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12-17-2004, 08:21 PM
Dear FIRST Robotics Community,

This year the Cybersonics Technology Team will again be promoting FIRST Interactive Rural SupporT, a program that attempts to support, maintain, strengthen, and begin rural FIRST Robotics teams. This growing network helps rural teams overcome obstacles such as distance from potential corporate sponsors and to increase community support, involvement and awareness. To successfully continue this program we need your support!
We are looking for new teams to join us in our efforts -- seeking to double the current number of members in 2005! Also, if your team needs assistance of any sort, please feel free to view our site (http://www.cybersonics.org/cybersonics/rural/main.asp), resources are available. Here (http://www.cybersonics.org/cybersonics/rural/join.asp) you may view the teams that are current members and the services that they provide. If your team is interested in being a member and help out other teams or if you seek aid, please e-mail us at cybersonics@cybersonics.org. Please include your team name and number, team website URL, and services you are willing to provide to assist teams in remote and rural locations. Please feel free to view our website www.cybersonics.org, e-mail us, or post on this board any questions or comments.

We hope you decide to become a member for this upcoming season and look forward to hearing from you soon!


Corey and the
Cybersonics Technology Team 103