View Full Version : All Female Invitational

Lake Orion
11-20-2001, 06:43 AM
Lake Orion High School needs clarification on our numerous questions for the All-Female Invitational.

1) Could we get a list of participating teams?

2) Do the bot blockers need to be perfectly centered over the sheet of plywood or what would happen if it were an inch off of the plywood?

3) Can a robot give a human player the ball?

4) Will there be time before each match to talk strategy with our alliance

5) Can a team deny a request for partnership for the final matches? If so, can a team still be chosen by another team for the final matches?

Mike McIntyre
11-20-2001, 11:35 PM
Before I clarify the rules, let me remind all teams that I have a new Denso motor for you (like a Valeo wiper but with no grounding/shorting issues) and you can order $100 worth of replacement parts compliments of the Gender Equity Committee; we will handle the replacements for the Women's Only event the same way we did OCCRA. Now, for the answers to the questions:

1) Birmingham Groves, Cranbrook/Kingswood, Lake Orion, Pontiac Central, Pontiac Northern, OTCNE, OTCNW, OTCSW, Rochester, and Rochester Adams have all assured us that they will be attending.

2) There are 4 wood pegs on the doubling rack: as long as the 'bot blocker is between both sets of front and back pegs, the doubling will take place. Since the pegs are about 18" apart and the 'bot blockers are 48" long, a 'bot blocker could stick out 30" on one side and still count. The rules give the specifics in GR 11.

3) Robots can hand balls to the Human Players and vice versa, so long as there is no contact between them. Refs might overlook a slight incidental contact, but the ball will be taken away if there is a deliberate contact. (you can't be grabbing onto your robot)

4) The schedule for all seeding matches and pairings will be handed out as soon as all teams register (by 10:00 A.M.), so yes, you will know ahead of time who you will be paired with and competing against.

5) We do not feel that it is in the spirit of the competition to have people turn down requests for alliance; if you are asked to be a partner, you can smile and say thank you or you can pack up and head for home, but you can not accept any other requests.