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06-23-2002, 09:06 PM
Posted by Erin.

Student on team #1, The Juggernauts, from OTC-NE, Oxford High School and 3-D Services.

Posted on 2/26/2000 6:07 PM MST

Lately as I have been chatting with more and more FIRST-FREAKS like myself, I am finding that I have alot of really good stories to tell, and so do they. Everyone knows that when you tell a funny story, it makes yourself feel GREAT. So I wanted everyone to start posting their funny stories about their team. Maybe some of them will take actually solve problems before they start for others!! SHARE AS MANY AS POSSIBLE!! (So i dont feel like I have too many!!)
Who wants to start? :)


06-23-2002, 09:06 PM
Posted by Anton Abaya.

Engineer on team #419, Rambots, from BC High / UMass Boston and NASA, Mathsoft, Solidworks.

Posted on 2/26/2000 10:23 PM MST

In Reply to: Something to Talk About- Funny Stories posted by Erin on 2/26/2000 6:07 PM MST:

When I first started the team, I had to approach the high school I was recruiting for the team, BC High. I had scheduled a meeting with the head of their Science Department to be able to talk about FIRST and introduce it to the school.

When I arrived there, I was a little lost. I was looking for the Science Department where I was to meet with the head of the Sci. Dept. Eventually, I bumped into a person who was wearing all black and had a white collar. Looked like a priest. So I asked him how I might get to the science department.

He then told me that he was on his way there, so I said, 'gee my lucky day!' So during our walk to the science department, I tried to engage in a conversation with the person who was wearing all black and had a white collar. Despite my guess that he was a priest for the school, I asked 'So, are you a teacher in the school?' I almost fainted with his answer, 'No, I'm the president, my name is Father Kelly.' I ALMOST SWALLOWED MY TOUNGE!

Of course, with the time I had, I successfully crammed into five minutes the entire FIRST experience and my plans of involving BC High with the great event. He was so happy and excited that I won his support from that day onwards.

To make the story short, the 1st robotics team meeting at BC High brought over 60 students! The great thing is I have had all the support from BC High that I needed and made the task easier.

'Luck comes with hardwork.'

Team Leader
Rambots, #419