View Full Version : OI Aux Fault light red

01-25-2006, 05:33 PM
Ok. With the 2004 OI, the Aux Fault light is red whenever p1_sw_top is pressed. I've tried switching joysticks, and it is still red when the top button is pressed. I haven't changd th code for the p1_sw_top code from last year, but for some reason it is Red on this year's controller. Unfortunately, last year's controller's Port 1 interface died early on into last year's build season, and this year's interface's power port was broken two days ago, so we don't have a backup OI. Any way that I can try to either override or fix this problem?

Oh, and more info: I checked the error with Dashboard, and on the OI setting, I pressed the top button on the joystick, and the x, y, and wheel values of ports 1-3 went immediately to 0. It bothers me to no end. Help please!! :eek:

Alan Anderson
01-25-2006, 10:10 PM
Easy answer: your joystick's button is grounding the +5 (Aux) pin on the joystick port. +5 (Aux) is pin 1; the trigger button is pin 2. I suspect there's a short in the OI.

To work around a broken power connector, you can tether the OI to the RC and get power that way. You can also call IFI, explain your problem, and ask if they'll tell you which pin on the competition port is the power supply so you can run it untethered.

(A 2004 OI will not work with the 2006 field electronics, so you can't use it in competition.)