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  1. FYI: FIRST E-mail Blast 9/26/03
  2. FIRST E-mail Blast- Target Scholarships
  3. **important First Email Blast** 10/28/03
  4. **first Email Blast** 10/29/03
  5. **first Email Blast** 10/30/03
  6. **fll E-mail Blast** 10/30/03
  7. Gracious Professionalism stories
  8. FIRST Blast: Championship Registration Opens for tier 2 teams on November 5th!!
  9. FIRST Blast: 2004 Autodesk Software Information!
  10. FIRST Blast: FIRST Announces New Partnership with THS for Team Hotel Arrangements!
  11. **IMPORTANT FIRST EMAIL BLAST**/Regional Event Wait List Process Explained
  12. FIRST FYI: Best Buy Children's Foundation Grants
  13. **IMPORTANT FIRST EMAIL BLAST**/Season Information and Updates
  14. **IMPORTANT FIRST EMAIL BLAST**/EDUrobotics System Guide Now Available On-line!!
  15. **IMPORTANT FIRST EMAIL BLAST**/Follow-up to the new FIRST Youth Protection and Adult
  17. **IMPORTANT FIRST EMAIL BLAST** 2004 Local Kickoff
  18. **IMPORTANT FIRST EMAIL BLAST**/Season Information and Updates
  19. **IMPORTANT FIRST EMAIL BLAST**/FRC Registration and Event Information
  20. **IMPORTANT FIRST EMAIL BLAST**/Youth Protection and Adult Leadership Policy Impleme
  21. **IMPORTANT FIRST EMAIL BLAST**/Youth Protection Policy Update
  22. **IMPORTANT FIRST EMAIL BLAST**/Manchester Kickoff Workshop Information and Kit Shipp
  23. **IMPORTANT FIRST EMAIL BLAST**/Championship Registration Opens to Eligible Tier One
  24. **IMPORTANT FIRST EMAIL BLAST**/Championship Hotel Reservation System to Open Decemb
  25. Blast from FIRST 12/22/03
  26. **IMPORTANT FIRST EMAIL BLAST**/Withdrawal of Youth Protection and Adult Leadership P
  27. **IMPORTANT FIRST EMAIL BLAST**/NASA Broadcast and Webcast Details, Surrogate Kit Pi
  28. **IMPORTANT FIRST EMAIL BLAST**/Game Tip and 2004 Competition Manual Information!!
  29. **IMPORTANT FIRST EMAIL BLAST**/Updated Bill of Materials
  30. **IMPORTANT FIRST EMAIL**/Autodesk Streamline and Online Tutorials Update!
  32. **IMPORTANT FIRST BLAST**/2004 KOP Checklist Deadline Extension
  33. **IMPORTANT FIRST BLAST**/2004 KOP Checklist Deadline Extension Correction
  34. **IMPORTANT FIRST EMAIL**/DXF files posted on FIRST website
  35. MMH and Batteries Plus Order Forms Posted
  36. **IMPORTANT FIRST EMAIL BLAST**/13" Balls Information - Please read now!
  37. **IMPORTANT FIRST EMAIL**/Information on Missing Parts, Championship Wait List Regist
  38. **IMPORTANT FIRST EMAIL **/Season Updates and Information
  39. **IMPORTANT FIRST BLAST**/Woodie Flowers Award Submission Website Now Available!
  40. **IMPORTANT FIRST EMAIL**/Team Yearbook Pages Now Open!
  41. **IMPORTANT FIRST EMAIL**/FIRST Newsletter, 2004 Issue #1
  42. **IMPORTANT FIRST EMAIL**/Robot Ship Extension News with Season Information and Upda
  43. **FIRST EMAIL**/EDURobotics Survey Now Available On-Line!
  44. **FIRST EMAIL**/Autodesk Tutorials and Chairman's Award Submission Information
  45. **IMPORTANT FIRST EMAIL**/Reminder - Woodie Flowers Award Submission Deadline Februa
  46. **IMPORTANT FIRST EMAIL**/Robot Ship Date Coming Fast - Deadline Thursday, February
  47. **IMPORTANT FIRST EMAIL**/FRC Season Updates and New Information!
  48. **FIRST EMAIL**/Autodesk Visualization Award Judging Information and Approved Entrie
  49. **FIRST EMAIL**/Let the Games Begin!
  50. FYI: Team Update #14 is posted
  51. **IMPORTANT FIRST EMAIL**/Championship Registration for Qualifying Regional Event Wi
  52. **IMPORTANT FIRST EMAIL**/Health and Safety at Regional Competitions
  53. **FIRST EMAIL**/Robot Parade at 2004 Championship Event!
  54. **FIRST EMAIL**/Bronze Medallions at the Regional Events.
  55. **FIRST EMAIL**/Match Results Posting Information
  56. FYI: Team Update #15 posted
  57. **FIRST EMAIL**/2004 EDUrobotics On-line Survey
  58. **FIRST EMAIL**/First Annual FIRST Robotics Conference, April 16 April 18, 2004 for t
  59. **FIRST EMAIL**/Call for Volunteers at the Championship!!
  60. **FIRST EMAIL**/Important Information for All Championship Teams!
  61. **FIRST EMAIL**/New Scholarships Available!
  62. Please join us via NASA Webcast and Broadcast at the Championship Event!
  64. Science Teachers Invited to Submit Proposals for Toyota TAPESTRY Grant Program
  65. **FIRST EMAIL**/Trophies, Medallions and Banners order form now available online!
  66. **FIRST EMAIL**/FIRST Robovation
  68. **FIRST BLAST**/New Scholarship Opportunities
  69. **FIRST EMAIL**/2004 FIRST LEGO League Registration Open Now!
  70. **FIRST EMAIL**/Robotics Camp Scholarships for FIRST Participants!
  71. **FIRST EMAIL**/Public Television airs ZOOM segment featuring FLL team from 2003 Miss
  72. **FIRST EMAIL**/Team Forum Dates and Locations Announced!
  73. **FIRST EMAIL**/FIRST Annual Fund Message from James R. Utaski, FIRST Board of Direct
  74. **IMPORTANT FIRST EMAIL BLAST**/2005 Registration Fee
  75. **FIRST EMAIL**/FIRST Newsletter, 2004 Issue #2
  76. **IMPORTANT FIRST EMAIL**/2005 Championship Eligibility Now Available!
  77. **FIRST EMAIL**/FIRST Seeks Information Technology Manager
  78. **FIRST EMAIL**/Third Annual FIRST Yard Sale!
  79. **FIRST EMAIL**/Limited Quantity of FIRST Frenzy Crew Shirts Available for Purchase!
  80. **FIRST EMAIL BLAST**/Start and Mentor a FIRST LEGO League Team!
  81. **FIRST EMAIL**/Bosch Motor and Transmission Sets Available for Discounted Purchase
  82. **IMPORTANT FIRST EMAIL**/Bosch Discounted Parts Update
  83. **FIRST EMAIL**/Welcome to the 2005 FRC Season!
  84. **FIRST EMAIL**/Volunteer Position Posting - FIRST Senior Mentor
  85. FIRST Newsletter - 2004, issue #3
  86. **FIRST EMAIL**/FRC Initial Event Registration
  87. **FIRST EMAIL**/Fourth Annual Women in Science & Technology Forum on Friday, November
  88. **FIRST EMAIL**/2005 FIRST Scholarship Listing Now Available On-Line!
  89. **FIRST EMAIL**/Championship Registration
  90. **FIRST EMAIL**/FIRST Team Assistance Grants Now Available!!
  91. **FIRST EMAIL**/FRC Season Information and Updates
  92. Register Now for the FIRST Women in Science & Technology Forum on Nov. 5!
  93. **FIRST EMAIL**/Autodesk Sponsorship Information
  94. **FIRST EMAIL**/Second Event Registration Reminder and Wait List Information
  95. **FIRST EMAIL**/FIRST Robovation Instructional Resources Available On-Line
  96. **FIRST EMAIL**/Important Event Deposit Information
  97. **FIRST EMAIL**/Kickoff Information Available On-Line Now!
  98. **FIRST EMAIL**/Championship Registration to Open to Tier 2 Teams!
  99. **FIRST EMAIL**/New Safety Animation Contest!
  100. **FIRST EMAIL**/Unrestricted for Remaining Events Registration Opens Tomorrow
  101. **FIRST EMAIL**/FamilyFun Magazine Offers Grants in Honor of Families That Volunteer
  102. **FIRST EMAIL**/Championship Registration Opens to Tier 1 Teams November 22nd/Sample
  103. **FIRST EMAIL**/Important December 3rd Deadline Information - Please Read!
  104. **FIRST EMAIL**/December 3rd Event Payment Extended - Please Read Now!
  105. **FIRST EMAIL**/Call for Proposals - 2005 FIRST Robotics Conference in Atlanta, Apri
  106. **FIRST EMAIL**/Autodesk Inventor Training and Technical Questions Information
  107. **FIRST EMAIL**/Autodesk Inventor Training Date, Time and Access Information
  108. INBOX: **FIRST EMAIL**/Call for 2005 FIRST Robotics Confe...
  109. FIRST Email - Introducing Evolution of the FIRST Logo
  110. **FIRST EMAIL**/Important Manchester Kickoff Information
  111. **FIRST EMAIL**/Gear Up with Live Inventor and 3ds max Trainings!
  112. **FIRST EMAIL**/FIRST Announces New Class of Senior Mentors.
  113. **FIRST EMAIL**/2005 Team Forums
  114. **FIRST EMAIL**/Special Communication from the Game Design Committee
  115. **FIRST EMAIL**/Log-In and Dial-In Information for Autodesk Inventor Training Jan.5th
  116. **FIRST EMAIL**/Advance Material List for the 2005 Competition Now Available!
  117. **FIRST EMAIL**/Live 3ds max® training with Ted Boardman
  118. **FIRST EMAIL**/2005 FRC Game Design Communication to FRC Teams
  119. **FIRST EMAIL**/Important 2005 Competition Manual Information
  120. **FIRST EMAIL**/Autodesk Streamline Open Now!
  121. **FIRST EMAIL**/Important Missing Parts Update
  122. **FIRST EMAIL**/Missing Parts Orders Due January 13th, 2005!
  123. **FIRST EMAIL**/Parts Update
  124. **FIRST EMAIL**/Missing Parts Shipment Information
  125. **FIRST EMAIL**/Championship Hotel and Innovation First Information
  126. A Message from John Abele, Chairman, FIRST Board of Directors [Logo Update Message]
  127. **FIRST EMAIL**/FedEx Airbills and Robot Shipping Information
  128. **FIRST EMAIL**/Fisher-Price Motor Information
  129. **FIRST EMAIL**/Important Team Yearbook Submission Information
  130. **FIRST EMAIL**/Autodesk Awards Submission Updates
  131. **FIRST EMAIL**/Important Awards Submission Information
  132. **FIRST EMAIL**/Important Fisher-Price motor and gearbox information
  133. **FIRST EMAIL**/Important Robot Shipping Verification Process
  134. **FIRST EMAIL**/Important Chairman's Award Submission Information
  135. **FIRST EMAIL**/Regional Site Information Updates and Pre-Order Lunch Forms
  136. **FIRST EMAIL**/TIMS URL for Robot Ship Verification
  137. **FIRST EMAIL**/FIRST Newsletter, 2005 Issue #1
  138. **FIRST EMAIL**/Get Ready...Get Set...Triple Play Begins!
  139. **FIRST EMAIL**/FIRST Online Store - New logo, New styles, New ideas!
  140. **FIRST EMAIL**/Introducing FIRST Vex Challenge
  141. **FIRST EMAIL**/Championship Registration for Qualifying Regional Event Winners
  142. **FIRST EMAIL**/Announcing the 2nd Annual FIRST Robotics Conference
  143. **FIRST EMAIL**/FIRST Online Store – New logo apparel now available!
  144. **FIRST EMAIL**/A note on the FRC scoring system
  145. **FIRST EMAIL**/Game Shirts & Trade Items Available Now!
  146. **FIRST EMAIL**/Rule R48 and SLU-70 Copper Terminals Information
  147. **FIRST EMAIL**/Welcome 2005 FRC Championship Teams!
  148. **FIRST EMAIL**/Register for the Second Annual Robotics Conference Now!
  149. Women in Science and Engineering Symposium at the Championship!
  150. **FIRST EMAIL**/Championship Information and Updates
  151. **FIRST EMAIL**/Scholarships for Robotics Summer Camps
  152. **FIRST EMAIL**/Letter to FRC teams from the United States Department of Commerce
  153. **FIRST EMAIL**/Thank You 2005 Veteran and Rookie Teams!
  154. **FIRST EMAIL**/Scholarships for WPI Summer Robotics Program
  155. **FIRST EMAIL**/FIRST FRC team to be featured on ABC News Nightline tonight!
  156. **FIRST EMAIL**/Join the FIRST Alumni Community! (Clarification)
  157. **FIRST EMAIL**/FIRST Newsletter, 2005 Issue #1
  158. **FIRST EMAIL**/Participate in the NASA Robotics Course Beginning June 21st!
  159. **FIRST EMAIL**/2005 Team Survey Available Now On-Line!
  160. **FIRST EMAIL**/The FIRST Robot Chicks Union
  161. **FIRST EMAIL**/2005 FIRST Scholarship Recipients List Now Available!
  162. **FIRST EMAIL**/Message from Autodesk
  163. **FIRST EMAIL**/Autodesk Wants Your Feedback!
  164. **FIRST EMAIL**/No Limits Global Exhibition at 2005 World Exposition
  165. **FIRST EMAIL**/Welcome to the 2006 FIRST Robotics Competition Season!
  166. **FIRST EMAIL/ Pre-registration starts tommorow, September 22 at 12:00 noon EDT!
  167. **FIRST EMAIL**/Partner Organizations/Team Contact Sections Information in TIMS
  168. **FIRST EMAIL**/Autodesk Software Donation, Inventor Training and Awards Information
  169. **FIRST EMAIL**/FIRST Newsletter, 2005 Issue #3
  170. **FIRST EMAIL**/RoboNexus Conference & Exposition, October 6-9, 2005
  171. **FIRST EMAIL**/Women in Science & Technology Forum, November 4, 2005
  172. **FIRST EMAIL**/Championship Registration Opens Tomorrow, October 13, 2005!
  173. **FIRST EMAIL**/Announcing the 2nd Annual Safety Animation Contest!
  174. **FIRST EMAIL**/Reminder - Register Now for the 2005 Women in Science and Technology
  175. NASA Online Robotics
  176. **FIRST EMAIL**/2006 Scholarship Opportunities Available On-line Now
  177. **FIRST EMAIL**/Vex Discount Coupon Information
  178. **FIRST EMAIL**/Wait List and Event Payment Information and Kickoff Attendance & Kit
  179. **FIRST EMAIL**/Visit to Wood's Hole Oceanographic Institute, Tuesday, Nov 15, 2005
  180. **FIRST EMAIL**/Important Awards Deadline Changes
  181. **FIRST EMAIL**/Autodesk Inventor Training Update!
  182. **FIRST EMAIL**/Vex Bulletin Newsletter
  183. **FIRST EMAIL**/Call for Proposals - FIRST Robotics Conference, Atlanta, April 27-29
  184. VIMS IS UP!
  185. **FIRST EMAIL**/Important December 2nd Deadline Information
  186. **FIRST EMAIL**/National Instruments Pilot
  187. **FIRST EMAIL**/Initial Regional Event Payment Deadline, Kickoff, and NASA Grant Reci
  188. **FIRST EMAIL**/Reminder - Call for Proposals, FIRST Robotics Conference in Atlanta
  189. **FIRST EMAIL**/Manchester Kickoff Founder's Reception Ticket Information
  190. **FIRST EMAIL**/Federal Rules Regarding Crating and Pallets Used to Ship Robots acros
  191. **FIRST EMAIL**/Special Communication from the Game Design Committee
  192. **FIRST EMAIL**/Regional Hotel Selections Available Now!
  193. **FIRST EMAIL**/NASA Kickoff Webcast and Broadcast Information/Game Clue Reminder
  194. **FIRST EMAIL**/Replacement Parts Request Process
  195. **FIRST EMAIL**/Advance Materials List and Autodesk Virtual Kit of Parts Information
  196. **IMPORTANT FIRST EMAIL**/2006 Competition Manual Information
  197. **FIRST EMAIL**/Important Q&A System Information
  198. **FIRST EMAIL**/Autodesk Installation and Configuration Support Line Information
  199. **FIRST EMAIL**/Poof-Slinky Information
  200. **IMPORTANT FIRST EMAIL**/Replacement Parts Deadline Reminder
  201. **FIRST EMAIL**/Autodesk Visualization Award Judging Information
  202. **FIRST EMAIL**/Autodesk Awards Prize Information
  203. **FIRST EMAIL**/2006 FIRST Championship Hotel Packages Now Available!
  204. **FIRST EMAIL**/Important FIRST Scholarship Information
  205. Autodesk Visualization Award Update
  206. **FIRST EMAIL**/Chairman's, Woodie Flowers, and Website Awards Deadline
  207. **FIRST EMAIL**/Team Yearbook Pages Information Deadline Reminder
  208. **FIRST EMAIL**/Update on the Autodesk Visualization Award – Online Voting Instructi
  209. **FIRST EMAIL**/2006 FIRST Safety Awareness and Recognition Program
  210. **FIRST EMAIL**/Register Now for the FIRST Robotics Conference, Atlanta, April 27-29
  211. **FIRST EMAIL**/Dean's Homework Assignment
  212. **IMPORTANT FIRST EMAIL**/Robot Ship Airbill Reminder
  213. FIRST Email - Translator request to FRC teams attending the CMP
  214. **FIRST Email**/FRC Online Survey and FRC Team Forums
  215. **FIRST EMAIL**/ Reminder - Third Annual FIRST Robotics Conference, April 27-29 06
  216. **FIRST EMAIL**/Announcing the FIRST Team Photo Blog powered by Google
  217. **FIRST EMAIL**/All Call for Volunteers at the 2006 FIRST Championship, April 27-29
  218. **FIRST EMAIL**/FIRST Championship FVC Opportunity
  219. **FIRST EMAIL**/2006 FIRST Finale Information Available Now!
  220. **FIRST EMAIL**/New 2006 Woodie Flowers Award Winner Recognition Plan!
  221. Fwd: **FIRST EMAIL**/Championship Essential Information
  222. **FIRST EMAIL**/Championship Updates - Load In and Load Out and Finale Ticket Inform
  223. **FIRST EMAIL**/Autodesk Schedule of Events
  224. Urgent-**FIRST EMAIL**/Help Get FIRST on CBS News - Vote Online
  225. **FIRST EMAIL**/New York Times Article
  226. Web Site Statistics During The Championship
  227. **FIRST EMAIL**/FIRST on PBS NewsHour with Jim Lehrer tonight!
  228. **FIRST EMAIL**/New FIRST Website Feature - Employment Opportunities
  229. **FIRST EMAIL**/Tell Autodesk What You Think! Take the Autodesk Survey
  230. **FIRST EMAIL**/FIRST on the Floor of the US House of Representatives
  231. **FIRST EMAIL**/FIRST Newsletter, 2006 Issue #2
  232. **FIRST EMAIL**/FIRST Closing Early Friday, July 14th
  233. **FIRST EMAIL**/Welcome to the 2006 Junior FIRST LEGO League Nano Quest Season!!
  234. **FIRST EMAIL**/2006 FIRST Vex Challenge Team Registration Now Open!
  235. **FIRST EMAIL**/JFLL Registration In Full Swing!
  236. **FIRST EMAIL**/Welcome to the 2007 FRC Season!
  237. **FIRST EMAIL**/Register Now For The Sixth Women in Science and Technology Forum!
  238. **FIRST EMAIL**/Pre-registration Reminder!
  239. **FIRST EMAIL**/Kit and Kickoff Preferences Opening Monday, October 16th!
  240. **FIRST EMAIL**/Important Information Regarding Hotels
  241. **FIRST EMAIL**/2007 Kit of Parts Info
  242. **FIRST EMAIL**/Safety Animation Contest
  243. **FIRST EMAIL**/Second Regional Event Registration Update
  244. **FIRST EMAIL**/Special Early Offers for 2007 FRC Teams
  245. **FIRST EMAIL**/Unrestricted Registration Opens Tomorrow, November 9th, 2006!
  246. **FIRST EMAIL**/FIRST Announces Championship Hotel Housing Company
  247. **FIRST EMAIL**/Safety Animation Award Deadline Extended
  248. **FIRST EMAIL**/FIRST Scholarships Available
  249. **FIRST EMAIL**/Autodesk Software Now Available on FIRSTbase!
  250. **FIRST EMAIL**/Call for Proposals - Fourth Annual 2007 FIRST Robotics Conference