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Go to Post Actually, I think the standard Klingon warning label ought to be sufficient: 'yIQIpQo' (don't be stupid) Alan Anderson Andy Baker
Go to Post NO MORE "COTTON EYE JOE"!!!! hipsterjr synth3tk
Go to Post Smart defense doesn't even require your robot to push another. Cory Billfred
Go to Post I am as certain as can be on this issue ... believe me. Paul Copioli dlavery
Go to Post There is no charge. We just want to help. We are family… emnasson303 synth3tk
Go to Post I've heard of mentors who keep talking until they are blue in the face, but this is my first time actually seeing one. Richard Wallace Pavan Dave
Go to Post .......I would still heed Al's suggestions above. He has many a grey hair and he earned them all the old-fashioned way. :) Richard Wallace Billfred
Go to Post Have you ever found yourself staring at a physics problem, not understanding it, then connected it to a past FRC game and suddenly felt the light bulb start shining? StephLee JaneYoung
Go to Post Its just going to be a dirt game. We are going to be using shovel bots to dig for gold. Anyone who strikes oil gets the 100 point bonus! Uberbots synth3tk
Go to Post And I have to say, those days where you are just beating yourself, and smacking your head against the wall, and you just wish the robot would catch fire so you could go home, make the top of the mountain that much sweeter. Gboehm synth3tk
Go to Post Just remember, a spark of inspiration can produce a lifetime of success. JoeXIII'007 Steve W
Go to Post No amount of sleep beforehand will make up or prepare you for the lack of sleep you will receive during build season. Dan Petrovic synth3tk
Go to Post I actually see no issue about the sentence, but then im still in college and only half way edumacated, i am only eduma right now. Alex Cormier synth3tk
Go to Post Weren't you ever told Canada is backwards from the US? Alex Cormier synth3tk
Go to Post I have a pair of lucky safety glasses too. When I wear them I never get stuff in my eye. I swear.... vivek16 synth3tk
Go to Post Maybe FRC WILL casue world peace, who knows, eh ? Tottanka Romeo1351
Go to Post In real life, I use almost nothing I learned from football except that with a bit of hard work you can get somewhere. Oh, and I have bad knees on top of that. I could have (and wished I would have) learned that from a FIRST FRC team instead. JesseK Billfred
Go to Post I believe that those who have a clear understanding of their capabilities, both physical and financial, and design and build within those capabilities are the teams that succeed. Daniel_LaFleur Karthik
Go to Post Naw, basketball isn't nearly as great a sport as FRC. They play for the money. We play for honor, dignity, and respect. synth3tk Tottanka
Go to Post This thread should surface like this before every new season. It is motivating and inspiring. And jawdropping. JaneYoung Billfred
Go to Post It would appear that your PLTW teacher succeeded in tricking you into learning something after all. Teachers are sneaky that way! Richard Wallace Billfred
Go to Post I hate you.... in a graciously professional sort of way. Uberbots StephLee
Go to Post We also had a couple of student leaders emerge from this offseason Rumble, which can do nothing but help the team in the upcoming FRC season. JesseK JaneYoung
Go to Post Sorry- therefore IOU 1 Battery- you can collect it on I-95 about 1 mile south of exit 13A in the center lane...... (ps- of course that battery is "free of charge") Wayne C. joshsmithers
Go to Post [In FIRST]...Arab and Israeli students speak on the same level, because they are alliance partners. Tottanka Pavan Dave
Go to Post Of course, every team in FTC should be asking the magic question: "What would Simbotics do?" Billfred Kate00
Go to Post I'm 5'5", and I'm our team's drive coach. Our drivers are nearly always taller than me. In my case, it's not the driver's station that needs to be made of lexan...it's our drivers. StephLee Billfred
Go to Post If this photo doesn't tell us why a photographer is important to a team, I don't know what will. JaneYoung Billfred
Go to Post it would be a sign you do too much robotics when you find toolpaths sexy. Aren_Hill Billfred
Go to Post In other words, don't count your chickens before they hatch, even if the shell seems broken. Lil' Lavery KathieK
Go to Post I've had parents tell me I'm a great role model for their daughters, because I was a female leader. It's a great feeling to hear something like that. Liz Smith JaneYoung
Go to Post Our coolant system consists of a freshman with a squirt bottle. Holtzman Alan Anderson
Go to Post Remember there are many eyes watching and often you are judged by what you say and how you say it. Mike Martus Pavan Dave
Go to Post You pick the best person for the job whether they are black, white, asian, hispanic, female, or male; NOT so you 'look good' when they publish your team picture in the school paper, but because they can get the job done right, on time, with a passion. Pavan Dave Tottanka
Go to Post One transmission to rule them all, one transmission to bind them... :p artdutra04 Tottanka
Go to Post Of course just because there is are existing solutions to a problem does not mean there aren't better ones. dtengineering Billfred
Go to Post Define "surgery". I think we have enough close calls with "surgery" as it is. Thank god for disable dongles. geeknerd99 Blue_Mist
Go to Post Based on my experience coaching basketball and robotics, there is no doubt in my mind that if a sports coach receives $x then a robotics coach should, too. dtengineering Andy Baker
Go to Post You will find that most people in good companies are real people that share the same values and concerns as all of us. ebarker Pavan Dave
Go to Post Exercise, eat properly, work hard, live hard, play hard, laugh hard, inspire people, solve problems. And leave the world around you a little better place than you found it. ebarker Herodotus
Go to Post As far as I am concerned, the quality of an electronic device is directly proportional to the number of blinky lights on it. EricVanWyk Billfred
Go to Post If you do mentor FIRST, be an asset to your team, but know that your students will admire you all the more if you set an example and finish your own homework. Eugenia Gabrielov JaneYoung
Go to Post I never had any doubt; good people who do good quality work will always prosper. Gary Dillard Billfred
Go to Post Look, it's only August. You got approximately 6 months to enjoy your life until season starts. Enjoy it while it lasts... Arefin Bari Pavan Dave
Go to Post You know what they say, the mind is the second thing to go and I can't remember the first. GaryVoshol whlspacedude
Go to Post I just want to say that the rack 'n roll was my first year with FIRST! It was the best thing I ever did. I cant wait to learn more when we get to start up again! ctorloey Tottanka
Go to Post I believe it is healthy to leave FIRST at some point and carry on with a well-rounded life (family, fun, school, & work). Focus your creative energy on developing your skills as a professional; then, come back to FIRST as a mentor later down the line. Erin Rapacki Pavan Dave
Go to Post Off-season events aren't just for gameplay, they should also be a training session for new students and rookie teams. Bill Moore JaneYoung
Go to Post Not winning is different than being a loser. seanwitte dlavery
Go to Post overly agressive play, sudden torque gains, and signs of robot acne will cause immediate suspicion, and may be used as justification for a complete tear-down inspection dlavery Andy Baker

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