Go to Post In theory, we do not need teachers in this world because we have the written word, but in reality, teachers are one of the most valuable resources, if not the most valuable resource, we have. - Natchez [more]
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Go to Post I'm nervous for those awesome rookie teams that you may not know about much but that just come and do awesome with some fantastic strategy...Rookies rock. Eugenia Gabrielov Billfred
Go to Post When you boil it down, the name “FIRST-a-holic” represents our passion for changing the world, our energy for difficult challenges, and our bravery in facing unknowns. Ken Leung RogerR
Go to Post I wouldn’t trade this for anything in this world ;-). Ken Leung JohnBoucher
Go to Post I never cease to be amazed at the creative engineering employed by some teams. Karthik Billfred
Go to Post Yeah those design flaws kill you in the end. You especially hate finding out about them in competition. Koko Ed Billfred
Go to Post Now Dave, before you get all snarly about these- remember, I still have the button maker... MissInformation Billfred
Go to Post using CD to answer my question is not the way to get the "ALL-BINDING FIRST ANSWER." rees2001 Billfred
Go to Post Viva La FIRST Revolucion! phrontist Alex Pelan
Go to Post If we all keep our "secrets" about our robots, the rest of us don't learn as much. Rick TYler Josh Hambright
Go to Post Here we go again with all kinds of speculation. We can never out guess FIRST. BobC Billfred
Go to Post Is it legal? Yes. Is it Graciously Professional? Yes. Is it smart? No. dlavery Beth Sweet
Go to Post You can be legal and be graciously professional, but still be dumb. dlavery phrontist
Go to Post I think applying Gracious Professionalism to strictly legal game play trivializes what is a much more important and fundamental FIRST concept. jimfortytwo Billfred
Go to Post Dance Dance Revolution is the only solution. That rhymed. I should not be on chief at this hour of the morning. >_< Eugenia Gabrielov Billfred
Go to Post This looks like a job for duct tape! JoeXIII'007 Billfred
Go to Post Search is amazing. Give it a try. It's 10,000 lines of code that gets lonely if it's not played with often. Brandon Martus Billfred
Go to Post Some may call it an obsession and they may be right, but I call it a huge learning experience. Elgin Clock russell
Go to Post I just think the teams that will be winners will have a higher score then us :) Kyle Daniel Brim
Go to Post There is no feeling greater than being a part of a group that would walk through fire with you. Complete commitment, complete trust, and total respect. Rich Kressly Jaine Perotti
Go to Post They improvised. They overcame. They persevered. And they succeeded. ... I cannot remember being more proud of a group of students with which I have been associated. dlavery Jaine Perotti
Go to Post where theres building to do, i'll be there. Conor Ryan Kyle
Go to Post As a Mississippi boy, I'm especially proud that I could read Natchez dlavery
Go to Post I think overcoming obstacles together builds a stronger team. MissInformation Daniel Brim
Go to Post I guess instead of focusing on the stuff we wish we could have changed, we should focus on all of the wonderful stuff we accomplished instead! Winged Wonder Jaine Perotti
Go to Post We can build it... we have the technology...better than it was before... Better...stronger...faster.... more PINK Barry Bonzack Daniel Brim
Go to Post I think this just hit the nail in the head with a sledgehammer. Yan Wang Billfred
Go to Post I trust in Martus. Petey JohnBoucher
Go to Post I'm sure there aren't a bunch of rule makers sitting in a board room discussing "What rule can we change now to mess with the teams' heads?" Lets all just sit back and enjoy the regionals! Rick Billfred
Go to Post If there is anything I have learned from ChiefDelphi, it's to never underestimate the coding genius that is Brandon Martus. Amanda Morrison Matt Krass
Go to Post A quote from the Southern California Regional Visitors guide: "If you are having problems the FIRST thing to do is ask your neighbor for help" ChrisH kayla13
Go to Post We were also at 9,999 [characters] for Chairmans...Mom always said I was an under-achiever. Chris Fultz Billfred
Go to Post Please don't act embarrassed if your designs didn't work out; join the club. You are learning and will get better every year. Gary Dillard Billfred
Go to Post We want you here, and we want you back. Welcome. Gary Dillard dlavery
Go to Post At this point (after shipping the robot), I'm really looking forward to doing laundry, eating a square meal, and getting to bed at a reasonable hour. Emily Pease Jessica Boucher
Go to Post Do what you do well and I'm sure there will be much hope in your future! Collmandoman phrontist
Go to Post Well I guess that's better than some teams idea of team bonding which would be taping a wayward freshman to the wall with duct tape. Koko Ed Billfred
Go to Post ... six weeks, it's too long, but not long enough. Stillen Daniel Brim
Go to Post Darn, I won't be at Pittsburgh. But I ain't going anywhere this year without my gracious professionalism! Eugenia Gabrielov Billfred
Go to Post Come on guys....what else could we expect.....its Wildstang!!! Kyle Love Billfred
Go to Post Programmers fuel: pure, unadulterated caffeinated beverages. Mike Venkatesh
Go to Post i do not TOUCH the robot. i don't even press the load button or the reset button. nooo touchy. but i like it better like that, this way, when something goes wrong, i can wholly blame the electronics ppl nehalita Billfred
Go to Post That Billfred guy is going to pay for this one. Bcahn836 Billfred
Go to Post Just wondering what types of food you have been living off of while working on your robot? Our team has had pizza almost 3-4 times a week or more. Just wondering. SGS DRAGONS sgsdragons kayla13
Go to Post Or you can always say "we programmed it that way." probizzle Billfred
Go to Post If they're going to blame you for it anyway, you might as well have fun. Rick TYler dlavery
Go to Post Slight physical blocks will never stop a good programmer, we can just program around it. AIBob Kyle Love
Go to Post I want to take a moment to thank every single FIRST mentor on behalf of all the FIRSTers (students) out there, for giving us the best we can get. Arefin Bari Jaine Perotti
Go to Post I walked out to the area where the robot was getting ready to move, and there's no room near the robot. I look again, and realize it's all students. rachakate Dave_222
Go to Post there is no mechanics Barbie. Iain McLeod DarkJedi613
Go to Post Over Weight. What else is to be expected? There is still time for the diet team to perform miracles. Meanwhile I still keep adding parts. Steve W Hallry

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