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  1. EduRobot - Mini-Bot in action
  2. EduRobotics and Innovation FIRST system
  3. Starter Kit of Parts?
  4. EDUrobot Kit
  5. Pre-Season Kit Learning Modules
  6. a new forum
  7. EduRobotics problems
  8. 'miniFIRST' competition using EDUrobots
  9. EduBots competitions
  10. Autonomous Code
  11. Finding myself quite confused...
  12. Isaac 16
  13. Supplemental Parts
  14. EDURobotics Servos
  15. Post your EduBot pictures on this site!
  16. Setting up a comp for EDUbots in NH
  17. Programing of controller
  18. EduRobot autonomy
  19. Edubot a good idea, but need work.
  20. What do you think of the EDUbot?
  21. Operator Interface Heads Up
  22. Possible Edurobot Gears Source
  23. EDUbot Sensors
  24. 1 joystick drive
  25. help programming
  26. Team selector switches on ISAAC
  27. EduRobot parts on real robots?
  28. When are they going to finish the FIRST EDUrobot- a primer for success website?
  29. Build Your Own Robot Kit
  30. Isaac16 Motherboard
  31. Team 350 needs your help!
  32. edu bot helP???
  33. Would anyone be willing to get together for an EDUBot competition?
  34. Optical sensors with EduBot
  35. EDU systems wanted...
  36. Opti Sensors/Gyro Chips
  37. EDUbot... will you pay for it?
  38. Hoverbot races
  39. 2004 EduRobotics Kit Info now available!
  40. EduRobot Crab Drive
  41. What you need to run your EDU BOT.
  42. Anyone received their EDUs already?
  43. How long does it take you to load the default code?
  44. Updated Teaching Modules
  45. EDUBot controller app
  46. C compiler for 2004
  47. Using an Operator Interface with the 2004 EDU RC wirelessly
  48. EduPneumatics? Where?
  49. Autonomous Code Example
  50. Part numbers for EDU accessories
  51. How to connect the R/C receiver?!
  52. power connector for 2004 EDU controller
  53. Dirt Cheap edu Controller!
  54. Carnegie Mellon Encoder
  55. Can you use PWMs (Red or Blue) with the edubot controller?
  56. quatro OI for edubot problems
  57. Robot Builder CD Rom???
  58. Using part of last years EduRobot controller
  59. I Hate The Snow!!!
  60. Linux C18 compiler?
  61. EDU Interrupt and Timer Template Code
  62. EDU Demo Code: Real-Time Clock Using a Timer
  63. Autonomous modes?
  64. Optical Encoders
  65. DB9 Adapter
  66. Help with this year's
  67. An interesting EduBot...
  68. Some EDURobotics Problems
  69. EDU Bot Kit?
  70. RC on EDU w/o $140 RC
  71. Edubot and Main Controller
  72. IR beacon help needed!!!
  73. edu and ir beacon
  74. EDU won't power up.
  75. Omni Edu Bots...
  76. EduBot Help, RC Controller
  77. using SCORBOT for disabled people
  78. It's not the EduBot anymore!
  79. In need of software
  80. HB-MKVI In devlopment, need suggestions
  81. Naming the thing
  82. What's the pimpest thing you've done with one?
  83. Broken O/I
  84. Robovation Robot kit
  85. EDU KIT
  86. Receiver to control unit connection
  87. Additional Parts
  88. Please Help: Programming the Robovation Kit
  89. rookie question
  90. Don't Laugh - Remember I'm New ... Robovation Kit
  91. Multi-Speed motor Questions
  92. Running the robot using Infa Red?
  93. Help - new interface, old servos
  94. Where to order gears..?
  95. Hollow Shaft optical encoders
  96. Edubot- minibot construction
  97. automated can crushers
  98. Anyone got CMU code for the EDU unit?
  99. can't get R/C controller to work with EDUbot
  100. who is participating in this year Robovation challenge at nationals???
  101. Personal Robot Building
  102. Accoona’s AI techno loaded
  103. How to use Generate_Pwms() ?
  104. NEW Science and Technology Council
  105. Virtual High School Course in C Programming/Vex Robotics
  106. Electronic Speed Controllers for DC Motor
  107. Making a list of stuff to try
  108. Self-Balancing 2 Wheeled Robot
  109. $800 swarmbots
  110. "Familiar Looking" Table-Top Robotics Project
  111. Learning robots
  112. Innovative and Unusual Robotics
  113. Come Visit New helpful website for the first community
  114. Immediate EduBot Request
  115. educational robot kit?
  116. Running old Isaac16 EDUbot
  117. Training for the upcoming underclassmen?
  118. Advice to Rookies and Veterans
  119. If You Could Have The Robolab of Your Dreams...
  120. Building Vex Robots: Books or articles?
  121. Dimensions of robot box
  122. Political Activism "Dean's Homework"
  123. LEGO
  124. PC Dashboards for Teachers
  125. Project Idea for CD?
  126. Drivetrain Kit
  127. How fast does the Solenoids turn on and off?
  128. Get The Newbies on the Line
  129. Artifical Intelligence Research Paper
  130. Robotics Research for Graduate School
  131. Arm Design Projects-help
  132. Atmega32 port c pins
  133. Robotics Lesson Plans
  135. Help!!! Question With Robotics Classes At School..?
  136. Help!!! Question With Robotics Classes At School..?
  137. 'Robocup, soccerdogs, and beyond'
  138. A mounting problem
  139. IR Board
  140. programming prep
  141. BCR Summer Hybrid-bot Challenge
  142. History of Robotics
  143. Transform Your Old FIRST robot to WIN $2,500.00
  144. LEGO Education WeDo Unveiled at 2008 National Educational Computing Conference
  145. In Maryland-Public Lecture - July 17- NASA Robotics Academy -
  146. PTC/NUTRONS Seminar Invitation August 15 & 16
  147. NXT Kits: Education Version vs. Commercial Version
  148. Robotics Text needed for new course...
  149. Rookie Introduction Presentation
  150. Machines for an Ideal Robotics Workshop?
  151. Robotics Education from Carnegie Mellon
  152. Robotics Coordinator for School District
  153. Team 359 Work Area
  154. Expanding a Robotics team
  155. Robot movements
  156. Hiring an Afterschool FLL Facilitator
  157. How Does a Robotics Engineering Course Increase Student Achievement?
  158. Top Ten Tips From The Veterans
  159. The President gets it !!!!
  160. Help Getting Robotics to become a Varsity Sport
  161. Robot Rally at University of North Carolina Asheville
  162. very urgent help needed regarding algorithm for self balancing of two wheeled robot
  163. Scorbot Robotics cell with table top Conveyor
  164. Skills USA
  165. Winnovation Robotics Camp
  166. Dean, Overdrive and the Blue Man Group
  167. Leadership Course at Lower Merion
  168. Article Published in April's ITEA Journal, The Technology Teacher
  169. Developing Training Modules for Teachers.
  170. America's Top Public High Schools
  171. Numpty Physics: a crayon-drawing physics game
  172. Developing Video Training Modules for Teachers
  173. Leveling the Playing Field with Curriculum - let's make it happen
  174. TechBrick Has The First Set of SMART MOVE Challenge Worksheets Ready
  175. The FIRST ABC for Rookie Teams
  176. Vex curriculum suggestions
  177. Hawaii public schools go to 4 day school week
  178. NEED help robotics class content - teachers and content creators
  179. Free Symposium on the State of STEM in New Hampshire
  180. Classroom Curriculum: Using LabVIEW with TETRIX
  181. FIRSTFare 2009 - OR and WA teams
  182. Looking for 2009 FRC Software Installation DVDs
  183. Dartfish
  184. National Instruments - Robotics Revolution Countdown
  185. VEX Classroom Competition
  186. Barbie as a Computer Engineer
  187. Calculating of traction/friction
  188. Robotics webcast on NASA DLN 1/27/10
  189. FLL/FTC integration into school districts
  190. Scholarship Opportunities Galore
  191. A FIRST Encouter with Physics
  192. Creating a "Robotics Lab" ...
  194. IEEE Article on Importance of Programs like FIRST
  195. Robotics Summer Camp
  196. Hosting FLL Summer Camp
  197. Books for robotics related engineering in high school
  198. Powerpoint from Championships
  199. Lots of robot competitions out there
  200. Mechanical going Electric
  201. "FIRST in the Classroom" - a fall semester high school course
  202. Vex Breakaway Summer Camp
  203. Robotics Curriculum?
  204. Preparing CS students for the Robotics Revolution
  205. Calling all Robotics, Engineering, and Technology Teachers
  206. Materials for a robotics class of 30
  207. NASA ARC Solicitation
  208. Three Wheeled Scooter
  209. Build a robot with a $1000 budget
  210. K-12 System Engineering Curriculum
  211. Project Lead The Way Announces Innovative Partnership With VEX Robotics
  212. Good Time To Start Teaching My Little Brother?
  213. Need Help from Wisconsin Teams
  214. NASA Help (with Grant!)
  215. Looking for professional help
  216. What have you learned from FIRST?
  217. Need help finding graphic
  218. Robotics or related engineering courses
  219. NASA Make Challenge
  220. Mobile Robot with labview
  221. x86 Operating System for Robots?
  222. Help gather Classroom Robotics Resources
  223. Training Coordination Tool - Alpha Test - Please help!
  224. VEX Robotics for teenagers
  225. New FTC team info
  226. Scorbot ER 3
  227. Quation about Programming NXT MINDSTORMS to work with Tetrix motors
  228. Programming SCORBOT ER 3
  229. rookie team (PLEASE HELP!)
  230. Merit Training Curriculum
  231. NXT Labview Training with Mindstorm Kits
  232. Online tech tutor
  233. Reference Material- BSA Robotics Merit Badge Book
  234. Question How to mentor Driver FRC Team
  235. District Wide Curriculum - Some emergency opinions
  236. Torque?
  237. Motors and gears for a tank thread..
  238. Looking for windriver LAC.
  239. Engineering and Robotics program in danger
  240. Prototyping with VEX and an electric paper plane launcher.
  241. Human Simulation
  242. Letterman's Jacket Letter
  243. How Participants, Mentors, and People alike feel how they have benefited from F.I.R.S
  244. Bumper Rule Question
  245. Robogals International College Organization
  246. Single Resource Location - AZFirstResources.info
  247. Launchpad compared to Arduino
  248. EARLY Robotics
  249. Self Sustainable Team : Summer Camps.
  250. How have you used an iPad for FRC/other STM reasons