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Mike Martus
11-25-2001, 06:26 PM
Chief Delphi Invitational (CDI) 2001

Award Winners

1st Place Alliance
Team 469 Lawrence Tech sponsored by NACHI Robotics
Team 830 Huron High School sponsored by Mechanical Dynamics Inc., Automation Computer Technologies Inc.

2nd Place Alliance
Team 279 Toledo Public High School sponsored by Dana Corporation
Team 301 Dearborn High School sponsored by Ford Motor Company

3rd Place Alliance
Team 397 Flint Southwestern High School, Delphi Automotive Systems
Team 71 Bishop Noll Institute High School sponsored by Beatty Machine & Manufacturing

Special Award Winners

Perseverance in the Face of Adversity – Team 681, Whitney Young Magnet sponsored by Arial Phone & Computer Assoc.

Against All Odds – Team 301, Dearborn HS sponsored by Ford Motor Co.

Styling Award
The Styling Award is meant to be given to the team whose machine exemplifies beauty and aesthetics. This machine’s creative appearance and whimsical graphics made it the judges’ hands-down choice. And they did it all without a corporate partner. This year’s styling plaque is awarded to the Goodrich High School Martians, Team 494.

Spirit of the Competition
Throughout the day, this team displayed excellent sportsmanship and enthusiasm. Their fans showed their appreciation with great exuberance, and the players went out of their way to greet their alliance partners and competitors with a smile and a handshake. The “Spirit of the Competition” award goes to team 301, The Dearborn High School/Ford Motor Company Probots.

Driving Tomorrow’s Technology
This team’s dream machine not only looked good, but it’s use of technology was very effective. Its solid construction and pneumatic braking device allowed it to quickly and nimbly collect and deposit jugs in its opponents’ goals. The “Driving Tomorrow’s Technology” award goes to team 71, Triple Threat.

Offensive Play of the Day
Like a well-orchestrated ballet, these two teams danced to victory. Due to effective planning in match 1126, these ‘bots quickly sucked up the juice and spit it into the other teams buckets. They then spread their wings and did the shuffle to defend against the other alliances. We would like to award the “Offensive Play of the Day” to the alliance of team 469, Las Guerrillas and team 71, Triple Threat.

Defensive Play of the Day
This alliance worked quickly in match 1109 to recover from what seemed certain defeat. By removing the jugs from their goal and redistributing them to others, these two teams enacted a 36 point swing in a matter of seconds! Battling the other robots to defend their hard work, these teams “came back from the dead” to pull out a victory. We are happy to award the “Defensive Play of the Day” to the alliance of team 279, Tech Fusion and team 461, Boiler Invasion.

Judges’ Award
The Judges Award is meant to recognize a variety of noteworthy accomplishments or characteristics that may not be captured in other awards. This year we are happy to present two plaques.
Judges’ Award #1
This team had the persistence to overcome repeat problems and was always ready to answer the starting bell. This year’s “Perseverance in the Face of Adversity” award goes to team 681 – DARG from Whitney Young High School.
Judges’ Award #2
The second Judges’ Award goes to a rookie team who learned of the Chief Delphi Invitational by chance. Starting late in the game, this youthful group of students, teachers and parents worked long hours in the first two weeks of November to join us here today. Still looking for a corporate sponsor, this team is an inspiration to us all. We give the “Against All Odds” award to team 901 – Wheeler High School.