View Full Version : openFIRST switches debugging system to Bugzilla

Timothy D. Ginn
12-27-2003, 11:32 PM
To put an end to the literally thousands of e-mail messages per day which could be sent to each developer in the event of a malfunctioning script, even one which is not part of the openFIRST system, we have implemented Bugzilla with some custom additions. The Bugzilla system will allow us to more efficiently deal with issues and feature enhancement requests.

It may be accessed at:

Note: those with CVS versions of debug.php which send e-mail to openfirst-debug@lists.sourceforge.net should upgrade to a newer version which uses our Bugzilla server instead.

http://update.openfirst.org will be updated in the near future to take advantage of the Bugzilla system, and automate the process of version tracking, which should increase the relevancy and accuracy of the version information it gives.