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Go to Post Don't bring a distraction to the field. Al Skierkiewicz Billfred
Go to Post It's OK to make some mistakes, as long as you learn from them. Doug G Billfred
Go to Post YES... ITS VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY BAD for my health, cause I like it way too much that at times I will forget to sleep. I love FIRST. :] Arefin Bari Bharat Nain
Go to Post If robotics is bad for you, well then I guess I'm gonna die. At least I'll die happy. karinka13 Billfred
Go to Post As usual this was the programmers fault. Swampdude Billfred
Go to Post Super Bowl, P-Diddy, Diet Pepsi. Super Bowl of Smarts, Dave Lavery, Diet Coke. Gary Dillard Billfred
Go to Post My favorite question of all time asked by "outsiders": How much does/did that thing cost? How can you put a price on the hard-work and dedication it took to build these machines? KyleGilbert45 Billfred
Go to Post Even if this is the Rumor Mill, there are behaviors that need to be adhered to. meaubry Billfred
Go to Post Please review the rules for posting. meaubry Billfred
Go to Post you are going to gear that down right? Otherwise your robot will take about 10 minutes to reach its top speed of mach 2.6. M. Hicken Billfred
Go to Post rumors only beget more rumors JakeGallagher Billfred
Go to Post now now, there is no such thing as reading the manual too much. I read it every night just before I go to bed. 663.keith Billfred
Go to Post Winning the robot part of the competition is not about learning or doing unneccesary work. It works just like "winning" in industry. Max Lobovsky Billfred
Go to Post You are given a goal with some simple restrictions. That's it. No one really cares how you get it done, just the fact that you get it done. Max Lobovsky Billfred
Go to Post FIRST teams do not allow other FIRST teams to fail. Billfred
Go to Post *gasp* Robotics? bad for your health? I refuse to accept that as an answer. Kiwi_queen Billfred
Go to Post Sweeeet swerve drive Andy Baker Josh Hambright
Go to Post just remember, with power comes responsibility. Mike Ciance Billfred
Go to Post one wrong move and you could end up capping one of the judges. that will pretty much ruin your chance at judges' award Mike Ciance Billfred
Go to Post So does this mean we can use the FP as bumpers? :D Peter Matteson CmptrGk
Go to Post Just a word of advise dont come running up to someone and say OMG OMG its just remember to introduce yourself first. Mike Schroeder Bharat Nain
Go to Post How many FIRSTers would quit if they found it was bad for them? I think most FIRSTaholics are thirteen steppers ;) phrontist Billfred
Go to Post Blame it on the programmer. colt527 Billfred
Go to Post Remember, if FIRST is your top priority, you need to look at your priorities. Billfred Daniel Brim
Go to Post And THAT is why they have safety manuals. Eria4044 Billfred
Go to Post You can have any color robot you like, so long as it stays that color. So you shouldn't have to worry unless you have a chameleon bot. Kevin Sevcik Billfred
Go to Post One of the many unwritten laws of engineering failure is that the problem will occur in the most inopportune time. Dave Scheck Billfred
Go to Post ....a red-light-of-death. Kevin Watson Venkatesh
Go to Post P.S. could we get Kanagasabapathy added to the spell check? or will it not handle words that big? :) Holtzman Beth Sweet
Go to Post No one wants to have the piece that they spent hours swiss-cheesing break in half... BillCloyes Billfred
Go to Post actually, I don't work with mechanics, so I just barely learned what Lexan was a few days ago...long story... It's amazing the variety of things FIRST teaches us!!! tribotec_ca88 Billfred
Go to Post Wishes and dreams can hold a robot together just as well as nuts and bolts. Kyle Bharat Nain
Go to Post make sure to make it look really cool, it makes it easier for teams to remember you, which comes in handy for alliance selections ;) Holtzman Billfred
Go to Post 99.9999% of the FIRSTers are really nice Denman Billfred
Go to Post the always so humble metal-in-motion.....i know your tricks; you all are gonna have a killer robot as usual.... Stephen Kowski Billfred
Go to Post (The wheels) need to be green anodized, and then assembled with yellow anodized spinners. ... and then, on the spinners, you can etch "JVN is a dweeb". That would be cool. Andy Baker Billfred
Go to Post The robot was spinning, I dont have the energy to spin like that. Joe Menassa Billfred
Go to Post WE might have a different plan than being overweight, but thats just my guess pakrat Billfred
Go to Post My guess is you all are planning on being overweight......interesting strategy.....i like it Stephen Kowski Daniel Brim
Go to Post No, we will not call you a "stupid freshman", we attribute your hasty remark due to lack of expirence, but you will gain that in time. Mr. Ivey Billfred
Go to Post Pizza tastes best after a few long hours of robot building. Max Lobovsky Billfred
Go to Post Dave Lavery was right... all we had to do was type in "attack old lady" and when we started up our robot it did. Human Player JackN
Go to Post I don't think we should only be pointing at those with exceptional bots, but those that we consider a role model team in all aspects, not just in technical design tribotec_ca88 Koko Ed
Go to Post Why do it the hard way if you don't have too? ChrisH Billfred
Go to Post but then again, isn't FIRST a sport? I mean come on now, our championship is nothing less than the super bowl. :) Arefin Bari Kyle
Go to Post Saying that something cannot be done, is always good inspiration for someone to find a way to do it. Josh Hambright Billfred
Go to Post That tetra has personality! Kevin Thorp Josh Hambright
Go to Post If the left side of your brain controls the right side of your body then left handers are the only ones in "their right mind". Al Skierkiewicz ConKbot of Doom
Go to Post That seems like a pretty cool idea! Who'da thunk o' dat?! :rolleyes: dlavery nukemknight
Go to Post Scout so that you're not in doubt! Mark Pettit Billfred

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