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Championship 2008

Justin Montois

By: Justin Montois
New: 12-02-2008 01:05 AM
Updated: 12-02-2008 01:05 AM
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Championship 2008

Left to Right: Mike, Me, Katherine, Kristen

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12-02-2008 10:11 PM

Dylan Gramlich

Unread Re: pic: Championship 2008

haha you guys are great! Always good hanging out and talking with you! Oh and I am looking forward to scouting/strategy with you guys at Championships!

12-03-2008 08:42 AM

Josh Goodman

Unread Re: pic: Championship 2008

Woot the 340 crew! I'll see ya at FLR! Gonna be a blast this year! Oh, and yeah...Championships should be fun too.

12-03-2008 01:20 PM


Unread Re: pic: Championship 2008

nice necklace mike !!!

no really i want one

12-03-2008 09:31 PM

Mike Starke

Unread Re: pic: Championship 2008

Originally Posted by colin340 View Post
nice necklace mike !!!

no really i want one
i think i may have lost it.

12-03-2008 10:01 PM


Unread Re: pic: Championship 2008

You guys are the best!

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