View Full Version : Terminal Screw Strips?

03-08-2003, 04:25 PM
Hey everyone....

After todays events at VCU I am looking for a way to securely connect all wires on our robot. We currently solder all crips and use spades to connect all components...

I would like to, however, use screw terminal strips for any connections needed. Another older team member said that this violates the rules. I can't find any rule except the one that states..

the 6AWG battery wire must have a direct path between the battery and fuse panels.

Is a terminal strip considered a legal electrical path by FIRST?
Any teams use screw type terminal strips??

Thanks and yes i did search first before posting


Josh Hambright
03-09-2003, 11:14 AM
as long as they are store bought and not made by your team they are legal.

We use 25 for digital inputs and 8 for the analog.

Al Skierkiewicz
03-09-2003, 08:48 PM
There will be some confusion on this subject because terminal strips were a rules violation in past years. There is no longer a rule against terminal blocks except as below. See Sec 3.2 Wiring the Robot Controls of the robot docs for explanation.
"Except as noted herein, each Ground (GND) wire from a speed controller, relay, or Robot
Controller must go directly from that item to one of the 12 Common (-) terminal tabs on the
circuit breaker/ fuse blocks.
Exception: The Ground (GND) wires from low current items such as solenoid control and
rotating light relays, custom circuit, optical sensors, LEDs, and fans may be connected as a
group to one common wire leading back to a Common (-) terminal tab."
I would have to ask why? The terminal blocks add one more spot for failure due to loose hardware, one more spot for high resistance connection, and one or more additional crimps that could be made wrong or will fail with vibration and it adds precious weight.