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Travis Hoffman
04-19-2002, 11:42 AM
For those who might be interested, here's a link to a picture of Xtremachen 5:


Team 48 Delphi E.L.I.T.E.
(Encourage Learning in Technology and Engineering)
Delphi and Warren G. Harding H.S.
Warren, OH
Team Established: 1998 (5th season)

Robot Name - Xtremachen5

Season Highlights:

- Leadership in Control Award Winner, Canadian Regional.
- #2 Seed, Canadian Regional. Regional Semi-Finalist.
(92.88 QPA, 9 matches played, 141 QP twice, 123 QP once).
- Selected to be #8 Seed alliance partner at Buckeye Regional.

Xtremachen5 Features:

- Highly maneuverable single goal grabber/ball loader. Great ability to execute defensive strategies, with or without a goal attached.

- Robust Drive System - Good balance of speed and torque.

Four-wheel/four-motor drive (2 Chiaphua, 2 Drill). Independent four-wheel/four-motor steering. Can switch from front/back to side/side movement on the fly. Favorite maneuver - quick turning around the center of an attached goal. Four assignable "fronts" - Xtremachen5's copilot can select any of the four sides of the robot to be the "front", minimizing driving complexity for the pilot and maximizing his ability to accomplish team strategies. Four 3" wide neoprene rubber tires over custom 6" aluminum wheels provide good traction with little chance of carpet damage. Gyrochip-enabled SmartSteer system enables straight line driving at high speeds. 2002 Canadian Regional Leadership in Control Award for our "Xtremster" Drive System.

- Very strong and reliable single goal grabber

Pneumatically-actuated 1/4" Lexan grippers lock onto a goal and don't let go. Double solenoid, dual-cylinder system enables fast, active goal capture and release. Frame-integrated docking station helps secure goal and maintain proper alignment. When docked to a goal, the goal weight is partially transferred onto Xtremachen5 for added traction.

- Unique Ball Launching system

Front roller collects balls and feeds them to a motor-driven flywheel, which launches them directly into an attached goal. Custom circuit board uses photoeye sensor to provide tachometer feedback to Robot Controller for improved flywheel performance. Passive Lexan bar spreader easily parts the goal bars and acts as a ball funnel, greatly increasing our loading success rate.

- NEW FOR CHAMPIONSHIP EVENT - Dual endzone tether

We plan on integrating this system in Florida, which will hopefully give Xtremachen5 the ability to reach out and touch either or both End Zones from the middle of the playing field.

- Our "secret" weapon - Patrick, Team 48's human player

When you need a couple balls scored from 40 feet away, Patrick's your man. Once he gets in a groove (which is quite often), watch out!

If anyone would like to view some video clips of Xtremachen5 in action, please email me at travis.e.hoffman@delphiauto.com. I'd be happy to send some QuickTime clips to you. Also, feel free to stop by our pit area and visit us in Florida if you have any questions or would like to borrow a tool, need a couple zip ties - anything at all. Look for the extruded aluminum pit wall with the Delphi banner and the red LED display on top.

Good luck to everyone in Florida!

Travis Hoffman
Engineer and 2nd Year Member of
Team 48 - Delphi E.L.I.T.E., Warren, OH
Encouraging Learning in Technology and Engineering since 1998

04-23-2002, 03:47 PM
You guys were a lot of fun to play with. I was more concerned with 188 then you, so I didn't notice how many balls you scored in the semi's at Canada, either way you guys played great.