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Go to Post bedtime? there's no bedtime while chief delphi is up and running! Alex Cormier Jaine Perotti
Go to Post I always get a little stressed as arm operator, especially with Paul Copioli standing behind me screaming at me. JohnnyB
Go to Post OooooohhH! OOOOooohh! Can I start the 2009 thread yet? Huh? Can I? Can I? dlavery Billfred
Go to Post Aw... am I too late to suggest a water game? jgannon Billfred
Go to Post They truncated our conference title. We are not showing the movie "Finding NEMO" RoboMom Billfred
Go to Post People aren't getting angry at teams who play defense. They are getting angry at the teams who play BattleBots in the middle of a FIRST match. dlavery Billfred
Go to Post The game ends after two minutes and fifteen seconds. The build season ends after six weeks. Using the experience to help improve yourself and the rest of the world will take the rest of your life. dlavery Bharat Nain
Go to Post canadians are amazing.. Ashley Christine Daniel Brim
Go to Post One thing that FIRST has given me ... Friends who care. Arefin Bari Daniel Brim
Go to Post oh, the prom! I thought you were missing a PROM (Programable Read Only Memory) ...you had me worried for a minute, I dont know if IFI has any spare PROMs. KenWittlief Katy
Go to Post Teams should spend more time talking about how to avoid penalties during their strategy sessions. Rob Beth Sweet
Go to Post I love how these contests always seem to find their way to go back to Dave Lavery and (pick one) Krispy Kreme/Heidi/Photoshop DCA Fan Billfred
Go to Post I'm still trying to find a way to get FIRST to dump the Chicken Dance song. :p Koko Ed Daniel Brim
Go to Post I was watching the webcast when that score was posted and thought to myself, "What did they do, steal a donut from Dave?" MissInformation Koko Ed
Go to Post "Defense wins qualifying rounds, offense wins championships." Paul Copioli Koko Ed
Go to Post FIRST is again mirroring real life. And in real life, when we build and design robotic and automated systems, it's safety first. Hitting a human in real life loses a lot more than 30 points. Fred Agnir Kyle
Go to Post I'm not worried about the amount of Segways at a regoinal, I'd rather see them out in the real world than at a robotics competition. Joe Matt Billfred
Go to Post If something on your robot isn't working, then why don't you take the responsibility to fix it? Isn't that what being a TEAM is all about? dlavery Billfred
Go to Post Successful teams - in almost any aspect of life (i.e. not just robotics) - don't make excuses and assign blame when something goes wrong. They improvise. They adapt. They overcome. They correct the problem and move on. dlavery Billfred
Go to Post They really should put warning signs at all entrances: "WARNING! FIRST IS CONTAGIOUS!" KenWittlief Alex Pelan
Go to Post There's no feeling quite like that one you get when you're behind the diamond plate controlling a metal beast that you've put your blood (literally), sweat (more literally), and tears (probably literally) into, and it working. Undescribable. scali Bharat Nain
Go to Post What has happened has happened. Humans were involved, mistakes made. Clarification will come... Wetzel Billfred
Go to Post What's the reason for having a rule if it's not enforced? jpsaul7usa Billfred
Go to Post Temp wiring is always bad but it is made worse when dealing with a $1000+ part. You wouldn't try to lash a makeshift power source to your PC. Al Skierkiewicz Billfred
Go to Post I love it when there is someone that obviously "gets it". dlavery Billfred
Go to Post I also hate it when I keep seeing this message: "You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Andy Baker again." dlavery Billfred
Go to Post I also hate it when I keep seeing this message: "You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Andy Baker again." dlavery Leav
Go to Post As long as they're not destroying each other, LET THE TEAMS PLAY! Travis Hoffman Billfred
Go to Post People... chill. It is week 1. Recall week 1 last year when many teams said "no one is capping with the 2x ball"... "only a few teams are hanging". Andy Baker Billfred
Go to Post If you don't like contact, your robot is not built well enough. sanddrag Billfred
Go to Post With three robots, I was expecting better scores but I guess more robots means more penalties, not more points. sanddrag Elgin Clock
Go to Post That's some sexy use of aluminium Bharat Nain Billfred
Go to Post Those teams with too much pride will hinder their alliance. Know your strengths and weaknesses and be honest about them. Andy Brockway Jaine Perotti
Go to Post You have to start at the bottom to get to the top, usually. Kyle Billfred
Go to Post While we're on the topic of games... there have to be some people who'd be interested in a good round of FIRST ROBOTICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p :yikes: :D :rolleyes: Leav Venkatesh
Go to Post Let's Get Ready to (Graciously) Rumble! Mr MOE Kyle
Go to Post I also predict that most predictions will be wrong. Joe Ross Bharat Nain
Go to Post note to self: do not use robot to retrieve cars from water. Greg Marra Bharat Nain
Go to Post It sounded like a good idea, and then I thought about it. :-/ Wetzel Jessica Boucher
Go to Post Is it legal to build 2 robots? yes. Is it crazy to do so? maybe. Andy Baker Billfred
Go to Post Dean Kamen, you deserve a cookie. Jessica Boucher Billfred
Go to Post Robotics season has monopolized my time for the past several weeks so I have not been keeping up with Segway news lately Stu Bloom Billfred
Go to Post You can build an amazing robot that is capable and beautiful on a limited budget. Andy Baker Daniel Brim
Go to Post theres nothing more macho than something made entirely out of diamond plate. Dan9874123 Josh Hambright
Go to Post To label hard work as unfair is really a bitter assessment. Koko Ed Jaine Perotti
Go to Post Nothing like GLR for your inaugural stint as a coach, lemme tell ya. Kevin Sevcik Billfred
Go to Post I don't remember who said it or what the words are exactly...(I think it was Hopalong Cassidy) Don't say goodbye, just say see you later. Al Skierkiewicz Josh Hambright
Go to Post As I told my friend Joe Johnson, just because you aren't around as much doesn't mean that you can just close the book on this chapter, instead - just keep a book marker in this place, so you can remember how to find your way back home - when the time is right. meaubry Josh Hambright
Go to Post You are an inquisitive rookie aren't ya Kyle Beth Sweet
Go to Post I'm nervous for those awesome rookie teams that you may not know about much but that just come and do awesome with some fantastic strategy...Rookies rock. Eugenia Gabrielov Billfred

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