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06-24-2002, 01:57 AM
Posted by Jeff Alpert at 03/27/2001 9:32 PM EST

Student on team #469, Las Guerrillas, from Lawrence Tech Univ and Rexroth/Exide/Sverdrup/Nachi/Castaing/SearchPlus.

Just an update on the Team 469 Bot, Cornelious II.
The robot performed decently at GLR, but there were a few things we thought we might be able to improve, so we did. It used to take us 36 seconds to put a ball on the far goal, but after slight modification, we now put a big ball on the far goal in 18 (count 'em, 18) seconds. Also, mad props to Dan "The Genius" Kimura (also 18), who re-programmed our Gyro. It worked at GLR, but it had to be calibrated. Dan got rid of the bothersome calibration thing, and now we're hoping the bot will balance anywhere. In fact, as the robot began to climb the ramp in practice, Dan stood on the far end in order to simulate a VERY unbalanced ramp, and the robot still managed to balance.

Special thanks to Team 308 for all their help and support at WMR and GLR, and we'll see you guys at nationals!

See everyone in Florida,

Jeff Alpert
Student (whose wiring was recently shown up by other teammates)Team 469