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03-25-2012, 05:24 PM
Team 1290 in Chandler,AZ has a goal of getting an easy to maneuver website with all resources when looking at design options, parts, etc. in one place. We have a site, http://AZFirstResources.info that we are trying to do this. This year we added prototype videos for belt conveyors and flywheel shooters. We also have pictures, and links to materials such as the polycord used. We ran into difficulties with the planetary transmissions for the FP motor and documented the fix there. Last year we found an excel file in CD used to calculate amp draw for the transmissions. We included it in the drivetrain section. Check it out (click login as guest). Please provide info you would like added or request a username that you could add material and reference your team as well. We would like many different resources for design options that all teams could reference for ideas in one location. Thanks for your help!

03-25-2012, 05:36 PM
This is a great idea, but projects already exist that accomplish the same goals. Why not help out and improve an established project such as the first wiki?

Or how about frc designs?

03-25-2012, 06:21 PM
Can you give the link to an example page that has the links to materials, embedded prototyping videos, documentation of problems and solutions, different designs, FIRST files, other resource files, etc on one page. Here is an example page:

http://azfirstresources.info/course/view.php?id=16 - Click login as guest to see page

We can also incorporate quizzes and lessons that can be used for teaching new team members. It seems like everything else takes so much sifting and isn't in one easy location. I have to search for a link to problems or a link that describes how to find one part needed. Each time is a new search. So I probably just haven't located it yet. I like the 2 sites you mentioned but you don't have a one stop shop. We need something like this to help find all documentation from design, build, test, and document what was learned in one place to teach new team members as my seniors leave and also eliminate all the searching during the 6 week build season. It will help rookie teams be more successful as well.