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Go to Post The big lesson we learned ... our past does not limit our future, that superior attitude will beat out big budgets.
Go to Post Failure is not an option.
Go to Post Heck, every human being has the potential to change the world, as long as the world still exists.
Go to Post I don't understand why it should matter if your robot is 100% student built, 100% engineer built or somewhere in between. As long as you are Inspired (I word again) FIRST is getting its point and primary goal across.
Go to Post FIRSTies always get Two Xmases! Sscamatt
Go to Post FIRST teams do not allow other FIRST teams to fail. Billfred
Go to Post I feel there really is only one team, and the name of that team is FIRST. Kyle
Go to Post Successful FIRST team members know they always can improve themselves, not just as a FIRST team, but as people who can offer something of value to society. Kyle
Go to Post anything is possible with dedication. Billfred
Go to Post It's always nice to have the outside party take a look at your code because one of two things can happen: 1. They write it better. 2. They find your stupid mistake. Astronouth7303
Go to Post You need to stay on top of your classes or you will be back as a returning freshman on next year's team. Ian Curtis
Go to Post Fire and smoke are great if you're into Battlebots, but we like to avoid them in FIRST competitions. Elgin Clock
Go to Post Getting that degree is the reason for going to college. Failing out of school because you mentored isn't really a good reason. DonRotolo
Go to Post "We don't build the robots, we build the robot builders." lukevanoort
Go to Post If you want to make change, you have to know what you're trying to change. Amanda Morrison
Go to Post Sometimes it is worth it to stop and read what you've written before posting. joshsmithers
Go to Post Part of Gracious Professionalism is the Professional bit. Doesn't matter if you're a volunteer or a staff member, a failure of this level in the real world would result in getting fired. nighterfighter
Go to Post Who knew there were this many FRC teams that are teams! Very impressive, I might add. Shrub
Go to Post But then again, no one's robot ever is fully working to how they want it before the first tournamant. #1Transgirl1140 Billfred
Go to Post I am a geek and proud of it. +()c|D Andy Baker
Go to Post I like my eyeballs where they are ::safety:: ,4lex S. NorviewsVeteran
Go to Post the Robotics team isn't just a club, it's a family. 1086Programmer Ashley Christine
Go to Post “Nothing defines humans better than their willingness to do irrational things in the pursuit of phenomenally unlikely payoffs” - Scott Adams 114Klaatu0x72 548swimmer
Go to Post Programming humor is funny, period. 1168Programmer Bethie42
Go to Post Even in the worst times, I get a reminder of just how wonderful my big FIRST family is. 216Robochick288 Tottanka
Go to Post By the end of week six, I'm sick of looking at the robot enough that stuffing it in a bag is rather cathartic...:rolleyes: 2544HCRC Ian Curtis
Go to Post Who knew a single variable could be so deadly? 3DWolf Qbranch
Go to Post Many would say it is both gracious and professional to make sure your robot will not damage another team's robot. 4throck Karthik
Go to Post now now, there is no such thing as reading the manual too much. I read it every night just before I go to bed. 663.keith Billfred
Go to Post I think FIRST is a big trap. They lure you in with these cool competitions and shiny robots and along the way they trick you into learning something :) =Martin=Taylor= Noah Kleinberg
Go to Post I think its great that some teams are 100% student built; but I would also hope that 100% of their students are mentor advised. =Martin=Taylor= EricH
Go to Post Sometimes our greatest failures lay the foundations for our greatest success. =Martin=Taylor= Billfred
Go to Post OHMYGOD JAVA SMARTDASHBOARD. It's so prettyyyyyy~ A Dog IRL Whippet
Go to Post You all have made me think about this in a new way - which I appreciate. aaeamdar Andy Baker
Go to Post remember FIRST is just an extracuricular activity in which most of the work is technichan's work...what gets you into college are good grades and a good course load...as my mom always said, "getting good grades gives you the freedom to chose to be whatever you want and go wherever you want" abeD Ryan F.
Go to Post The toughest regional is always the one you are competing in! AcesPease Rick TYler
Go to Post Mentors need to be sure that the team is on track to have a working robot ready. Students can do almost everything, but they need help watching the calender. Even if your ideas turn out bad, if your robot is inspectable and running when you arrive at your first event, anything can happen. AcesPease Hallry
Go to Post FIRST is like a big roller coaster, that can only be experianced if one takes a ride which can become a liftime experiance. activemx
Go to Post The most important deisgn criteria is always performance in any of the parts / systems we design. But we do try to abide by the saying -- if it doesn't look good (right), it probably isn't good (right). Adam Freeman Basel A
Go to Post if we can't rely on experience and the human mind from time to time, then we're in trouble, aren't we? Adam McLeod JaneYoung
Go to Post As far as we know, FIRST could replace football by 2018! Adam Richards Daniel Brim
Go to Post What really matters is what you got out of the FIRST season, and how you can use it to build on what you know. Adam Richards Arefin Bari
Go to Post Am I the only one who thinks robots are the main attraction of a regional, and there isn't a need for more distraction? Adam Richards Elgin Clock
Go to Post FIRST has a 365 day season (366 on leap years)... Adam Richards Jessica Boucher
Go to Post Step 1: Get Drill Step 2: Insert 1/2"-1" bit into drill Step 3: Drill Those Speed Holes! Adam Richards Michelle Celio
Go to Post Uhh... we were supposed to be building a robot? *looks at giant wooden Trojan Rabbit in the corner that was built instead for the past 6 weeks* Whoops... Adam Richards Billfred
Go to Post I then thought "hmm, who would want to attack the FIRST website?" I guess unfortunately the answer to that would be "Mother Nature." Adam Shapiro Swan217
Go to Post Thank you lord I knew there was a reason I got 10 books on autonomous robotics. Adam Y.
Go to Post I don't think Dean Kamen ever recieved a real degree. That doesn't make him any less of an engineer.:) Adam Y. Jessica Boucher
Go to Post My friend Noah said he talked to someone that knew me from Chiefdelphi. That's just creepy. Adam Y. Astronouth7303

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