Go to Post Powerhouse teams aren't powerhouse because they build great robots, they are powerhouses because they build great teams. - couvillion [more]
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Go to Post If all you've seen of an event is the three days of the competition, you've missed 99% of the work that made it happen. Madison Elgin Clock
Go to Post We are making this up as we go along - please don't confuse us by telling us the way that it really should be done. dlavery Elgin Clock
Go to Post this is a TEAM effort...teach them something. Who knows, with a little luck, you might just learn something yourself! Nuttyman54 Elgin Clock
Go to Post Am I the only one who thinks robots are the main attraction of a regional, and there isn't a need for more distraction? Adam Richards Elgin Clock
Go to Post If you don't manage weight from the beginning, weight will manage you at the end. charrisTTI Elgin Clock
Go to Post Quote from my mentor: "Keep things as complex as necessary, and not a bit more." Mike Elgin Clock
Go to Post Fire and smoke are great if you're into Battlebots, but we like to avoid them in FIRST competitions. Elgin Clock
Go to Post As a rookie team member at my first event, i had a great time, the little glitches meaning nothing. Gluedtothefloor Elgin Clock
Go to Post It doesn't always work when you put the word gracious in front of anything. Think Battle bots, after a winning match do ya go over to the loser and go we Graciously kicked your butt!? Alex Cormier Elgin Clock
Go to Post In fact, one of our volunteers just found out about the entire FIRST program two weeks ago and had so much fun on Thursday that he came back on Friday to help us again! KathieK Elgin Clock
Go to Post ....FIRST helped me realize how much i enjoy engineering, so that i NEED to do well in my classes if i want to reach my goals. the_short1 Elgin Clock
Go to Post Is it weird that I was hoping we wouldn't have too many snow days so that graduation wouldn't run into Battlecry? ScoutingNerd175 Elgin Clock
Go to Post it's shadows and fog and stormy skies and a reminder that things are rarely black and white but instead, the places in between. MissInformation Elgin Clock
Go to Post When it was at 222, I was like 'Tigertrons from Tunkhahoohaasomethingconfusing Pennsylvania!' and my friend hit me for being such a loser. Church Elgin Clock
Go to Post Watch out world, FIRST is going to become mainstream! Church Elgin Clock
Go to Post Remember, FIRST is a great opportunity that will get you ahead in the long run but don't forget about the short run either. ChrisMcK2186 Elgin Clock
Go to Post *quick grab the epoxy we can rebuild him, make him stronger than before* amos229 Elgin Clock
Go to Post We should have a rule in CD, no sad booboo faces that make you want to cry... JaneYoung Elgin Clock
Go to Post A mentor doesn't have to win the WFA at a competition to know that they've inspired the team. Laura 1547 Elgin Clock
Go to Post I remember seeing that hair do. It is what inspired me to become an MC one day. Tetraman Elgin Clock
Go to Post Who cares about the score? The score is just numbers on a board, the exciting part is watching the robots interact and seeing robots( and more importantly, people) do the impossible. Herodotus Elgin Clock
Go to Post If we can transform our culture to the point where girls swoon over guys as they pull their dremel off their belt and carve some speed holes in a smooth fluid motion, I think FIRST is half way to its goal. When we get the guys to swoon over the girls for their hot moves on the 5-axis, we have won. EricVanWyk Elgin Clock
Go to Post So I thought to myself "Man, I wish I was a part of a large technically minded community... oh... right..." BordomBeThyName Elgin Clock
Go to Post but yea. people have this perception of robots as like, the terminator. you don't have to be a super genius to do this stuff. christina_omg Elgin Clock
Go to Post FIRST was the best thing that accidentally happened to me. Stephen Kowski Elgin Clock
Go to Post We are all insane aren't we? I just want to build a robot now. :P Lowfategg Elgin Clock
Go to Post if you do make a marshmallow robot, that would be pretty sweet. smurfgirl Elgin Clock
Go to Post "Find a problem? Think of the three I's: Invent and Innovate to Improve!" yash101 eli2410
Go to Post [I]'Twas the night before ship day, And all through the shop, Not a creature was stirring, Not even[/I] -- Naah, they'll never believe that. GaryVoshol eli2410
Go to Post Hurricane season would be torture, at least in snow you can lock the doors and know the robot is safe. rtfgnow Enigma's puzzle
Go to Post 50% of the time that 330 used mcmaster 2717T51, we went to Einstein. Your mileage may vary. Joe Ross Enigma's puzzle
Go to Post Well, it worked in inventor . . . Chris Fultz Éowyn
Go to Post ... it's us against all the bad-grammar-usin', "ya know"-slingin', graciously excepting, "congradulations"-totin', "nu kU ler"-spoutin' linguistic Luddites out there. We'll see who wins! :D dlavery Eric Finn
Go to Post That wheel appears to have been forged deep within the fires of Mount Awesome. viking1902 Eric Finn
Go to Post No offense, but telling the Killer Bees they should do something is like telling Micheal Jordan how to dunk a basketball (or Lebron James for you young'ens who don't know who Michael Jordan is)... Don Wright Eric Yahrmatter
Go to Post -Best FIRST Robot: One that Makes it to Competition Conor Ryan EricH
Go to Post Now if you'll excuse me, I need to develop the edible transistor. sciguy125 EricH
Go to Post [this is rapidly turning into a 'how many engineers does it take....' contest :^) ] KenWittlief EricH
Go to Post It's not a proper FIRST season if you don't have a robo-diet before ship date! Mr MOE EricH
Go to Post ...if most of the money comes from sponsors, I have a bit of a problem letting them [the students] charge off a cliff with it. TimCraig EricH
Go to Post I think I have a warning label saved somewhere on my computer that says "Warning: All photos taken with this camera may be photoshopped" but I keep forgetting to put it on my camera. MissInformation EricH
Go to Post I think its great that some teams are 100% student built; but I would also hope that 100% of their students are mentor advised. =Martin=Taylor= EricH
Go to Post You really can't have a bad year. The only way you can is to come out of it and not learn anything. InfernoX14 EricH
Go to Post I live for the offseason...that is, when i'm not living for the actual season. Libby K EricH
Go to Post There is something to be learned (sometimes hard to find) from everyone you meet. wireties EricH
Go to Post And that's why we all need to consider reserving a "No! Bad robot!" button for the robocoach. :yikes: vhcook EricH
Go to Post All the robots win, because we built them and they work. ;) synth3tk EricH
Go to Post You can't stop trying to look for other ways to do things, or that really defeats the whole purpose of inovation. AmoryG EricH
Go to Post It's a good things we're engineers who regularly squeeze out 'miracles' with a severely limited budget, eh? I think that's an important aspect that we as mentors need to show the students from time to time, and this year is a perfect opportunity. JesseK EricH
Go to Post BTW - using any Lavery clue to figure anything out could be equally impossible. Raul EricH

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