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06-23-2002, 11:10 PM
Posted by Lora Knepper.

Other on team #419, Rambots, from UMass Boston / BC High and NASA, Mathsoft, Solidworks, Analog Devices.

Posted on 10/18/2000 4:39 PM MST

Ok..this seems to be about the same type of responses I've gotten before on asking colleges on engineering vs engineering tech, though I have to ask all of the engineers/engineering technologists out there one question.

Where am I going to get to be more 'hands on' and actually get the chance to build? I've heard mixed feelings about this. I have little to no desire to be management material, so I don't see that as a factor One of the engineers on my old team #69 told me that an engineer at a small company (unlike Gillette where she works) will get many opportunities to build as well as design...though would an engineering tech degree be better?

Right now, I've applied to college as an Aerospace Engineering major...though I'm wondering if I should really be looking into mechanical engineering tech instead? Any insight would be great!