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  1. IT to be revealed on Good Morning America
  4. What is IT??? - Post Ideas Here
  5. New IT info?
  6. Will IT influence the future of FIRST?
  7. Funny Links about "IT"
  8. ANNOUNCEMENT: what do you think about IT? (tigerbolt chat)
  9. Bashing dean...
  10. IT is revealed!!!
  11. "IT, or Segway, Is officially Revealed on GMA!
  12. My Opinions on Segway
  13. IT Ibot what is the difference
  14. Crude Quote supposedly from Kamen
  15. Are you impressed with 'IT'?
  16. Is "IT" for you?
  17. GMA Video
  18. Segway Human Transporter
  19. I dont care about all of you, I WANT ONE.
  20. IT on Comedy Central
  21. Manchester, NH and IT
  22. Segway: Moving traffic from streets to sidewalks
  23. "IT" But not in our town....
  24. Do I smell movie deal with IT?
  25. Very interesting choice of Name Dean
  26. Case 10104: Segway Vs. U.S. Malls
  27. Do you think we will get to ride Segmways at nationals?
  28. Segway Modifications......
  29. Infromation on the Segway
  30. ACM TechNews article
  31. Say "IT" aint so.
  32. Remember???
  33. IT/Ginger/Segway on SNL!
  34. I just made ginger Buddy Icon
  35. Segway realy not "IT"?
  36. SEGWAY video needed!!
  37. segway cartoons!!!
  39. Not Sure if this is New News....but anyways....
  40. Dean Kamen on Jay Leno
  41. Dean Kamen look at this......
  42. What happens if...?
  43. Segway Game!
  44. Boston & Manchester Police
  45. Segway
  46. Dean Kamen on the tonight show
  48. Yahoo! News
  49. Dean wasn't first (no pun)
  50. NPR Did story on Segway HT on Wednesday
  51. The new segway?
  52. SEGWAY Auction at Amazon.com
  53. Segways for sale on Amazon.com!!!
  54. Segway featured on local TV......
  55. guess segway max price
  56. What is the current price?
  57. Segways in Mad Mag
  58. Cyberposium & Dean Kamen
  59. segway commerical at the grammys
  60. Segway invented 15 years ago in Japan
  61. Segway Display (IT RIMES!) At WDW & Disneyland
  62. Segway has obstacle in Japanese market
  63. Just A few hours left....
  64. Segway Auction Winners
  65. SEGWAY on Fraiser!
  66. Segwayon NBCs Fraiser
  67. Segway on 60 Minutes
  68. Segway Featured in Popular Science Magazine
  69. Article on Dean & Segway incurrent Vanity Fair
  71. Segway on Team 885 ;-)
  72. Dean wins award for Segway
  73. Segway goes into use in Atlanta
  74. coming to a store near you?
  75. Segway in the Washington Post
  76. I RODE IT!
  77. RI Lawmakers make Segway decision
  78. Was anyone else thinking about running off with a segway?
  79. Washington D.C.
  80. so who didnt ride one?
  81. Segway article on newgrounds.com
  82. The Case of the Fallen Segway....
  83. Seen these yet?
  84. Segway Comic--Spy vs. Spy
  85. delphi help
  86. look its me on a LEGOway
  87. simpsons and segway!
  88. Deano's Stirling Engine
  89. What's the Deal?
  90. More Segway Spottings
  91. Segway Set for New Post Office Tests
  92. OOps We need a spell check!!!
  93. Segway Owners Association.
  94. Invention Showdown
  95. My Segway Site
  96. New Article
  97. Invention showdown pics
  98. 'Scooter Scouts'! feel safe!
  99. Segway in The Boston Globe Newspaper
  100. How Stuff Works: Segway
  101. Segway-Disney!
  102. L.A. Times Article
  103. First Segway Insurance Firm?????
  104. Segway 2
  105. Segway, Its ok NOT great
  106. New Segway MODEL!
  107. Segway On Frasier!
  108. U.S. Patent 5,971,091
  109. Hacking The Segway
  110. Segway look-a-like
  111. Segway at INDY!!!
  113. Segway was slated to be in Austin Powers 3
  114. Men In Black II
  115. Unnoffcial Segway HT Stie
  116. "Shock! Horror! Ginger isn't Segway" -Silicon.com
  117. Laws
  118. Who wants to see the Segway on the Market?
  119. Slugway
  120. Wut is IT, REALLY!?!
  121. Disney Cruse Line Guests First To Test Segway
  122. Segway seen in Blondie cartoon
  123. Segway Type R
  124. No Way For The Segway
  125. Segway spotted @ Loudon New Hampshire
  126. Segway for Chicago PD
  127. New site found
  128. First anti-Segway legislation announced
  129. Segway-like device being developed by Honda
  130. Dean and Segways in Wired Magazine!!!
  131. Checkout the Postman!
  132. Amazing...
  133. Anyone interested in winning a Segway?
  134. Why legs rule and wheels don't. An interesting article relating to the segway
  135. Segway sighted
  136. Segway not in time for the Holidays
  137. Segway wins Popular Science Best of Whats New Award!
  138. Segway book
  139. Segway on GMA - MONDAY 11-18-2002 [now accepting orders]
  140. Segway For Sale!!!!!!!
  141. Idiots
  142. Extream Segway
  143. PreOrder your Segway
  144. Segway Comic, hardddy harrr harrrrr
  145. The Legway?
  146. Segway at Howstuffworks.com
  147. Has anyone built a segway?
  148. SEGWAY on the Simpsons
  149. Changes to the Segway
  150. Riding a Segway
  151. Should We Change The Name of This Board?
  152. Segway sighting on Disney Cruise Line
  153. What is with this Segway Auction on Ebay??
  154. Segway Banned!!
  155. Segway At IAAPA
  156. iSegway
  157. Happy Birthday!!
  158. Dean's new SEGWAY!
  159. New Segway Site
  160. Segway For Sale on amazon.com
  161. Transit strike? What about Segway?
  162. Segway makes Google's 2002 Zeitgeist (list of most popular queries)....
  163. Dean Submits More Patent Drawings of Stirling
  164. FUnny E-Bay Auction
  165. Anyone ever ride a Segway?
  166. It's a hot seller!
  167. Did anyone ever think that the users of segways need to take a walk
  168. Segway Slashdotted
  169. Deans New Innvention
  170. Kamen and his Segway
  171. Woz riding a segway on The Screen Savers
  172. Legway to be on TECHTV
  173. San Fransisco banned it
  174. Two REALLY good Early Adopter Articles
  175. Joy of Tech Segway cartoon
  176. Any of ya'll read Sluggy?
  177. Deano Goes To Big Oil
  178. Dr. Kamen
  179. Segway Stalker
  180. Kamen Demonstrates Sterling & Prices
  181. Segway's Breakdown
  182. A Nobel Prize?
  183. Segway
  184. Stirling engine use
  185. Segway max speed?
  186. Team Made "Segways"
  188. A Car for your Segway
  189. Cant afford a Segway? Rent one
  190. Slow News Week
  191. LA suburb bans Segway.
  192. Segway Tipping Over
  193. Segway on MTV awards
  194. TechLive Series on Dean Kamen - Five Articles and Video
  195. President Bush falls off Segway
  196. Pres. Bush on a Segway
  197. Even more Segway stuff.
  198. Segway Cover Story in USA Today
  199. "Custom" Segway Keys for sale on Ebay
  200. win a segway from buy.com
  201. Police report from the first Stolen Segway
  202. Segway Spotted on Tom Green Show
  203. Ibot Demo (pics)
  204. Segway FesT! 2003
  205. I fell off today.
  206. Best Pop up ad I have ever seen
  207. Team Built Segways
  208. Even even more Segway stuff.
  209. Congrats Deka and Dean!
  210. My review of the P-Series
  211. Ibot approved by the FDA
  212. travel channel
  213. Segway robber nabbed
  214. New Article on Dean
  215. Dean to be on 60 Minutes II
  216. Dean's Water Purifier
  217. Segway climbs a mountain
  218. This seg goes 18mph
  219. P-Series now for sale! Price Drop on the I!
  220. Segway Parade at Disney's California Adventure
  221. Consumer Reports Tests Segway
  222. Balance while turning?
  223. Segways Recalled
  224. Seg Price Drop
  225. Next Segway
  226. Segway in Simcity 4 Rush Hour?
  227. Segway P Now Available at Amazon.com!
  228. Segway humor, of sorts
  229. A new home built Segway
  230. Segway strikes again
  231. segway apperance on sealab
  232. Biography Mag: USA's Greatest Living Inventor
  233. Read this... it's good
  234. Has Segway Sunk To A Huge Low?
  235. LA County Sheriff Segway
  236. Segway Postage Stamp.....I wish......
  237. FIRST Segways
  238. Martin Woodtli Segway Art
  239. So, Does your team have a Segway?
  240. Segway too complicated?
  241. Segway at PDC
  242. Dean's Water Purifier Top Inventions of 2003
  243. 20 Million Dollar Segway!!!
  244. Robot with segway drive platform
  245. Pentagon Using the Segway
  246. AutoSyringe
  247. Segway in The Onion ... again
  248. Segway at Brookstone
  249. Segway On "Arrested Developement"
  250. the book: Code Name Ginger by Steve Kemper