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  44. 2007 High School Grads - Final College Decisions
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  49. Five Year Masters: Good or bad idea?
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  54. At 71, Physics Professor Is a Web Star
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  61. [NYC/NJ TEAMS] *Seeking a Special Favor*- From Regional Director Donald Bowers
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  63. Disney and Carnegie Mellon team up
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  66. Northrop Grumman Scholarships in MD & across the US
  67. 8 schools with free tuition??
  68. FRC members in Minnesota Twin Cities
  69. 103 Alum, Rutgers University, and a very "cool" project
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  71. Is this optimized for robotics:
  72. Computer Science or Computer Engineering?
  73. Mich Tech Leading Scholars
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  75. a song to get into MIT
  76. Seniors:Where are you going to college next year?
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  78. Historical grade inflation at the university level
  79. Employers Favor State Schools for Hires
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  89. UTC Internship Program for FIRST Alumni
  90. What college are you going to?
  91. 2012 Buick Achievers Scholarship ($100k for incoming AND current college students
  92. scholarships info 2012
  93. FRC credit for military education
  94. Patent Law?
  95. where is everyone going next year?
  96. Technology in Curriculum - Higher Ed
  97. Words of Wisdom to new Graduates
  98. Starting a college-sponsored FRC Team
  99. NASA Accepting Applications for Aeronautics Scholarships
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  103. Virgin Galactic UNCF Scholarship
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  107. UCSD Team Looking for Robotics Members
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  111. Yale Young Global Scholars: Science, Policy, and Innovation Session
  112. FIRST for Life! Starting a College FIRST Program -- at Championship Conferences
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  114. NASA opp for community college STEM majors
  115. Prof. Teller - MIT
  116. FIRST Alumni to Live Stream Video from Near Space
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  118. I'm an MIT Admissions Officer & longtime FIRST person, AMA.
  119. College Students - Win an All-Access Pass to Unmanned Systems 2015!
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  122. WANTED: Robotics Related Recertification Credits for Teachers
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