View Full Version : Clarification: Championship Alliance Format

Mr. Mac
11-13-2002, 10:40 PM
There will be 12 "picking" teams at the championship double-elimination tournament. After the morning seeding rounds (2 or 3 matches per team) are finished, the top 12 seeded teams will take the field; each will get to choose their partner, in order. The top 6 seeded teams may not choose each other. Teams wishing to participate in the elimination rounds will partner up with whoever picks them (there will be no "refusals" unless a team decides not to participate). If one of the top 12 seeded teams gets chosen by another, then the next team in seeding succession becomes a picking team...etc. until all teams are partnered up. If there is an odd nimber of teams, the team that does not get picked may partner with the Sub-Bot (a.k.a. "the Placebo") if they choose to participate in the elimination rounds. (this will be the only way the Sub-Bot plays in the elimination rounds: broken robots will not have a substitute available)