Go to Post The biggest fallacy in FIRST is the belief we are just a bunch of different teams. We are ONE BIG TEAM with a lot of sub teams for the purpose of competition. - Al Skierkiewicz [more]
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Go to Post We don't use fancy tools like that, but we might need some wood glue or something :) MrForbes dodar
Go to Post "Don't worry, it's just a prototype." Newo95 dodar
Go to Post Only a few more days till i get to see her again! This is sad you would think I was talking about a chick... no wonder my gf gets jealous. XD sportzkrazzy dodar
Go to Post Maybe FIRST made these bumper rules so IRI would have something to blow off come July. Koko Ed dodar
Go to Post I guess Team 999 was like "Chute first, ask questions later". KPSch dodar
Go to Post It's a shame that this is likely the year that sacred ground will be touched by that unworthy drive :rolleyes: AdamHeard dodar
Go to Post Could you post your code? It is hard to debug that which you cannot see... Dusk Star DominickC
Go to Post Some High School students understand safety and can follow complex instructions. DonRotolo DominickC
Go to Post I'm pretty sure there is a federal sequester on the bandwidth coming out of LSR. PayneTrain DominickC
Go to Post Give us the e-mail address of these folks to send them a barrage of support letters for your students? sanddrag DominickC
Go to Post Most of us are pretty friendly. StephLee DonRotolo
Go to Post Getting that degree is the reason for going to college. Failing out of school because you mentored isn't really a good reason. DonRotolo
Go to Post First and foremost, teach which end is the hot one on a soldering iron. Al Skierkiewicz DonRotolo
Go to Post Mentors are here to guide and explain not to decide and do. Fe_Will DonRotolo
Go to Post I guess it all just goes back to the fact that you need to finish your robot before it goes in the crate. sanddrag DonRotolo
Go to Post Cash is always better, remember that when fund raising. LordDumpling DonRotolo
Go to Post You might want to read...the Manual very carefully. . dlavery DonRotolo
Go to Post Mentors can either hide the experience of failure or support the right of a student in gaining that experience. dcbrown DonRotolo
Go to Post It's not about going for any of the awards. Awards are to recognize what you are doing for First, your team, and the community. SaraBailey DonRotolo
Go to Post When we stop asking ourselves the hard questions, whether as team leaders or in life, then we are failing. Al Skierkiewicz DonRotolo
Go to Post At the end of the day, it really isnít about the awards. JesseK DonRotolo
Go to Post Its not how much knowledge you have, its how much you want to learn. tennispro9911 DonRotolo
Go to Post Joining a FIRST team is the beginning of "smart," not the culmination. klrswift DonRotolo
Go to Post FIRST is an organization where you leave lasting impressions on people you don't even know. rtfgnow DonRotolo
Go to Post The short answer is there is no shortcut. JDNovak DonRotolo
Go to Post I highly doubt the game has anything to do with water... rotolomi DonRotolo
Go to Post GP isn't just a good idea, it's mathematically optimal. Jared Russell DonRotolo
Go to Post It moves so smoothly because it is magic. dtengineering DonRotolo
Go to Post But their robot puts its wheels on one at a time just like ours, so we can be a HOF winner too! Foster DonRotolo
Go to Post Dean's never ending fountain of denim. kjolana1124 DonRotolo
Go to Post sign up to be an organ donor, and encourage your friends to be organ donors. dtengineering DonRotolo
Go to Post BTW don't trust game hint threads started by Greg Needel. rtfgnow DonRotolo
Go to Post You all are brilliant people. Andy Baker DonRotolo
Go to Post However, I do expect something truthful to come out of some of Dave's posts. Karibou DonRotolo
Go to Post It'd be nice to have some more data to look at, I like data Aren_Hill DonRotolo
Go to Post Water game. dlavery DonRotolo
Go to Post Dedicated students inspire parents and mentors, dedicated mentors inspire students. Akash Rastogi DonRotolo
Go to Post You will forever be confronted with choosing between right and wrong, or choosing what you think you can get away with. Which way you go defines what kind of person you are. Choose wisely. Gary Dillard DonRotolo
Go to Post You can learn a lot from making mistakes - even more from fixing them. DarrinMunter DonRotolo
Go to Post There's a fine line between cockiness and confidence. Confidence is one of the major keys to success and happiness in life. As long as one can carefully stay on the right side of the line, staying connfident while remaining humble, and ego can be quite beneficial. Karthik DonRotolo
Go to Post Practice field + Practice bot + Iteration = awesome sauce Akash Rastogi DonRotolo
Go to Post I tried to make them look at disgruntled as possible. Katie_UPS DonRotolo
Go to Post Why, yes. I do use Windows, why do you ask? dtengineering DonRotolo
Go to Post "Why even bother building a robot if we're not gonna win?". The answer? To learn and grow. MrBydlon DonRotolo
Go to Post Funding and success is no accident. waialua359 DonRotolo
Go to Post Lesson learned, /always/ have a pick list! Lil' Lavery DonRotolo
Go to Post Most importantly, get some sleep. Libby K DonRotolo
Go to Post But here's the beautiful thing about FIRST: you are supposed to make mistakes. RunawayEngineer DonRotolo
Go to Post As usual, I mistakenly look for a technical solution to a social problem. MrForbes dooey100
Go to Post The thought of destroying any robot is just......depressing :( Richard McClellan dooey100

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