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Redhead Jokes
06-06-2003, 03:06 PM
From: David Calkins - RSA <dcalkins@robotics-society.org>
Date: Fri Jun 6, 2003 11:48:51 AM US/Pacific
To: nRoboEducators@yahoogroups.com
Subject: Summer Robot Games and Expo in San Francisco for Students

Before your kids break for summer, please let them know about the great
show the Robotics Society of America put on in San Francisco. We'd
love to
have lots of students who up (kids and teachers get in free!) and we'd
espeically love it if they brought robots to compete or just display.

The full infor is below, but I also have a PDF you can download and
print -
just email me for the PDF or download it here:

Please encourage your students to come - They'll have a blast and learn
a lot,
and hopefully win some cool prizes!

Summer Robot Games & Expo in San Francisco

Date: Sunday, July 27, 2003
Time: Noon – 7 PM. (Competitors arrive early!)
Where: Ft. Mason, Building C, 2nd floor
Cost: $10/adult, kids 17 and under free

The biggest amateur robotics show in America returns! Movie robots!
robots! NASA explorers! The RSA Robot Games and Expo has it all! Watch
robot competitions, demonstrations, and displays. Everyone, regardless
of age,
is encouraged to come and watch or bring their own robot to compete.
featuring robot related slides, videos, lectures, shops, and other great

The RSA is also looking FIRST, FLL, and BotBall teams from regional
schools who
would like to demonstrate their robots (and get some practice in.)
Email us if
you’d like to show off your team and your robot!

Students 12 and up are strongly encouraged to contact the RSA and build
a robot
for the competition. Sumo bots, Mindstorms bots, and Aibo performers
can all be
designed and built within a week or two. Help is available for students
teachers who want to build robots for this competition - send e-mail to
schools@robotics-society.org. More information on the rules can be
found at

For those who bring their own robot, compete in one or more of the below
competitions for valuable prizes!

* ANT WEIGHT COMBAT - one pound robots attack each other to determine
who's the
most lethal .
* ROBOT SUMO WRESTLING - Automatons bots attempt to knock each other
out of a
one-meter sumo circle.
* WALKER CHALLENGE - Walking robots scurry across the challenging rink
determine who's the best bug!
* THE LINE SLALOM - A challenging 10-foot curved track robots must
* LEGO MINDSTORMS CHALLENGE - Robots run laps around courses of
complexity in time trials.
* B.E.A.M. COMPETITION - Tiny analog robots will amaze you as they
crawl and
evolve before your eyes.
* AIBO PERFORMER - Competitors program their Aibos to perform tricks or
* BEST OF SHOW - Best engineered, most-original, best Lego design and
Bring any 'bot you've got!

For those who can't build their own robot, RSA members have built
robots for short-duration rentals on site. Enjoy the thrill of combat
for a
single match as you run your own robot. This exciting event will also
many retailers of robots - such as robotstore.com, RobotCombat, and
robotics. Vendors will be selling robots throughout the day, so
shoppers should
remember to bring their checkbooks.

The games are still looking for sponsors - contact
sponsors@robotics-society.org if your company or group would like to
become an
event sponsor and garner publicity, gratitude, and a tax-deductible
that helps more people gain access to robotics.