View Full Version : Duel on the Delaware Thanks

Wayne C.
10-12-2002, 08:11 PM
Just a few thanks from Raider Robotix to our friends from today's Duel on the Delaware.

First- thanks to our sole alliance partner the, Rancocas Valley Red Devils, for picking us and playing through a set of finals I will never forget. It was glorious!

Next- Thanks to the Miracle Workerz for putting on such a great event. As you know, RR has been ribbing you for a few months now and hoping to get a try at the Moehawk. Your machine is a unique wonder and a real tough character to play against. Developing a strategy against it was a major challenge. It was a privilege playing against you and the outcome was something we never expected.

Of course there are still these Moesticks that need returning but I guess we'll see you at our field on November 23rd so we can do it then. ; )

Finally- thanks to all the friends, families and other teams which cheered us on through it all. It means a lot to us.