View Full Version : do u like to hunt??? See poll

06-18-2001, 05:33 PM
I was wondering how many people like to HUNT or BIRD WATCH?? Well... how many people use Binoculars??

Please respond either yes or no...

Thanks Alot


06-18-2001, 08:03 PM
I don't believe I've ever done any of the above. Sorry.:(

Kyle Gilbert
06-18-2001, 08:21 PM
What does this have to do about FIRST??.. i'm not really complaining about the post but shouldnt it be under Chit-Chat and not General??....

mike o'leary
06-18-2001, 08:45 PM
hmmm...thats random...
i dont think ive ever done either

David Kelly
06-18-2001, 09:30 PM
Brandon can move posts to other forums. he will prolly do that

Ken Leung
06-19-2001, 10:05 AM
what kind of hobby/hobbies you people have beside building robots for FIRST?

There got to be something else you do with your time beside FIRST...

Andrew Rudolph
06-19-2001, 10:50 AM
I have bird watched a few times in the everglades, when its nice out its actually relaxing, i have my own binoculars not crappy ones.

Joel J
06-19-2001, 11:43 AM
I play Cricket.....though most of you prolly don't know what that is......

06-19-2001, 12:58 PM
Hehehe.... I actually have a life outside of FIRST, that puts lotsa people in shock, FIRST is all I talk about :). Besides FIRST I play soccer, (got surgery b/c of it, I'll be back and playing in no time.... watch for me on the Olympic team in.... let me see.... 2008?) I do DI (OM changed its name), Drama, I volunteer and am part of the Leo's Club, I sing in One Voice at my church, I write Poetry (I'm published but I forgot what books.... silly me), hmmm... I think thats all. But most of all I do FIRST, it's so great :)!

David Kelly
06-19-2001, 09:19 PM
Originally posted by jOelster
I play Cricket.....though most of you prolly don't know what that is......

I've heard of it. Can you elaborate? And i don't mean the insect.

Clark Gilbert
06-19-2001, 09:22 PM
I've heard of it too...lol


mike o'leary
06-19-2001, 10:19 PM
ive heard of it as well...and ive always wondered: what exactly is cricket?

also, i too have a life outside of first: i play guitar (look out for a first-band come nats 2002...also, and this may be premature and stuff, look out for a possible appearance at battlecry. not really sure if that one will come through or not...)

Matt Leese
06-20-2001, 07:02 AM
Not only have I heard of cricket -- I've played it. Ok, so it was once back in elementary school but that still counts! Or should at least. ;) I think I remember most of the rules...but don't ask me to play because I'm sure I'm rather bad at it...


Joel J
06-20-2001, 12:33 PM
I don't want to manually describe the game --I lack the words to do this efficiently-- so i'll just point to a site with all the information.

Info about Cricket (http://www.cricket.org/link_to_database/ABOUT_CRICKET/EXPLANATION/EXPLANATION_OF_CRICKET.html)

mike o'leary
06-20-2001, 12:48 PM
the words on the page mostly just confused me but the diagram of the field sort of reminded me of a field in a first comp

Matt Leese
06-20-2001, 01:55 PM
Think of it this way:
Cricket = British Baseball

It's more or less the same concept with several variations. There is no "foul ball;" you can hit it any direction. Also you run back and forth between the two wickets as many times as possible and there are only two wickets. The wickets act as bases. Those were the most glaring differences if I remember correctly. It's been a long while since I did any of this...

Matt who has decided he has an unusal amount of useless knowledge....

mike o'leary
06-20-2001, 05:19 PM
hmmm...so its sort of like a cross between baseball and pickle

Joel J
06-21-2001, 08:44 PM
The reader's digest version:

You stand before three thin pieces of sticks. A member of the other team runs up, and throws a ball, trying to knock the sticks down. You use a bat to hit the ball they throw, to prevent it from hitting the sticks. In the process of doing this, you score points --I won't explain that......

Clark Gilbert
06-21-2001, 08:54 PM
Hey "jOelster" what are u???

A.) Rabbit
B.) Ferret

???? (i hope u know about those terms)...lol


Joel J
06-21-2001, 11:14 PM
Not sure....but if you are referring to the rabbit of chaos and the ferret of disorder....i am pretty much the ferret.

Carolyn Duncan
06-26-2001, 02:41 PM
One of my best friends is from England so I know a bit about cricket. He tried to teach me how to play, he started a club at my old school. Iliked it enough until I got pegged with a ball. I don't plan to play anymore. I also play soccer, I have plenty of battle scaars to prove it. Unfortunately, I had to give that up this past year becaausee the season started in the middle of robot seeason and the soccer coach was unwilling to be flexible. I found out about 2 weeks after try-outs that the team needed a goalie. Oh, well. Her loss. The team womped because there was no goalie who wanted to be there. I also in-line and participate in many water sports. I live to be athletic

mike o'leary
06-30-2001, 10:03 PM
pretty much the only sport i ever played with any seriousness was hockey...which i consider to be the epitome of sports: full speed, full contact, non stop excitement...

Carolyn Duncan
07-02-2001, 04:49 PM
Would that be ice-hockey or in-line? BIG difference. Could it be that you like hockey because it's a great thing to do if you don't take your ridalin? Most of the guys I know who play "forget" to take thier pill before a game.

mike o'leary
07-03-2001, 03:02 PM
either or...been doing both since forever and theres not a huge difference

and as for forgetting my ridilin: i dont need much of an excuse to do that

Jessica Boucher
07-03-2001, 04:45 PM
isnt it spelled "Ritalin"? Or am I just being persnickety again? ;)

mike o'leary
07-03-2001, 08:59 PM
yeah it is isnt it...

obviously i cant spell so please dont hold it against me

Jessica Boucher
07-04-2001, 10:19 AM
Course not....tis ok ;)