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Past CD-Events List for rtfgnow

Event Event Starts Event Ends    
FIRST Championship 04-26-2012 04-29-2012 4y 121d 20h 08m ago detail
South Florida Regional 03-29-2012 04-01-2012 4y 149d 20h 08m ago detail
Peachtree Regional 03-15-2012 03-18-2012 4y 163d 20h 08m ago detail
Orlando Regional 03-08-2012 03-11-2012 4y 170d 20h 08m ago detail
FIRST Championship 04-28-2011 05-01-2011 5y 121d 01h 08m ago detail
Smoky Mountain Regional 03-31-2011 04-02-2011 5y 148d 12h 08m ago detail
Florida Regional 03-10-2011 03-12-2011 5y 169d 12h 08m ago detail
Kettering University FIRST Robotics District Competition 03-04-2011 03-05-2011 5y 175d 12h 08m ago detail
2010 FIRST Championship 04-15-2010 04-18-2010 6y 133d 12h 38m ago detail
North Carolina Regional 04-01-2010 04-03-2010 6y 147d 12h 08m ago detail
Florida Regional 03-11-2010 03-13-2010 6y 168d 12h 08m ago detail
Tempest 'n Tampa 2009 10-23-2009 10-24-2009 6y 307d 04h 08m ago detail
Indiana Robotics Invitational (IRI) 2009 07-31-2009 08-01-2009 7y 26d 12h 08m ago detail
The Championship Event 04-16-2009 04-18-2009 7y 132d 12h 08m ago detail
MN North Star Regional 04-02-2009 04-05-2009 7y 146d 11h 38m ago detail
Florida Regional 03-12-2009 03-15-2009 7y 167d 13h 08m ago detail
Florida Regional 03-02-2009 03-02-2009 7y 177d 12h 08m ago detail
Robot Ship Date 02-17-2009 02-17-2009 7y 190d 18h 08m ago detail
Tempest N' Tampa (TNT) 10-24-2008 10-26-2008 7y 306d 02h 08m ago detail
Mission Mayhem 2008 09-26-2008 09-28-2008 7y 334d 08h 08m ago detail

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