Go to Post I was cheering like mad during the last match on Einstein - I think the rest of my team thought I was crazy...or crazier than they thought I was before! - Sean Schuff [more]
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Go to Post Boy was that a sleepless night! Suneet Conor Ryan
Go to Post It is not necessary to draw 200 amps to move a robot through a two minute match. Rule of thumb is you robot should be able to compete for three matches without a battery change. Al Skierkiewicz dez250
Go to Post Use these tools as a starting point, not as an end product. Tom Bottiglieri BandChick
Go to Post I think they get nutrition from chain greese. Lucid Venkatesh
Go to Post Never underestimate the power of human ingenuity. Wetzel dlavery
Go to Post This isn't about practical, it's about having fun and thinking outside the box... tetrahedron.... whatever....:rolleyes: Cyberguy34000 Jessica Boucher
Go to Post what fun is it if you haven't ripped out all your hair and beaten your now bald head against the wall for extended periods of time.... pickle BandChick
Go to Post Cameras, colors, and tetras, oh my! galewind BandChick
Go to Post Instead of giving us some wood and nails and saying "build us a box", they're handing us power tools and saying "now make us something cool" galewind Matt Krass
Go to Post In theory, we do not need teachers in this world because we have the written word, but in reality, teachers are one of the most valuable resources, if not the most valuable resource, we have. Natchez Winged Globe
Go to Post ...when you see someone post about something they donít like, please donít post another ďIím sick of all this whiningĒ type of post. If you disagree with them, try to offer an intelligent argument back. Phil 33 Jaine Perotti
Go to Post Cash is always better, remember that when fund raising. LordDumpling DonRotolo
Go to Post FIRSTies always get Two Xmases! Sscamatt
Go to Post amazing stuff. Specialagentjim Billfred
Go to Post Come on, Dave! We need more lyrics! (I'll bring you fresh KK doughnuts at VCU's regional! :D ) Squirrelrock Billfred
Go to Post Anyone know anything about a missing plastic flamingo from NASA HQ? I should mention before you answer that tampering with federal property, even if it's weird stuff from (Dave's) office, is punishable by painful delivery of ChiefDelphi negative rep points. Rich Kressly Billfred
Go to Post Patience is a good strategy. Koko Ed Bharat Nain
Go to Post devote your life to FIRST. It will pay off. suneel112 sanddrag
Go to Post Finish... what an interesting concept. I'm still hoping to do that to our 2003 bot. Joshua May Billfred
Go to Post Of course even though its less than a week until kickoff, dave can still change the rules to make bearhugging me in automode a bonus Mike Schroeder Bharat Nain
Go to Post That sound you hear is a student on the mechanical team trying to get out of the shipping crate you closed too early. Al Skierkiewicz Billfred
Go to Post We would expect our bot to be done by Week 5, but usually its about a day or two before shipping and then the ever-famous "all nite programmin' n driva trainin'" is done. Bharat Nain Ian Curtis
Go to Post I didn't say this! Max Lobovsky phrontist
Go to Post So we developed AI... it figured out the clue... already... made itself accordingly... and is currently walking to the peachtree regional if you find him ask him what the objectives are, we'd sure like to know! Collmandoman phrontist
Go to Post I believe there is a strong link between a reliable drivetrain and an inspirational FIRST season. Joe Johnson sanddrag
Go to Post Moreover, lets discuss robots, its more fun :p Bharat Nain Elgin Clock
Go to Post I betcha the FIRST officials in the know come in here from time to time and either gasp and think of how to make next year's clue harder or fall off their chair laughing. Sparks333 Billfred
Go to Post Diversity means diversity in ideas too. Some of the robots from the singapore competition might have employed strategies or ideas that we may not even have come up with in North America. J Flex 188 Billfred
Go to Post Dave has said that straight out. Well, straight by dave standards. phrontist Billfred
Go to Post You can never have too many backups. Venkatesh Billfred
Go to Post i have a feeling that the field with be the same as it was last year just to save some money. but what is inside the the field will be diferent. MikeL303 miketwalker
Go to Post So many possibilities so many different meanings and soo many different opinions. LOL but i guess this is what FIRST is all about. Bcahn836 Elgin Clock
Go to Post GP and the Scout Law are high ideals that only the best will achieve and live everyday. Al Skierkiewicz Steve W
Go to Post FIRST - Breaking stereotypes everywhere Sparks333 Billfred
Go to Post just a gentle reminder not to limit yourself to just one viewpoint - every problem can and should be examined from different angles dlavery Steve W
Go to Post Kickoff features the joys of discovery. Ship date features the fear of utter failure. Koko Ed SilverStar
Go to Post Welcome to FIRST. You've never seen anything like this. Aignam Brandon Martus
Go to Post Torment us no longer, Oh most great and knowledgable Dave. We savor your every utterance. Gary Dillard phrontist
Go to Post I can't get anyone on the team to leave warm South Florida to go to Manchester in January. Go figure. Warren Boudreau Billfred
Go to Post All I wanted was a game hint.... :( JohnBoucher Koko Ed
Go to Post Putting 2 and 2 together, and then mixing them back up for someone else to try and get 4 in a different way is just plain fun. Elgin Clock Billfred
Go to Post I like drifting, but I have to go WRC. Putting a car where it doesn't belong feels right, like combining together drill motors and power window motors and putting them on a big patch of carpet. Billfred greencactus3
Go to Post I would contend that you cannot have a consistently good robot without equally good teambuilding. jonathan lall Billfred
Go to Post While we all look back and appreciate the shoulders of the giants of the past upon which we are standing, let us not forget that we are the giants of today. Ours are the shoulders on which others will be standing in the future. Mike Rush Billfred
Go to Post Imagine the pressure on Dave Lavery - every time he sneezes someone assumes it's a game hint. Gary Dillard Jessica Boucher
Go to Post I learned about how FIRST really is about so much more than a robot competition, it is about team building and the individual. Adel Hodiwala Bharat Nain
Go to Post Robotics for me though really is hard to beat. Though tiring and exhausting, the memories you build are priceless. ShadowKnight Dorienne
Go to Post Why does kick off take so long to get here but ship date comes toooooooooo fast? Steve W Julia Magoolia
Go to Post It's in the RUMOR MILL section, hence it is a RUMOR. Personally I find it entertaining to see what gets started in this particular forum section and have people go off the deep end. Gary Dillard Billfred
Go to Post if your true love is building robots, this makes perfect sense EddieMcD Billfred

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