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Mark Jones
11-06-2001, 05:53 AM
Does anyone know the pitch and pressure angle of the spur gear on the Valeo window motor. :confused:

Joe Johnson
11-06-2001, 09:14 AM
The gear on that motor is a 20 Degree Pressure Angle gear.

The gear is 12 Tooth, 16 Diametral Pitch, Stub, 20 Degree Pressure Angle,

The gear is a "Stub" tooth gear, but it can mate okay with a full depth gear if you increase the center distance a bit from the theoretical number. Another option is to put shave the OD of the standard gear by .4"/DP, which in this case is .4/20 or .020"

If you are making your own gear, then of course, just make the gear a stub gear to begin with -- (.8/DP for the addendum, 1/DP for the dedendum).

Good Luck.

Joe J.

Mark Jones
11-06-2001, 11:57 AM
Thanks Joe...I thought it was a 16 pitch and something not available from Small Parts. Hopefully, FIRST will reinstate the "any size and any amount of sprockets, gears, and pulleys" rule for 2002.

Joe Johnson
11-06-2001, 03:47 PM
My bad.

Yes the gear is a 16 DP gear.

I said that in one spot but missed it in another.

The OD of a standard gear should be cut .4"/16 = 0.025" in order to mate properly with the stub gear on the Valeo window motor.

Joe J