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Go to Post The top 3 debates you don't want to bring up in a group of nerds: Mac vs PC vs Linux, Best Programming Language, and Best CAD Program. EricH Duke461
Go to Post Any metric you want to apply to Pink, they will pass with flying colors. Pun intended. Lil' Lavery Duke461
Go to Post FIRST is the best thing I could have ever done. It shows me where I think my limits are, and it destroys them right in front of my eyes. My experiences with FIRST have defined who I am, and I am beyond blessed to have had them. Audrey Chu Duke461
Go to Post Show me the mentor who has never built a bad robot and I'll show you either a new mentor, a liar, or Andy Baker. Andrew Schreiber Duke461
Go to Post I hope FIRST hurries up and releases the regional schedule soon. I have a vacation schedule to plan. Koko Ed Duke461
Go to Post Remember that the 4-slot cRIO...only has 4 slots. :) Alan Anderson Duke461
Go to Post They have a ton of spirit but they are somewhat humble in their application of it. firstfollower Duncan Macdonald
Go to Post I'm still thinking about the 1114+469 doomsday.. I mean, that alliance has national champion written all over it. Joel J Dylan
Go to Post Screws come even smaller, #0000 - 160 at Small Parts.They're about $4 each, and made by elves. DonRotolo Dylan
Go to Post Our strong support is the result of 14 years of very organized "nagging". :) OZ_341 ebarker
Go to Post I suggest that FIRST should include a "big red button" in the KOP next year to make everyone happy. :p Jay H 237 EddieMcD
Go to Post After all of this is said and done, think about how much more you all will know about the lovely state of Montana and other things not related to robotics. :) Madison EddieMcD
Go to Post You can never have enough FIRST! :D Koko Ed EddieMcD
Go to Post Gotta love it... FIRST's GDC...providing entertainment to loads of bored Bostonian FIRST'ers on a friday night. Andy Grady EddieMcD
Go to Post These predictions are just a bit of fun. Neither these, nor the division threads, are meant to be comprehensive. Don't like 'em? Go out there and prove them wrong! Looking Forward efoote868
Go to Post However, mentoring isn't for you. It's for the others. Alan Anderson efoote868
Go to Post I did everything in high school... but only FIRST allowed me to be me. treffk Ekcrbe
Go to Post Adam, when most of us look at your robots, we aren't thinking, "How Creative!" What we are thinking is more like, "Holy Crap!" Richard Wallace Ekcrbe
Go to Post Now go out, get some sleep, and build the greatest robot you have ever made. nicholsjj Ekcrbe
Go to Post Engineering fundamentally comes down to problem solving, and if the students can't get excited and inspired by the problem solving process because someone has spoon fed them a solution, then nobody wins. Give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, he'll eat for a lifetime. kevinw Eldarion
Go to Post Some clever fellow a few years back made a little scooter based on this principal and made so much on the idea he can afford the finest denim in the land. phrontist Eldarion
Go to Post Students and engineers should work side by side, actually inspiring each other. Andy Baker Eldarion
Go to Post With all that chain call it Link and dress it up like Zelda. nuggetsyl electron
Go to Post Also, after 3 years of FRC I finally hugged that Platypi! That 281 Guy elemental
Go to Post Is Atlanta an Indian word for "take the longest path between two places"? Klondike Mike Elgin Clock
Go to Post It's a bit sad, really, because FIRST has already reached other countries and there are some U.S. states that still are unaware of what FIRST is!! tribotec_ca88 Elgin Clock
Go to Post I love robotics, it has a spot for every kinda future career a student chooses. Bharat Nain Elgin Clock
Go to Post ...and then at the end they interviewed this 5 year old on his favorite part (of the fair): "I liked the robot" Jessica Boucher Elgin Clock
Go to Post I find it quite amazing that this thread has been continuously active for more than two years. Stephanie Elgin Clock
Go to Post "Oblivious" people asking questions are what gives us an excuse to sit around on CD. Ryan M. Elgin Clock
Go to Post It doesn't make a team better if they have just one sponsor or if they have 100 sponsors. However, you should commend a team who struggled to pay the bill with a list of sponsors one hundred long for showing their strength, perseverance and love for participating in the FIRST robotics program. MikeDubreuil Elgin Clock
Go to Post And Dave...should I borrow someone's hair dryer from here in case the NASA truck needs some de-icing again this year? Billfred Elgin Clock
Go to Post Supporting a FIRST team, only paying 10 bucks, and possibly winning a segway... what could be better! :) Tom Bottiglieri Elgin Clock
Go to Post Never underestimate the power of curious and impatient FIRSTers ;) kpugh Elgin Clock
Go to Post And remember, it's the fall semester. So FIRST isn't an excuse for a failing grade (not that it's ever an excuse)! Billfred Elgin Clock
Go to Post To all programmers: you are Geniuses! Ashley Weed Elgin Clock
Go to Post Just like a mentor used to call a deburring tool, the whirlygig....it just sticks. Also, whirlygig....what a sweet name for a tool. Stephen Kowski Elgin Clock
Go to Post So many possibilities so many different meanings and soo many different opinions. LOL but i guess this is what FIRST is all about. Bcahn836 Elgin Clock
Go to Post Moreover, lets discuss robots, its more fun :p Bharat Nain Elgin Clock
Go to Post With three robots, I was expecting better scores but I guess more robots means more penalties, not more points. sanddrag Elgin Clock
Go to Post The secret to this whole thing is that it's the robot that builds the team. JohnBoucher Elgin Clock
Go to Post If all you've seen of an event is the three days of the competition, you've missed 99% of the work that made it happen. Madison Elgin Clock
Go to Post We are making this up as we go along - please don't confuse us by telling us the way that it really should be done. dlavery Elgin Clock
Go to Post this is a TEAM effort...teach them something. Who knows, with a little luck, you might just learn something yourself! Nuttyman54 Elgin Clock
Go to Post Am I the only one who thinks robots are the main attraction of a regional, and there isn't a need for more distraction? Adam Richards Elgin Clock
Go to Post If you don't manage weight from the beginning, weight will manage you at the end. charrisTTI Elgin Clock
Go to Post Quote from my mentor: "Keep things as complex as necessary, and not a bit more." Mike Elgin Clock
Go to Post Fire and smoke are great if you're into Battlebots, but we like to avoid them in FIRST competitions. Elgin Clock
Go to Post As a rookie team member at my first event, i had a great time, the little glitches meaning nothing. Gluedtothefloor Elgin Clock
Go to Post It doesn't always work when you put the word gracious in front of anything. Think Battle bots, after a winning match do ya go over to the loser and go we Graciously kicked your butt!? Alex Cormier Elgin Clock

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