View Full Version : Central Ohio Mentor Needs a Team

10-14-2013, 09:24 AM

It is with great sadness that I report team 1008 and 3262 will not have a team this year. This is very unfortunate since 1008 had great success in making it to elimination rounds at Queen City and the off season CORI event. The decision was made by the school district to not have these teams this year. There are several reasons behind this decision money, teacher availability, and administration support were the majority of the decision.

With that said I do not have a place to mentor this year. If you are located in Columbus Metro area and need some extra help with your team, or you know of an up and coming rookie team that could use some help please shoot me a PM. I have been mentoring for 8 years, this will be my 9th year. I am typically a programming mentor (Labview is my favorite) although I know my way around a shop pretty well and helped students do the majority of our milling work last year.

Would love to start a team in Hilliard but I am not sure if there is any interest from them.