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03-11-2003, 09:48 PM
I'm working on making a little team information book for the Pacific Northwest regional but I hope to make one for the championship event too which can be handed out to all the teams. It is basically a few simple questions about your robot and how it works. All of the questions are optional to answer (if your team doesn't want to explain a piece that is completely understandable and normal). Most of what is on there everybody will see at the regionals anyway but having plenty of data on the robot already will help make it easier to sort teams. All of the data about teams that I collect will not be released to anybody until it is sent down to the championship itself and handed out. I know sometimes people do tend to say their robot does more than it actually will do but a few rounds into the matches will correct the information. The idea of this is to see if perhaps a standard booklet can shorten the number of questions and lower the number of scouts who clog your pits at the events. It can also help anybody watching practice matches to know what they need to about the robots right from the start, things that usually take questions to find out like autonomous and drivers.

Will you help out?

Team number
Team name
Robot name
Events you have been to/will be attending

Short description of your drive train
Short description of your box lifter
Short description of your box rotator
Short description of your bridge guard
Short description of your plow
Short description of your frame
Easy ways to tell your robot apart (colors etc)

A link to a picture of your robot in its most recent form you have. It is also helpful if it shows the whole robot.

Do your drivers alternate?
Do you have trained human players?
Can your human players stack 8 in 10 seconds?

Time to top of the ramp:
Data input source (line tracker, dead reckoning by seconds, dead reckoning by piece of robot)
Number of box stacks your box seeker finds in 15 seconds:
Level at which seeker "looks" (in boxes):

Level where it hits (in boxes):
Number of columns hit:
Time to set up and hit:

How high do you stack in 1:45?
How many stacks?
How often does a stack you put down stay upright?

How much does it cover? (Top ____ ft, all top, all top one alley, all top two alleys)

Extending time (seconds):
Columns hit:
Level where hit:
Width when extended:

CLEARING BAR (which of the following)
Never does
Starts up, down =____ seconds
Expands, down again = ____ seconds
Expands, doesn’t go down again
Falls to make 5 by 3 foot base = _____ second fall
Always under

Reading this and not planning currently on the championships? Remember I'm also setting up a book for the Pacific Northwest Regional and also I'll be more than happy to give you a blank copy of the basic sheet we use to keep track of teams if you want.

Once again, if you do not want this information to go out before the championships PM it to me and it will not go anywhere until the actual the event.

Thanks everybody

03-12-2003, 11:38 PM
Team number 814
Team name Megaforce Squadron
Robot name Spicy Mustard
Events you have been to/will be attending Sacramento Regional, Silicon Valley Regional, Nationals

Description of frame A wooden box...Literally. 30" X 36" I think. And can fit under the bar.
Description of box lifter It has two joints (shoulder and elbow) and a claw. The claw opens and closes by pneumatics. If it's a short stack, only the elbow is necessary. But sometimes you need a bit of shoulder to reach high enough.
Easy ways to tell your robot apart (colors etc) It's made of wood. The arm has a nice wood stain and the bumpers are covered with uphoulstry (sp?) that's so ugly it's beautiful...

Do your drivers alternate? We've made two teams of four out of six people. =P
Do you have trained human players? Nope.
Can your human players stack 8 in 10 seconds? Haven't tried it.

Time to top of the ramp: I really don't know. We're definitely not the fastest...

How high do you stack in 1:45? We can stack up to 4, and put the top on a stack of 5.
How often does a stack you put down stay upright? If it doesn't stay up, I probably accidently knocked it down..

Columns hit: Like, 2...
Level where hit: When the arm is down, just the first box.
Width when extended: When the elbow is upright, at about the 3rd or 4th box.

CLEARING BAR (which of the following)
Always under

Yay. :p

Tyler Olds
03-13-2003, 11:20 AM
just a couple of comments on this:

As great as it is to get information ahead of time, it is best to get your info while your there. A couple of reasons:

One: seeing is believing. I have been lied to by other teams in the past about their and other teams capillarities.
Two: Robots change, I am sure you will see a lot more auto modes in later regionals because you can work on them after regionals.
Three: You prob won't get enough results on here anyways.

check out team's 108 website ( www.soap108.com) or the feds site ( www.feds201.com ). they document teams and they are both very reliable and trust worthy sites.

03-15-2003, 04:03 PM
first off thanks to all of you who are responding! Alaina and the rest of 814, got to say that was rather brave of you to be willing to post it all right there, thanks! Thanks a ton also for those of you who are e-mailing too.


*smiles* I know about the teams not telling the exact truth, I ran the scouting for our team last year too, but all the things that are likely to be exaggerated in the pits are equally likely to be exaggerated in these forms as well. The idea is now scouts can be more educated on the basic robot beforehand and so get right to the important questions meaning everything can run faster. I've been both in the pit and a scout and I really think if the "so what does it do?" questions could be cut out it would help everybody. I know autonomous will change, as a matter of fact in the little book there is a spare page and one of the things mentioned is that programs may change. All the forms are made so that there is an area for what the team said and then an area for what did you see where you can compare.

As for not getting enough results? Nothing works perfectly the first time, I'll admit that right away. I'm getting results but not every single team. As a matter of fact now that you bring it up I haven't heard from 93 yet. If your team permits it the data would be much appreciated. Also thanks for the sites, I'll be sure to look through them.

I've gotten some other comments like this so I'm going to attach the Microsoft word copy of the form to this. Its three types in one, 95 98 and 2000. 95 I know is compatible with Macs and Linux has WINE so I think it is safe to assume everybody will be able to play with it. You guys can do whatever you like with it but I do ask you keep our team name and number on it someplace. I hope to throw the real one in soon (in Microsoft publisher format) but that will probably take a while since as far as I know Delphi doesn't like that kind of file. Any comments/suggestions are welcome.

03-15-2003, 04:06 PM
ok here is the Microsoft word one (after all that I forgot about it and you can't edit in a attachment as far as I saw)