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  1. YMTC: Redabot grabs rail
  2. YMTC: Bluabot dies while pinning
  3. YMTC - No battery plugged-in
  4. YMTC: Redabot accidentally breaks goal
  5. YMTC: Bluabot and Redabot hanging?
  6. YMTC: Bluabot sits on Redabot
  7. YMTC: Is it goaltending?
  8. YMTC: Should YMTC have a future
  9. YMTC: Should big sister follow in little brother's footsteps?
  10. YMTC: Can teams start cutting metal for 2005?
  11. YMTC: Redabot weighs 129.8?
  12. YMTC: Super Duper Hook!
  13. YMTC: Your Thoughts
  14. YMTC: Hotel Work?
  15. YMTC: Redateam uses remote kickoff field
  16. YMTC: Bluateam practices before Magnolia Regional
  17. YMTC: Descoring Tetras???
  18. YMTC: Redabot Splits the Field
  19. YMTC: To Score Or Not To Score ...
  20. YMTC: Redateam gets to practice after ship?
  21. YMTC: Redabot Loads Ten Tetras Without Moving
  22. YMTC: Redateam declines and then accepts
  23. YMTC: Bluabot "Slinkys" Tetras
  24. YMTC: Redabot Knocks Tetra Into Arena
  25. YMTC: Redabot "Clangs" Tetras Together
  26. YMTC: Redabot brings 24 lbs of spare parts
  27. YMTC: Defensive Strategies
  28. YMTC: worthy of DQ?
  29. YMTC: Is the Tetra Contained?
  30. YMTC - Flopper? in the ZONE?
  31. YMTC: Redateam Uncrates Redabot on Wednesday
  32. YMTC: Bluabot "Descores" Red Tetra
  33. YMTC: did Team Blueabot cook the books?
  34. YMTC: Bluabot Pushes Red Vision Tetra
  35. YMTC: Bluateam Refurbishes Bluabot's Mangled Arm
  36. YMTC: Per the CURRENT RULES how will FIRST score the STJB's?
  37. [YMTC]: Inspect Redabot's Pneumatics
  38. [YMTC]: YMTC: Thank You Game Design Committee
  39. YMTC: Redabot Disrupts Ringers
  40. YMTC: Bluabot is Very Uplifting
  41. [YMTC]: field of view
  42. [YMTC]: Scoring on rack by human player
  43. [YMTC]: taking penalties to force a draw
  44. [YMTC]: Safety mistake costs team the match?
  45. [YMTC]: Robot Ability
  46. YMTC: Bluateam Uses Old Pixels
  47. [YMTC]: Hurtling Interference YMTC
  48. [YMTC]: YMTC: Bluabot hurdles from outside the Home Stretch?
  49. [YMTC]: [YMTC] A Tangled Web
  50. [YMTC]: Who should go to the championship?
  51. [YMTC]: Should we have gotten a penalty?
  52. [YMTC]: Red Card at Beantown Blitz 2008
  53. [YMTC]: [YMTC] A Precarious Placement
  54. [YMTC]: [YMTC]: Did the Blueateam touch the tunnel?
  55. [YMTC]: How many Co-Opertition Points?
  56. [YMTC] Red robot on blue bridge
  57. [YMTC]: [YMTC] How Many Modifications?
  58. [YMTC]: Contact Inside the Bumper Perimeter
  59. [YMTC]: Do DISCS a robot is touching invalidate a CLIMB?
  60. [YMTC]: Summer Robot Camp
  61. [YMTC]: [YMTC] possession
  62. [YMTC]: Breaking robots
  63. [YMTC]: Pinning
  64. [YMTC]: Assisting a CROSSING
  65. [YMTC]: Defending the Defenses
  66. [YMTC]: Is robot debris still part of the robot?
  67. [YMTC]: [YMTC]: Bumper-to-Bumper Tipping
  68. [YMTC]: Reversible Bumbers Rules
  69. [YMTC]: G15 Lift Peg Damage
  70. [YMTC]: What constitutes launching a gear?
  71. [YMTC]: What determines a robot's intentions?
  72. [YMTC]: Interaction with the scale
  73. [YMTC]: Pushing Cubes from behind switch
  74. [YMTC]: Is ramming okay?