View Full Version : **IMPORTANT FIRST EMAIL**/Robot Ship Date Coming Fast - Deadline Thursday, February

02-24-2004, 09:23 PM
Greetings Teams:

It is hard to believe, but robot ship is almost here. We know you are all been burning the "midnight oil", so we are providing the following information one last time to make sure things go smoothly for you on Thursday.

Robot Transportation
Please make sure you have read all key details in Section 11, "Robot Transportation" of the manual at http://www2.usfirst.org/2004comp/11-RobotTransportation-RevA-incorporated.pdf. Every detail contained in this section is key to a successful shipment!

Special Reminders!
Please download the "Site Info" at http://www.usfirst.org/robotics/2004/rgevents.htm for each event you plan to ship your robot. You will find the drayage contact information and shipping label for that competition. Copy it and put it on each of the four sides of your crate.
Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico teams, please read Section 11.3.7 as there are instructions just for you!
Proof of Robot Shipment:
You must provide proof of shipping to FIRST. **Reminder - The procedures listed below supersede the manual instructions.**

If you ship via FedEx or UPS, please go to the Team Information Management System (my.usfirst.org) and click on the"Robot Shipment" button (available on February 26th.) Enter the Tracking Number on your weigh bill copy. If you enter your FedEX or UPS information online, you do not need to mail a hard copy to FIRST! FIRST will verify all tracking numbers and shipments via the FedEx and UPS online systems. These need to be entered by 5:00 pm EST, March 1.

If you ship by another carrier, you must mail us confirmation within 24 hours of shipping. Please read Section 11 (, page 3 for detailed instructions.

We know each and everyone of you needs this - please enjoy the upcoming weekend and get lots of sleep. You deserve it!

Go Teams!