View Full Version : Thanks 93, 111, and 201!!!

Ricky Q.
03-30-2002, 07:36 PM
Here are my main thanks!

WildStang #111 - That last match on Friday was awesome, you guys are the best and hopefully we'll both do well in Florida, Thanks for the "Best Alliance Partner" Award and Great Job!!

Appleton #93 - That match on Friday really brought us and you guys up, thanks for being our alliance partner and working together great with us. We almost did it against Beatty, you guys are awesome!

FEDS #201 - Hey guys, we did our best and thanks for being with us. Good luck with everything and thanks again!

03-31-2002, 09:11 PM
thanx very much for bringing us along for the ride. i thought we had them there but hey maybe next time. ur robot was really good. it means a lot to us to do as well as we did not only placing high and doing good in the tourny but also having a lot of support as we went along. u guys were awesome. after the year we had last year it feels great to have been apart of the 3rd seed alliance. good luck down at nationals. hope to see u there.

Christi and team 93

I dont know if i said thanx enough so here is another thank u