Go to Post Life can be painfully short and you never know how things could change in an instant. It never hurts to say thank you. - Karthik [more]
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Go to Post do i even have to say anything about hurricane jeanne after my comments about charley, frances and ivan? :mad: but if i could, i would run all of them over with my robot... Arefin Bari Dorienne
Go to Post I owe a debt, as many FIRSTers do, to the entire organization as a whole. Every team, every student, every person involved has help make FIRST what it is today. This is my Thank You. ~Anonymous BandChick Dorienne
Go to Post Robotics for me though really is hard to beat. Though tiring and exhausting, the memories you build are priceless. ShadowKnight Dorienne
Go to Post A robot is replaced every season by the next robot, but a friend, team member, mentor, and memories will never be replaced. Jverdon Dorienne
Go to Post To me, being in FIRST is the biggest learning experience anyone can have. I want to give that experience to everyone I can, be it now or thirty years down the line. BandChick Dorienne
Go to Post Seriously I didn't think that "FIRST, it's the WWF for smart people" would ever catch on. Schnabel Dowjonesbotics
Go to Post "If you can't hurdle, you can't win." "Remember to practice your obnoxious amateurism." . dlavery Dowjonesbotics
Go to Post "If I had a nickel for every time our robot actually worked, I'd have one whole nickel. It was fail. Epic fail." - lol, a team at the NYC FTC tourny Akash Rastogi Dowjonesbotics
Go to Post "We've got more money than brains." Travis Hoffman Dowjonesbotics
Go to Post "I have cut this piece 4 times and it is still too short!" Betty_Krocker dragonrulr288
Go to Post 5:20 - Lots of discussion about how FIRST pretty much wipes out the world of at least one object every year. Andy Grady dragonrulr288
Go to Post "We put the eek in Geek" Wayne Doenges dragonrulr288
Go to Post (Don't you hate it...) "when... no more buttons can fit onto your clothing at competitions?" mcb dragonrulr288
Go to Post Who says engineers can't be poets? Wayne TenBrink dragonrulr288
Go to Post I mean who does want to write their code like this... [CODE] CANHAZ.VICTOR; GIMME.VICTOR; VROOMVROOM.VICTOR(1); KTHNXBAI; [CODE] JohnFogarty drew.spillers
Go to Post Cut it out with the paper airplanes! Frank hath spoken! cgmv123 Drivencrazy
Go to Post I always wondered what would happen if two robots mated. Greg Needel Drwurm
Go to Post I personally need all the limbs and eyeballs I currently have, and I assume other feel the same way. bfk dtengineering
Go to Post I got dragged into FIRST against my will, and it was the best thing that's ever happened to me. Liz C dubious elise
Go to Post It kicked off today, and we already have 10 pages of posts!?!?! ShotgunNinja dubiousSwain
Go to Post Good programmers always find a better way to do something, especially when it's not obvious where those improvements can be found. Mr. Lim dubiousSwain
Go to Post You can't observe things that aren't seen or reported. Andrew Schreiber dubiousSwain
Go to Post Yes indeed... ten years ago tomorrow, those famous words "water game" were first mentioned on Chief Delphi! Oh, how things have and have not changed... bduddy Duke461
Go to Post The minute humans begin depending on robots for anything in their daily routine is .... well, let's just hope people "in it for the lulz" don't take notice. JesseK Duke461
Go to Post The top 3 debates you don't want to bring up in a group of nerds: Mac vs PC vs Linux, Best Programming Language, and Best CAD Program. EricH Duke461
Go to Post Any metric you want to apply to Pink, they will pass with flying colors. Pun intended. Lil' Lavery Duke461
Go to Post FIRST is the best thing I could have ever done. It shows me where I think my limits are, and it destroys them right in front of my eyes. My experiences with FIRST have defined who I am, and I am beyond blessed to have had them. Audrey Chu Duke461
Go to Post Show me the mentor who has never built a bad robot and I'll show you either a new mentor, a liar, or Andy Baker. Andrew Schreiber Duke461
Go to Post I hope FIRST hurries up and releases the regional schedule soon. I have a vacation schedule to plan. Koko Ed Duke461
Go to Post Remember that the 4-slot cRIO...only has 4 slots. :) Alan Anderson Duke461
Go to Post They have a ton of spirit but they are somewhat humble in their application of it. firstfollower Duncan Macdonald
Go to Post I'm still thinking about the 1114+469 doomsday.. I mean, that alliance has national champion written all over it. Joel J Dylan
Go to Post Screws come even smaller, #0000 - 160 at Small Parts.They're about $4 each, and made by elves. DonRotolo Dylan
Go to Post Our strong support is the result of 14 years of very organized "nagging". :) OZ_341 ebarker
Go to Post I suggest that FIRST should include a "big red button" in the KOP next year to make everyone happy. :p Jay H 237 EddieMcD
Go to Post After all of this is said and done, think about how much more you all will know about the lovely state of Montana and other things not related to robotics. :) Madison EddieMcD
Go to Post You can never have enough FIRST! :D Koko Ed EddieMcD
Go to Post Gotta love it... FIRST's GDC...providing entertainment to loads of bored Bostonian FIRST'ers on a friday night. Andy Grady EddieMcD
Go to Post There is nothing that says 'gracious professionalism' like making brunch for your opponents. Monochron EDesbiens
Go to Post These predictions are just a bit of fun. Neither these, nor the division threads, are meant to be comprehensive. Don't like 'em? Go out there and prove them wrong! Looking Forward efoote868
Go to Post However, mentoring isn't for you. It's for the others. Alan Anderson efoote868
Go to Post A pole is usually made of aluminum or steel pipe. You can get these wherever you get metal. :) As for polls, there's a check box in the "Additional Options" section of the New Thread page that you can click to create said poll. Chris is me ehochstein
Go to Post There's no better way to start your FIRST career then opening a box and getting free stuff from Andy Baker! JosephC ehochstein
Go to Post I did everything in high school... but only FIRST allowed me to be me. treffk Ekcrbe
Go to Post Adam, when most of us look at your robots, we aren't thinking, "How Creative!" What we are thinking is more like, "Holy Crap!" Richard Wallace Ekcrbe
Go to Post Now go out, get some sleep, and build the greatest robot you have ever made. nicholsjj Ekcrbe
Go to Post Engineering fundamentally comes down to problem solving, and if the students can't get excited and inspired by the problem solving process because someone has spoon fed them a solution, then nobody wins. Give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, he'll eat for a lifetime. kevinw Eldarion
Go to Post Some clever fellow a few years back made a little scooter based on this principal and made so much on the idea he can afford the finest denim in the land. phrontist Eldarion
Go to Post Students and engineers should work side by side, actually inspiring each other. Andy Baker Eldarion
Go to Post With all that chain call it Link and dress it up like Zelda. nuggetsyl electron

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