacedude
Go to Post I just want to say that the rack 'n roll was my first year with FIRST! It was the best thing I ever did. I cant wait to learn more when we get to start up again! ctorloey Tottanka
Go to Post I believe it is healthy to leave FIRST at some point and carry on with a well-rounded life (family, fun, school, & work). Focus your creative energy on developing your skills as a professional; then, come back to FIRST as a mentor later down the line. Erin Rapacki Pavan Dave
Go to Post Off-season events aren't just for gameplay, they should also be a training session for new students and rookie teams. Bill Moore JaneYoung
Go to Post Not winning is different than being a loser. seanwitte dlavery
Go to Post overly agressive play, sudden torque gains, and signs of robot acne will cause immediate suspicion, and may be used as justification for a complete tear-down inspection dlavery Andy Baker
Go to Post Sounds fun? Maybe only if you're a giant dork, but I'm a pretty giant dork, so... Madison Billfred
Go to Post It may not happen overnight, but in time if you keep focused and keep working hard, it will become a reality. Michael Sperber Pavan Dave
Go to Post If everyone could just worry about how much fun they are having rather than how much they disagree with other teams, the program would be much better off. Tom Bottiglieri Karthik
Go to Post Breaking a rule just because you think it is meant to be broken is not good advice. Andy Baker Arefin Bari
Go to Post We make ourselves better by lifting others and standing on their shoulders, not by knocking them down. Taylor Andy Baker
Go to Post Didn't you know, I can be in two places at once? Andy Baker Billfred
Go to Post How the mentors of a team inspire their team is unimportant, as long as the team is inspired to do great things. We on 1824 believe in 'student designed, student built', but that does not mean that all teams should do as we do. For inspiration comes in many forms. Daniel_LaFleur Andy Baker
Go to Post Honor is doing the right thing when nobody is watching. Daniel_LaFleur Gabe
Go to Post Our "gracious professionalism" credo insists that we make decisions that are based solely on the desire to inspire and recognize science and technology using robot construction and competition as a vehicle. Al Skierkiewicz EricS-Team180
Go to Post I would proudly put an AndyMark sticker on our robot any day! Andy Grady Arefin Bari
Go to Post sometimes you have to dig through the trash and clean off the layers of dirt and grime in order to find diamonds in the rough. Travis Hoffman Arefin Bari
Go to Post This will be one of the nerdiest weekends in the history of the world. And I'm taking part in it! (yay!) InfernoX14 Julia Magoolia
Go to Post I hope that kids will stop asking us if we build Battlebots and start asking us if we build Transformers. To that, I will answer with a resounding yes. Madison Pavan Dave
Go to Post Well, air conditioners when pointed inside the house make it cooler. So I figure if EVERYONE turns their air conditioners on full blast and just point them out the window, we should more or less get rid of this "warming" nonsense. Mike Billfred
Go to Post buying an iPhone...$599. Monthly service charge...$59. Going to an Apple store just to post on CD... Priceless!:p Schnabel Pavan Dave
Go to Post Nice going guys!! Not only did you succeed in reviving this thread, but you woke up Dave from his mid summer slumber. Now we are going to get 6 months of pre-kickoff torture!! Rosiebotboss InfernoX14
Go to Post Let's not speak without knowing the "facts." If you say something please have valid reasonings behind it. =) Arefin Bari Pavan Dave
Go to Post GP is an ideal to live by, but not a tool to judge with. Rich Kressly Jaine Perotti
Go to Post So you wanna be a playa But your gear boxes aint fly? You gotta shift us up To get that high speed drive.... Michelle Celio Marc P.
Go to Post FIRST has given thousands of young people (like me) a head start in life because it teaches honesty, integrity, and an appreciation of other people's hard work. Gabe Julia Magoolia
Go to Post FIRST tricks you into using your brain on a regular basis. Gabe Rich Wong
Go to Post The way things generally work in cases like this is simple: if you know something, you can't say it. So keep in mind that if someone does say something, it usually means they don't know. Alan Anderson Jaine Perotti
Go to Post General rule of thumb: "If it moves and it shouldn't, use duct tape. If it should move and it doesn't, use WD-40.":) ben_0614 Schnabel
Go to Post Gee, I wonder if AndyMark has a wedding gift registry? KathieK Koko Ed
Go to Post Theres just something about a big honkin' robot that's irresistible. seanwitte Andy Baker
Go to Post “There are two ways to compete, one is to drag your opponent down, the other is to raise the bar and excel. Which do you think is more beneficial to you in the long run?” -- John Abele Candice.E Karthik
Go to Post "We don't build the robots, we build the robot builders." lukevanoort
Go to Post Not everything has to be cashed in or has to have instant recognition. Sometimes being a part of a program of value and opportunity is enough. And, what you put into the program is what you get out of it. JaneYoung Jaine Perotti
Go to Post It is one thing to be a great designer, it is another thing to be able to explain what you did, how things work, and why things happen. Andy Baker Arefin Bari
Go to Post I am specifically looking for Rhode Island, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Nevada, California, Florida, ... oh heck, all of the rest. Rosiebotboss JBotAlan

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