View Full Version : Let's go red (and other seemingly random shoutouts)

Kyle Hill
04-29-2002, 12:08 PM
Haha... 311 just got back from Florida. I'm serious, I got in my door (we're all cutting school now, us rebels) five minutes ago. Where to start, where to begin...

308/180: Wow... I doubt any of us expected that. :) We could never have done it without you two. A bunch of unheralded, unknown "nobodies" in the world of robotics take on the dream alliance that is 173 and the Beast. In the National Finals. And come that close to winning.

Almost 60% of our team is made up of outgoing seniors, including myself. Thank you for helping us all finally go out with memories to cherish, not memories to forget. And next year... hell, I think people will most definitely know us now. Lets go red!

71: Well, somebody had to stop that thing, right? Seriously, you guys and Kingman had the most frighteningly amazing robots out there, and I guess you bested them. And, uh, us as well. And everyone else. And probably an armored tank or two if you tried. (Genuinely sorry about the wheel, though.)

173: You may have won... this time... come back to SBPLI next year. We'll finish this matter. ;) Congratulations.

66: Hey... you and 173 coulda won that whole thing even without Beatty. Mad props.

175: You guys deserved that Chairman's Award infinitely more than any of the other 16 of us. It's about time.. congratulations and good luck in the Hall of Fame.

1/111/16: When we say that was a good match.... that was a good match. I still can't believe we beat you guys. See you next year.

190: Please tell Matt Cholerton the consensus among our team members is that he has to give back his Finalist and Division Champion medals... bloody traitor. :rolleyes: Seriously, that I.V.T. was tres cool, and you guys almost pulled off the upset. Way to go.

987: A rookie team gets 5th place in Nationals, then drafts an alliance that consists of two other rookie teams, and nearly beats an alliance three of the greatest teams in the annals of competition history. This is why I love FIRST. You guys are going to go places in this, I know it. Best of luck wherever it may take you. (And why the hell didn't you get a Rookie All-Star???)

Long Island teams: Yeah, Pat-Med did it last year, we did it this year, you guys have to keep the tradition going and get more LI teams into the Final Four next year. Port Jeff, Bayshore, Floyd.. come on, I know we can do it.

And last but certainly not least...

All of the teachers, engineers, and parents who gave up their time to help out any FIRST team: From the bottom of my heart, I thank you, and I only hope in the future I'll be able to show the same support for annoying, sociopathic teenagers that you so graciously do now. You take care of the details and let us enjoy the experience, and still swept up in the aftermath of it all I can hardly imagine something greater. Thanks.