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06-23-2002, 09:46 PM
Posted by Elaine at 1/11/2001 10:53 PM EST

Student on team #368, Kika Mana, from Mckinley High School and NASA Ames/Hawaiian Electric /Weinberg Foundation.

We are unable to obtain 2 X 8 KD pine for the bridge. No one in their right mind will market this type of material for construction in Hawaii. We have a severe Formosan ground termite problem and anything that is not treated is eaten. We have exhausted our search for pine in the islands. Our only alternative at this time is Hi-Bor pressure treated 2 X 8s or we laminate pine shelving boards together. The Hi-Bor lumber is wet and ridiculously heavy compared to kiln dried pine. Our concern is the extra weight that will affect balance, inertial forces and weight distribution. Any ideas? Can we laminate AC grade plywood instead for comparable results? Please help us on this insect infested island!

06-23-2002, 09:46 PM
Posted by Andy Baker at 1/11/2001 11:07 PM EST

Engineer on team #45, TechnoKats, from Kokomo High School and Delphi Automotive Systems.

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Posted by Elaine on 1/11/2001 10:53 PM EST:


I'll try:

No, it doesn't have to be pine... but,

You need to watch your weight. Try to find an available wood that is about the same density as pine, and has about the same strength.

I'd assume that treated lumber is heavier than un-treated lumber... so if you cannot find wood that is comparable in weight to pine, then you should drill a few holes to equal it out.

In a few days (Saturday) we'll have our bridge done, and I'll post the weight.

In the mean time, I suggest that you make an incline that mimicks the angle of this year's bridge, just to see how hard it will be to tow or push things up it.

Besides that, I really feel sorry for you folks in Hawaii. I want you to know that we had a "heat wave" today... 36 degrees! I think that I actually saw the surface of my driveway!

Andy B.