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12-29-2002, 01:17 AM
At the forum during the summer, I had suggested that they release the rules early on that had nothing to do with describing the game. Any rules that do not provide a hint to the game or robot construction should be released early. This would allow us all to settle any issues and ask questions about it before we get distracted with the 6-week rush. Last year we had lots of confusion and changes in rules in the middle of the 6-week rush when teams started to complain. So, why not let us settle some of these issues before kickoff?

My specific example was that they should tell us all the admin info about shipping the robot and what the rules would be on spare parts and when they should be shipped.

So, I was thrilled to see that they took my advice on some of this.
BUT, they still did not tell us as much as they could have. They did not tell us about the spare parts shipping rule. Or about when spare parts can and can't be made. And how about the clarification on making modifications to your robot at the competition or until Tuesday with spare parts?

Why can't we get a clear ruling on this now - it would not give away any secrets about the game - right? I am sure there are other rules like this that can be released early. In fact, there should be some universal rules that do not have to change from year to year because they are independent of the game rules. How about the safety rules? Wouldn't the rookie teams benefit most if they could see this early?

12-29-2002, 08:10 AM
In fact, there should be some universal rules that do not have to change from year to year because they are independent of the game rules. How about the safety rules? Wouldn't the rookie teams benefit most if they could see this early?

Suh as what universal rules? There have been some similar rules every year but almost every one of them gets ammended. Such as in years past when intentionally flipping another robot was allowed. (Flipping doesn't give away the game) For a few years that didn't change, if they started releasing that info before each year started then when they did change it, the universal rule's ammendment would have to be announced, symbolizing something along the lines of teamwork.

Saftey Rules.. what safety rules? Glasses must be worn at all times in the pit area? No sharp corners on bot? In my opinion, there aren't general rules that having released would matter. There are no saftey rules for building the bot itself though, that's up to each team. FIRST can't control what safety precautions students take when building so there are no rules pertaining to it.

Why does it matter now about spare parts? It will be answered before you start building your bot anyways. By the time you order your materials you'll know if you can buy spare items or not and what to do with them. I think at this point it doesn't matter.

Mike Martus
12-29-2002, 09:01 AM

Right On. The message we gave them at the forum was very clear and I thought they were receptive to it. However, the persons there are not necessarly the people in charge.

I would say that 80% of the manual could have been released early in December. Items like materials rules, wheels ( a big concern of FIRST ), shipping, parts manufacture, and many other non-game concerns need to be established in advance not at the last moment as a reaction to a situation presented by a team, as has been the case in the past.

It all comes down to advance planning. I am sure the FIRST staff is very busy and this is low priority on their major list of things to do.

I thought we were going to get the kit ( samples of raw materials - additional materials list) in advance so we could stock up if we wanted to? This would also lower the stress on the supplier.

I sure hope they have their system of Q & A - updates better organized this year. The system last year was a major hardship for everyone.

Of extreme importance, I sure hope they decide on rules that are clear, concise and well thought out, stick with them the full season.

Mark Hamilton
01-01-2003, 04:46 PM
The administration info is already released. Also released is info on the chairmen's award. I don't see much else they could release at this point without risking revealing parts of the game. Anything important enough to be of help is not likely to be devoid of information about the game. If we assume that FIRST can not release information about the specific robot rules (dimensions, kit content, etc.) or the game rules, what's left? The safety rules don't ever change much and are fairly intuitive. The shipping and drayage info is already out. The info about the regionals is either not decided yet or already on the web site. All I could see is some of the technical rules, but those aren't gonna help much now anywya, as you haven't built your robot yet.