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Non-headless Kevin

Kevin Sevcik

By: Kevin Sevcik
New: 12-20-2007 03:33 PM
Updated: 12-20-2007 03:33 PM
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Non-headless Kevin

Finally got tired of being headless on all my posts. A newer picture will probably follow at some point.

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02-05-2011 12:18 PM


Unread Re: pic: Non-headless Kevin

I kinda liked the headless shots. That way we could substitute the head we wanted...

02-05-2011 12:23 PM


Unread Re: pic: Non-headless Kevin

Kevin, Kevin, Kevin my son. Be careful. You can not use one four-way. To reverse your motors. There is only one current path at anytime through that switch. Don't forget you have two wires (two leads) to switch at the same time. This can be done with two Three-Way Switches. Or one switchouble pole,Double throw. The last switch is not come to house hold. Kevin, Kevin,
Kevin my son. Talk to me mccubbin99@live.com, be safe in life.

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