View Full Version : White Papers Enhancements

Brandon Martus
12-13-2002, 01:59 PM
Last night, and at lunch today, I updated the White Papers section of the site.

It now looks very similar to the image gallery, with respect to how its categorized. Let me know if there are more areas that need to be added, or removed, etc. Also, let me know if you think a paper should be moved from one category to another.

There is now a 'link' link, which links directly to the individual paper. It is now easy to reference a particular white paper (without needing to post the downoad link).

There are also 'start discussion' and 'continue discussion' links. The 'start discussion' link will create a thread in the 'extra discussion' forum, and you can talk about a particular white paper there. The 'continue discussion' link will take you to that in-progress discussion. Only one of these links will show, as necessary.

Hopefully it will be easier to navigate the white papers section now. No, they arent searchable .... yet. Thats quite a big endeavour, unfortunately. Maybe some day in the future.