View Full Version : S Kickoff

12-01-2004, 09:18 AM
I have been considering a number of issues regarding the kickoff. While I have not come up with a complete idea or list of issues here's something to mull over and a possible solution.

One is technical support (we have none from SDSU or anywhere else for that matter).
Two is location (a central spot among the four of us is???).
Three is team-building activities (some vets but many rookies).
Four is brainstorming ideas (four heads are better than one).
Five is programming in C (??).
Six is basic design of drivetrain and other ancillary parts (based on game details found out that day).
Seven is fundraising (although I realize the Flandreau team is in year 2 of a 21st Century grant ours is self-funded).
Eight is wiring and pneumatics (air pressure and power may be needed).
Nine is travel and accommodations ( we're going to Chicago anyone else?).
Ten is mentoring (for when we get stuck).

Lets look at a DDN session following the remote on NASA TV.