View Full Version : Trading Chiphuas

Katie Reynolds
01-30-2003, 07:12 PM
Anyone interested in a trade?

We'll trade a team one/two unused Chiphuas from this year for one/two (preferably not-so-used) Chiphuas from last year.

First one who PMs me with a trade wins. :)

- Katie

Bill Gold
01-30-2003, 08:23 PM
Do you want the gears from last year's as well?

Katie Reynolds
01-30-2003, 09:38 PM
Yes, that would be nice.

Thanks to Team 602 for trading with us!! :)

- Katie

02-04-2003, 02:19 PM
We would be willing to trade we have 2 Chippy's from last year, and they were hardly used. So if I understand it you want 2 of last years and you would give the team that was trading 2 of this years? If thats the case why dont you get back to me ASAP.

Dick Linn
02-04-2003, 05:14 PM
Just don't use last year's motors on your robot. They are not allowed. "nly motors in the kit..." Gears should be OK to use, but then you don't have a shaft with the funny teeth.

02-04-2003, 05:19 PM
you can use last years motor on the bot...it is allowed in the rules

Katie Reynolds
02-04-2003, 06:02 PM
You are allowed to use last year's Chippys on your 2003 robot. This was clarified in a team update.

- Katie