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Past CD-Events List for Libby K

Event Event Starts Event Ends    
2010 FRC Kickoff 01-09-2010 01-09-2010 6y 233d 07h 07m ago detail
Brunswick Eruption 8 10-31-2009 10-31-2009 6y 303d 08h 52m ago detail
2009 Rah Cha Cha Ruckus 10-24-2009 10-24-2009 6y 310d 07h 52m ago detail
Indiana Robotics Invitational (IRI) 2009 07-31-2009 08-01-2009 7y 30d 07h 52m ago detail
2009 Monty Madness 05-16-2009 05-16-2009 7y 106d 07h 52m ago detail
Battlecry @ WPI 10 05-08-2009 05-09-2009 7y 113d 22h 22m ago detail
The Championship Event 04-16-2009 04-18-2009 7y 136d 07h 52m ago detail
FIRST Championship 04-16-2009 04-18-2009 7y 136d 15h 52m ago detail
Philadelphia Regional 03-19-2009 03-21-2009 7y 164d 07h 52m ago detail
Boston Regional 03-05-2009 03-07-2009 7y 178d 07h 52m ago detail
New Jersey Regional 02-26-2009 02-28-2009 7y 185d 07h 22m ago detail
Robot Ship Date 02-17-2009 02-17-2009 7y 194d 13h 52m ago detail
2009 FRC Kickoff 01-03-2009 01-03-2009 7y 239d 10h 52m ago detail
Ramp Riot 2008 11-08-2008 7y 295d 20h 52m ago detail
Brunswick Eruption VII 11-01-2008 11-01-2008 7y 302d 07h 52m ago detail
Tempest N' Tampa (TNT) 10-24-2008 10-26-2008 7y 309d 21h 52m ago detail
Pascack PANDA-monium 10-18-2008 10-18-2008 7y 316d 07h 52m ago detail
Indiana Robotics Invitational (IRI) 2008 07-18-2008 07-19-2008 8y 43d 08h 22m ago detail
Monty Madness 2008 05-31-2008 05-31-2008 8y 91d 07h 52m ago detail
BattleCry@WPI 9 05-09-2008 05-10-2008 8y 112d 23h 52m ago detail

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