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Go to Post When I had "shop" back in High School they emphazied safety to the fullest extreme. I'm glad they did, I still have a full set of 7 fingers........ Stillen Matt Krass
Go to Post Parking Lot T-Shirt Bootleggers are NOT approved suppliers Rich Kressly Billfred
Go to Post I'm gonna go back to my corner and write some more code... Kevin Watson Astronouth7303
Go to Post Build a GREAT robot (just not as good as mine). Steve W Daniel Brim
Go to Post FIRST is supposed to be a learning experience. Learn first, win awards later. evulish Billfred
Go to Post Girls, if you are techy, great! If you're not, don't worry about it. We're all good at something and FIRST can show you what that is. Just remember, be true to WHO YOU ARE. Erin Rapacki Koko Ed
Go to Post when I was a young whippersnapper, we didn't even HAVE Internet access at my high school in my podunk farmer town of Kinsman, OH! Travis Hoffman JamizzleHavok13
Go to Post Gravity is not always pointing the same direction relative to the robot! ChrisH Matt Krass
Go to Post From past experience members of our team insist on never trusting gravity. Vash Cyberguy34000
Go to Post When we got it tuned to the point where we were (reasonably) confident it wouldn't slam into Dave's ankle, we quit for the evening. Kevin Watson Billfred
Go to Post The first law of programming is that there are always ways of doing things quicker and in less space than you already are. jgannon Billfred
Go to Post I'm a programmer by training and inclination, so my mechanical ideas are sometimes rather, um, loosely constrained by physical reality. Alan Anderson JVN
Go to Post Don't start celebrating yet. I haven't a clue if we can get this working. Kevin Watson Billfred
Go to Post I heard a Lou Holtz quote as an answer to the question of "how do you motivate the unmotivated". He said " You eliminate those who are not motivated." Scott Ritchie Billfred
Go to Post you must do whats best for the company...not yourself. Greg Perkins Stephen Kowski
Go to Post Have I ever poked fun at you? OK, maybe Heidi. and JVN. And Dave Lavery. and Andy Baker. and .... all right, I guess I deserve it. Gary Dillard Billfred
Go to Post "What's this on the floor? 'Team 71 2005 strategy and design notebook'?" DRAT! I better call Bill and get this in the mail. Gary Dillard Billfred
Go to Post I happen to know that there is a back-order status from Exide. Seems for some reason people are ordering this product Mike Martus Billfred
Go to Post As Alice once said: "Curiouser and curiouser!" Mike Betts Bharat Nain
Go to Post Uh .. The CMU cam still needs some tuning. It was more attracted to the trees and the green panels on the fence than the actual vision tetra. Mike Hendricks Bharat Nain
Go to Post The great thing about autonomous mode is that it doesn't require any additional effort from anyone else on your team... (You could do that yourself...but I've noticed that people will usually offer to do it for you, rather than let the programmer touch power tools.) jgannon Billfred
Go to Post Don't try to kiss your stapler remover, those prongs are sharp... MissInformation Billfred
Go to Post work? I can't remember when the last time i did that was... Carolyn Duncan Billfred
Go to Post Antimatter.. It will help us in the never ending quest to build the bot under the weight limit. Elgin Clock David Guzman
Go to Post The flux capacitor should have been allowed under the flowchart as long as it met the single component maximum cost. I did check with Digikey and they no longer carry the line. Al Skierkiewicz Billfred
Go to Post Dont give up, because that is when you lose what you have. FIRST is the best experience that I have had throughout my entire life and there is no way ANYONE can make me quit FIRST. Arefin Bari Jaine Perotti
Go to Post When you are at the regional no one cares if you are a rookie. You are a part of the family. scitecteach Billfred
Go to Post Past success does not guarantee future results.... Koko Ed Daniel Brim
Go to Post I then asked if I could use a flux capacitor for power, but that didn't go over too well, either (they did say I could use it for decorative purposes, though). Kevin Watson Billfred
Go to Post Some things in life are far more important than Robotics. IMDWalrus Billfred
Go to Post If I am going to give away six dozens tasty treats without allowing any for myself, I have to make sure that the challenge is really worth it! dlavery Billfred
Go to Post If you want to know how to build a more competitive robot, ask. GP demands we tell you, help you, guide you, teach you. Al Skierkiewicz dlavery
Go to Post (OK, now that I have said this, just watch someone like Kevin Watson have a working solution by this Friday... :yikes: ) dlavery Matt Krass
Go to Post FIRST is about family, making new friendships, belonging somewhere, doing something you love, and finding out what your real love is in life, so when you're old and wrinkly you can look back at high school and say "This is when I found myself." Winged Wonder Jaine Perotti
Go to Post Just wait till Heidi learns video-editing skills. tkwetzel Billfred
Go to Post At one point, we were all once rookies. Vin211 Jessica Boucher
Go to Post I think that one of the most fantastic parts about FIRST is that the biggest and most successful teams are also the most abiding to the rules. Matt Adams Jaine Perotti
Go to Post It would also level the playing field by bringing the bottom up, rather than the top down. russell Matt Krass
Go to Post Searching is your friend - try it. Katie Reynolds Billfred
Go to Post Rules from prior years DO NOT APPLY to this year! dlavery Billfred
Go to Post Ha. Lavery's a genius. Aignam Billfred
Go to Post My contention is that there is not a whit of difference between noting that a change like that has to be made, and making the change. Kris Verdeyen Venkatesh
Go to Post It is not for any other team to say what is beyond a person's or a team's capabilities. That's why they have mentors :-) preussrobotics RogerR
Go to Post Starting from scratch is what makes it hard. ChrisH Billfred
Go to Post FIRST should never come before school and anyone who thinks otherwise is irresponsible and should not be mentoring the kids Koko Ed Billfred
Go to Post There MUST BE room for mistakes. Thatís one of the best ways to learn. Ken Leung Billfred
Go to Post every year, Dean's speeches get better. in the process, he's also teaching people to be patient. Winged Wonder Billfred
Go to Post HAH! What else am I supposed to do on a weekend? Sleep? Michael Hill Billfred
Go to Post So as you're thinking about this, think simple. Cyberguy34000 Billfred
Go to Post It's super-ironic that a question about searching was found via searching. Whodathunk? Brandon Martus Billfred

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