Go to Post I wonder if the kit motors run counterclockwise in the Southern Hemisphere? - Gary Dillard [more]
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Go to Post Unfortunately, there's no special type of transmission that will magically get you past defense. The best way to deal with defense is to practice, regardless of gearing. connor.worley rsisk
Go to Post I feel like watching match videos from 2003 could be considered a form of cruel and unusual punishment. Cory Hallry
Go to Post #TeamFrank Libby K rachelholladay
Go to Post I love this man. Justin Montois dag0620
Go to Post Leaders are those whom inspire people; a good mentor inspires students. Jeffy CalTran
Go to Post ...When you use ";"s instead of "."s; darn Java; machman-2823 Kevin Selavko
Go to Post Maybe it just seemed like five hours...I had freshmen in my vehicle! Qbot2640 Billfred
Go to Post We got spirit yes we do! What? You don't have spirit? What's wrong with you? Koko Ed dictionaria13
Go to Post We moved-ish mostly, in a direction or two. Siri Kimmeh
Go to Post Analyze, adjust, anticipate. Don't panic. PayneTrain plnyyanks
Go to Post The most important deisgn criteria is always performance in any of the parts / systems we design. But we do try to abide by the saying -- if it doesn't look good (right), it probably isn't good (right). Adam Freeman Basel A
Go to Post One of the most important resources of all: [URL="http://frc-manual.usfirst.org/"]The Manual[/URL] lorem3k Calvin Hartley
Go to Post See what you don't understand about us students is that we don't know when to stop. ehfeinberg Taylor
Go to Post So, we should have respect for each other regardless of whether we are building our robot with a Waterjet or a Hacksaw. Construction methods will vary widely, but honoring your competitors should be universal. OZ_341 Jeff Waegelin
Go to Post Dean Kamen is a pretty smart dude. If he wants to talk to me, I want to listen. Taylor rsisk
Go to Post FRC did a lot for me in high school. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to help it do the same for others. Oblarg Taylor
Go to Post "The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else's highlight reel." davidthefat Steven Donow
Go to Post Stand strong mentors. You never know who you have become a brother, sister, father, or mother to. MysterE Coach Norm
Go to Post I hope we as a team can learn the value of doing less but doing it incredibly well. Rob Stehlik Ken Streeter
Go to Post Having the foolish belief that you can win a match in which you are completely outgunned will drive you to develop a winning strategy. OZ_341 Calvin Hartley
Go to Post We need to start building FIRST competition arenas and leasing them in the off-season to the sports teams and conventions ;) stinglikeabee Andy Baker
Go to Post I mean who does want to write their code like this... [CODE] CANHAZ.VICTOR; GIMME.VICTOR; VROOMVROOM.VICTOR(1); KTHNXBAI; [CODE] JohnFogarty drew.spillers
Go to Post Soon, some of those teams will learn to rise about current and former powerhouses. Akash Rastogi Anupam Goli
Go to Post Great things don't just happen to HoF teams; HoF teams make great things happen. Siri plnyyanks
Go to Post To change culture, you're going to have to get people to listen. Yipyapper Nuttyman54
Go to Post "How do we make our team be like your team?" That's the sort of question everyone should be asking of these so-called "elite" or "powerhouse" teams. sanddrag Ken Streeter
Go to Post Competitions are won or lost far away from witnesses, ... In those long hours, is where we find inspiration in ourselves. For what inspires is not another's feats, but realize we have the power in ourselves to achieve that feat. Mark Sheridan Coach Norm
Go to Post What happens when everything becomes fully swagged out? Also, does my robot need to have collar-popping functionality to use every feature? AlecMataloni rachelholladay
Go to Post Building sustained excellence happens when you start with the right pieces at the top...and pick up the rest of the pieces on your way. Jared Russell rsisk
Go to Post Students learn from, are inspired by, and emulate their mentors. A team with a solid mentor base helps to create a productive, inspired, and ultimately successful group of students. Jared Russell tim-tim
Go to Post Mentors learn from, are inspired by, and emulate each other. A team with a great lead mentor leads to a productive, inspired, and ultimately successful group of mentors. Jared Russell tim-tim
Go to Post Reach out to successful teams and ask them for help, rather than complain about them. I have never seen a successful team deny help to anyone. OZ_341 Libby K
Go to Post We only ask that, when able, you too help other teams as we have helped you. It is this mentality of passing it forward that makes teams and FIRST great. E. Wood tim-tim
Go to Post In 2012, we built our best machine ever. Some visitors to our pit were visibly disappointed to find that our machine was a pile of extruded aluminum and urethane belting, just cleverly arranged and programmed. OZ_341 KrazyCarl92
Go to Post Every team in FIRST can make this choice. Be positive, help others, and work like a maniac behind the scenes. This approach will bring you joy and satisfaction, whether you win or not. OZ_341 Coach Norm
Go to Post It definitely looked like a penalty, but in FRC if it looks like a penalty and smells like a penalty, well, unfortunately it might not be. Basel A EricH
Go to Post SWARF is evil! Al Skierkiewicz cgmv123
Go to Post If my counts are correct, during the official matches 141,077 points were scored, and a minimum of 28,746 frisbees were successfully shot into goals. All without a single decapitation, severed limb, or even one porpoise becoming accidentally entangled in the nets. dlavery Jeff Waegelin
Go to Post Our robot throws custom $5.50 FIRST Frisbees at a rate of 75 discs per minute and a speed of ~32 feet per second. It costs over $80 to feed our robot for 12 seconds. Woolly Grim Tuesday
Go to Post The season ended. Not cool. Koko Ed Ultimatum
Go to Post A good way to minimize the possibility of breaking things is to minimize the number of things that can break. s_forbes Chris is me
Go to Post 610 is an all boys school, and we were surprised to see our pit and robot neatly decorated with hot pink boas and flowers upon arrival this morning. Mr. Lim Gregor
Go to Post Go get Al, he probably isn't busy! Jimmy Nichols RogerR
Go to Post “Chasing perfection is like trying to find a unicorn. If you go all around the world, you will not find a unicorn. However, you will find a whole freak load of stuff along the way.” - Karthik Jacob Bendicksen MisterG
Go to Post These predictions are just a bit of fun. Neither these, nor the division threads, are meant to be comprehensive. Don't like 'em? Go out there and prove them wrong! Looking Forward efoote868
Go to Post It's all about inspiration until people start complaining about teams getting lucky schedules and seeding first. Anupam Goli Koko Ed
Go to Post I'd like to think FIRST hasn't completely transformed into a money hungry self serving corporation. I'd like to think they actually still think they care about us. Koko Ed buildmaster5000
Go to Post I never use set screws to transfer torque. Something about evil spirits or whatever. Mark Sheridan Hallry
Go to Post Frank is frank, and I like that. rsisk Hallry
Go to Post "Magnificent" is the only appropriate adjective for a handlebar moustache. Kudos. Lil' Lavery Hallry

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