View Full Version : Cyber-Crusaders New Website!!

03-02-2005, 09:26 PM
Feels about time to post an official notice that Team 272 - Lansdale Catholic High School & Visteon Automotive finally have a real web prescence and will be competing in this years Website Awards. Any comments, suggestions etc can be directed to me, as I'm the site webmaster, and we're always looking for ways to make the site that much better. link: http://www.lcrobots.com

(also, a little off-topic but does anyone know if there will be internet access at either the New Jersey Regional or at Nationals, too keep everyone not traveling with us updated on the teams status?)

Mike Unger


03-02-2005, 11:48 PM
Your web site definitely has potential. Yes! But...to tell ya the truth, I think you overused the times roman font a LITTLE too much, k? Otherwise, good organization and categories. Try an intro though, the judges love that. Here's our team web site. You'll like this. I promise you. www.railerobotics.com (http://www.railerobotics.com/)