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Brandon Holley
10-02-2004, 03:30 PM
I know for some teams, money isn't as much as an issue as it is with other teams. For us, it's a very important issue. Ever since our teams conception, we've had a sponsor though. BASF has supported us for our first 8 years. Donating, money, time, and space to run events are all different things they contributed. Their plant, close to our school, moved out of their building and to another town ( far away ). We thought we were in corporate funding, but it turns out we weren't. We lost our main sponsor this year and are now down about 10000 more than we are used to ( this is HUGE for our team ). We need to think of ways to make money ourselves. Any good suggestions on a fundraiser that can produce a lot of money?

10-02-2004, 04:14 PM
(mashes play on cassette player)

You can always try searching or looking through the older topics on this forum, or...

(stops the cassette player)

I had this idea for 1293 at one point, but here's to sharing the wealth. Basically, it takes place at a basketball game (or some other indoor sport). Sell balls (tennis, ping-pong, nerf--just something SOFT) with numbers on them, then during a pause in the game (halftime seems like a good time) drive around a robot of yours with it carrying a (new) trash can or a clothes hamper or something like that. (Did your team move around 2X balls this year? Hint hint.)

Folks throw their balls at the can or whatever, then you award a prize to those that make it (or draw for one among those that made it). Sweep the balls up, and run away.

This is just a theory, completely unproven. Your mileage may vary.

10-02-2004, 07:41 PM
We're building an arcade cabinet, from which we hope to see AT LEAST $1000-$2000 annually. After the initial cost (>$200 for us
), it's essentially free money.