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  1. [FTC]: Use of VEX in Tetrix
  2. [FTC]: Trivial things that can cause big problems.
  3. [FTC]: Bluetooth/NXT issues
  4. [FTC]: Asdst Tetrix Help
  5. [FTC]: FTC Tetrix Extra Parts
  7. [FTC]: Team 35's Servo Test
  8. [FTC]: FTC Servo-Motor Problem with Labview
  9. [FTC]: Any ideas?
  10. [FTC]: FTC Controller Station Connectivity (Bluetooth and USB) Issue
  11. [FTC]: FTC Driving Questions
  12. [FTC]: parts that should have been made??
  13. [FTC]: Conveyor Belt Lego Parts
  14. [FTC]: RobotC Template
  15. [FTC]: Servo Question
  16. [FTC]: Lego Axle Question
  17. [FTC]: Motor Replacement Parts
  18. [FTC]: CAD Models of Tetrix parts?
  19. [FTC]: REMINDER: A new forum dedicated to FTC
  20. [FTC]: Problem with two controller setup in Labview
  21. [FTC]: Qualifying for Atlanta
  22. [FTC]: Progress report on using encoders
  23. [FTC]: Pictures of Ramp Riot.
  24. [FTC]: Control at Compititions
  25. [FTC]: Error on downloading sample codes in Labview
  26. Vex sliders
  27. [FTC]: [FTC]: Replacing Fuse for Battery
  28. [FTC]: more than 4 input devices?
  30. [FTC]: Variables in labview
  31. [FTC]: Lego compass sensor and pucks
  32. tracksion on tires for ftc
  33. [FTC]: First 2 Regionals
  34. [FTC]: Servo Reversing?
  35. [FTC]: [FTC]: Can any one explain to me just how powerful the servos are?
  36. [FTC]: Random Error with FTC motor control
  37. [FTC]: 35's Drive problem
  38. cant get NXT to connect to controller station via bluetooth
  39. [FTC]: New York Tournament
  40. [FTC]: Virginia Championship Results
  41. [FTC]: Missouri FTC
  42. [FTC]: Please Don't Post Pictures
  43. [FTC]: [FTC]: Illinois Regional
  44. [FTC]: Thanks to the Virginia Organizers and Teams
  45. [FTC]: Field Control Issues / Analysis
  46. [FTC]: Same Parts in 2009-2010 Season?
  47. [FTC]: Field Management System
  48. [FTC]: Washington FTC Event Webcast
  49. [FTC]: FTC - Pictures and Videos Here
  50. [FTC]: High Score
  51. [FTC]: Anyone order from the Street Hockey Shop?
  52. [FTC]: Field Timer (similer but not the FMS)
  53. [FTC]: FTC read encoders vi
  54. [FTC]: Tips page on using FTC Encoders with LabVIEW
  55. [FTC]: Firmware 1.21
  56. [FTC]: Multiple Programs or One Program with Multiple Auto Modes
  57. [FTC]: More than 3 motors in use?
  58. [FTC]: Reading the 12V Battery voltage in LabVIEW
  59. [FTC]: HI PLZ HELP, Can we solder...
  60. [FTC]: Lego Motor Extension Cord?
  61. [FTC]: Cutting Tetrix Metal
  62. [FTC]: BC FTC Championships Photos
  63. [FTC]: What does it mean?
  64. [FTC]: Do Servo's reset during start up?
  65. [FTC]: Motor Trim
  66. [FTC]: New LabView Templates
  67. [FTC]: How to initiate program?
  68. [FTC]: Help requested, the NXT is not showing the battery as being connected.
  69. [FTC]: Field Management Software Review
  70. Programming options
  71. [FTC]: Top Hat coding problem
  72. [FTC]: Bluetooth issues
  73. [FTC]: Attaching Tetrix to LEGO motors.
  74. [FTC]: [FTC]: RobotC Template Problem (causing an FMS issue) and Potential Servo Prob
  75. [FTC]: Attending Delaware?
  76. [FTC]: PTC ProE Part Files
  77. [FTC]: Problem with Code or Problem with Bluetooth?
  78. [FTC]: EXPENSIVE!!!!
  79. [FTC]: Servos
  80. [FTC]: FMS
  81. [FTC]: FTC parts website?
  82. [FTC]: How to play sound from NXT
  83. [FTC]: RobotC and NXT-G (The two programming languages)
  84. [FTC]: Labview can't use two controllers
  86. [FTC]: LabView servo issue
  87. [FTC]: Anyone know how to use the Gyro?
  88. [FTC]: Compass Sensor Interference.
  89. [FTC]: January Run Down and New FTC Pictures
  90. [FTC]: Rhode Rage (FTC 121) is in need of a motor encoder wire
  91. [FTC]: 121 Rhode Rage Pics and Videos
  92. [FTC]: NXT Display Code
  93. [FTC]: USB controler problems
  94. [FTC]: Autonomous
  95. [FTC]: Toggle controls
  96. [FTC]: Maryland???
  97. [FTC]: External Battery Setting
  98. [FTC]: Bluetooth lag?
  99. [FTC]: Any teams using dead axles for arms?
  100. [FTC]: Caution - Tetrix Motors burn out on Stall
  101. [FTC]: Compile error
  102. [FTC]: Programming Clarification [RobotC]
  103. [FTC]: [FTC]: Motor Problems
  104. Emergency-Motor controller request!!!
  105. [FTC]: Problems with Motor Encoders?
  106. [FTC]: Tennessee Tournament
  107. [FTC]: LABView Servo Problem
  108. [FTC]: Ontario Championship
  109. [FTC]: Bluetooth
  110. [FTC]: FMS competition issues
  111. [FTC]: Encoders
  112. [FTC]: Light Senser
  113. [FTC]: FMS Dropping only the joystick possibly?
  114. [FTC]: Maryland FTC Championship
  115. [FTC]: Georgia FTC Championship
  116. [FTC]: Florida FTC Championship - Live Webcast
  117. [FTC]: Changing the name on the NXT brick
  118. [FTC]: Motor control Robot C
  119. [FTC]: Florida FTC Championship Results
  120. [FTC]: Labview Encoder Problem
  121. [FTC]: Themes in gameplay
  122. [FTC]: Some videos from the Idaho Championship
  123. [FTC]: Common failures with TETRIX
  124. [FTC]: Using two Hitechnic Motor Controllers in LabView
  125. [FTC]: 121 Autonomous
  126. [FTC]: Playing Forensic Roboticist.
  127. [FTC]: Compass Sensor
  128. [FTC]: 3033 Autonomous!
  129. [FTC]: FTC - Alamo Championship Event
  130. [FTC]: number of sensors?
  131. [FTC]: FTC Teams on google map?
  132. [FTC]: World fest questions
  133. [FTC]: Defense vs. Gracious Professionalism
  134. [FTC]: All teams should fill this out
  135. [FTC]: 2009/2010 FTC game design
  136. [FTC]: allowed ropes?
  138. [FTC]: ultra sonic sensor
  139. [FTC]: Final countdown to Atlanta...
  140. [FTC]: How much does your robot weigh?
  141. [FTC]: team 127 wants your opinion
  142. [FTC]: Allowable wiring
  143. [FTC]: Nonfunctional LEDs
  144. [FTC]: rubber bands?
  145. [FTC]: Head-phones or no Head-phones
  146. [FTC]: Head-phones or no Head-phones
  147. [FTC]: controller programming
  148. [FTC]: FTC Futures Forum at FTC World Championship
  149. [FTC]: FTC Scouting Database
  150. [FTC]: controller wire gauge?
  151. [FTC]: FTC Divisions in Atlanta
  152. [FTC]: Motor Encoders
  153. [FTC]: Division Information list
  154. [FTC]: Dark Horse
  155. [FTC]: Black Stripe Width
  156. FTC in ATLANTA!!!!!!!!
  157. [FTC]: Hotels
  158. [FTC]: Championships Video
  159. [FTC]: FTC Championships Results
  160. [FTC]: FTC 2008-2009 Championship - your thoughts
  161. [FTC]: FTC Game Platform for 2009-2010
  162. [FTC]: Cool Robots in Atlanta.
  163. [FTC]: Post your code!
  164. [FTC]: TBA for FTC?
  165. [FTC]: 2009 Season
  166. [FTC]: FMS in Atlanta. Good or Bad?
  167. [FTC]: New competition kit announced.
  168. [FTC]: Full Field vs Low-cost Field
  169. [FTC]: Power Surge Robot
  170. [FTC]: 4-Puck Rack Autnomous?
  171. [FTC]: How do you find new FTC team members?
  172. [FTC]: FVC (Vex) VS. FTC (Tetrix)
  173. [FTC]: New Blog Post Complete with Our First Game Hint
  174. [FTC]: Another Game Hint?
  175. [FTC]: FTC Competition kits are here...
  176. [FTC]: Anyone new to FTC or TETRIX, READ THIS NOW!
  177. [FTC]: FTC Kick-Off Information
  178. [FTC]: Last-minute FTC prediction
  179. [FTC]: FTC Game Announced
  180. [FTC]: Competition Field - Newbie Question
  181. [FTC]: Field CAD drawings anyone.
  182. [FTC]: [FTC]: 2009 Kit Of Parts CAD files
  183. [FTC]: FTC Center Goal Structure in Solidworks 2008
  184. [FTC]: VRC (VEX) AND FTC (Tetrix)
  185. [FTC]: Field Construction
  186. [FTC]: FTC discount?
  187. [FTC]: Building Low Cost Playing Field
  188. [FTC]: Motor Rules?!?!?!?!
  189. [FTC]: How far is everyone?
  190. NXT Mindstorm Teleop EXamples
  191. [FTC]: Tetrix Battery Pack Internal Short Circuit
  192. [FTC]: RobotC License Terms - Only good through May 1, 2010
  193. [FTC]: NXT-G programming
  194. [FTC]: TETRIX Omni Wheels
  195. [FTC]: Robot C
  196. [FTC]: Bluetooth Problem with LabView/FTC Controller Station
  197. [FTC]: Battery Charger
  198. [FTC]: FTC Mentor Orientation 101 call - POSTPONED
  199. [FTC]: FTC Cad Parts
  200. [FTC]: Chain Break
  201. [FTC]: Robot Designs
  202. [FTC]: FIRST Rules Traditions and Practices
  203. [FTC]: Labview and teleoperated
  204. [FTC]: Sources for FTC plastics.
  205. [FTC]: DC Motor Speed
  206. [FTC]: Need BlueTooth Help
  207. [FTC]: Question On Material Legality
  208. [FTC]: NXT Brick Issues
  209. [FTC]: Molding Plastics
  210. [FTC]: Team 369 Teaser
  211. [FTC]: Issue with POV on LabVIEW "FTC Read Controler.vi"
  212. [FTC]: FTC Database on FIRST Chat
  213. [FTC]: Battery Charging
  214. [FTC]: Work Hours
  215. [FTC]: Looking for a working 2008 FTC program
  216. [FTC]: Shooter Wheel Safety
  217. Robot Plastics
  218. [FTC]: Can anyone lend assistance?
  219. [FTC]: 5 or 10 point goal?
  220. [FTC]: Servos
  221. [FTC]: Help with shooting mechanism?
  222. [FTC]: Robot Capabilities
  223. [FTC]: Labview - Servos
  224. [FTC]: Spin Motor Wind Down: Programming
  225. [FTC]: Ducktape
  226. [FTC]: Slow Down Max Speed!!
  227. [FTC]: Field Control System
  228. [FTC]: A useful VI I created
  229. [FTC]: NXT bluetooth connectivity issue
  230. [FTC]: Buttons RobotC
  231. [FTC]: New 802.11 Control System?
  232. [FTC]: Our motors are too slow :(
  233. [FTC]: Autonomous Code Ender
  234. [FTC]: Sooo where you at?
  235. [FTC]: Competition Footage
  236. [FTC]: Week One Tournaments
  237. [FTC]: Motor and Servo configurations aren't working
  238. [FTC]: Help with LabView and variables?
  239. [FTC]: Massachusetts Tournament Registration
  240. [FTC]: Attn: Pacific Northwest FTC teams
  241. [FTC]: Anybody going to the TN Championship
  242. [FTC]: IR sensor
  243. [FTC]: More assistance...
  244. [FTC]: Questions about first time at FTC World Championship
  245. [FTC]: TETRIX DC Motor failure analysis
  246. [FTC]: Autonomous Deployment Error "1003"
  247. Help FTC Motor Connection with Tube
  248. [FTC]: Breaking DC Gearboxes Fix
  249. [FTC]: Rev 6 of Game Manual Changes Rules on Plastic and Aluminum Sheets
  250. [FTC]: Question about the chains